Kurayoshi (Part 1)

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Ready to start another Journey with Tamaki Hiroshi?


Today I’m going to write about the 3rd episode of the Documentary series

☆玉木宏の秘境ふれあい紀行~Postal Code Journey☆

Please stay with me until the end ♡

This time, Tamaki san is going to show us

around Kurayoshi, in Tottori Prefecture.


The Journey starts here in akagawara


The most famous Tourism spot in kurayoshi.


While walking alongside the river,

Tamaki san says that it feels like you have travelled in time,

as if you can start shooting a historical movie here right now!

Then he notices the fish (Koi) swimming in the river,


and says that they are huge!

Then the fish start to gather where he is standing

and he says that they probably think I’m going too feed them!


Next, he goes inside a souvenir shop.


The shop lady shows him around the store…


…then he decides to try their senbei

(Japanese Rice Crackers)


Asks the lady which taste she recommends,

and she recommends “Jou nori” which is rapped with nori (Seaweed)


Tamaki san follows her advice and asks for one Jou nori senbei

But while the lady is getting him the senbei,

she also recommends another taste…

for people who like spicy snacks…

But Tamaki san is not troubled at all…

“OK.. But give me the nori please!”



The lady tells him that it’s common to visit around

the town and enjoy the beauties while eating these crackers.

But since Tamaki san doesn’t like to eat while walking XD


He just goes back to the riverside and

stands there eating the senbei while watching the fish.

Then he says “I’m discovered by the fish,

maybe they are saying something like “That guy is eating senbei!”…”


Then he decides to share the senbei with them XD


And the fish gather again and eat as if it’s their daily meal!

Tamaki san says that he has not seen many Koi

as big as these ones are!


The way he feeds them…

it may look like he’s a kind guy giving food to the fish,

but something in his eyes and his voice tells me that’s not all…


Tamaki Hiroshi fans know what I mean XD

Back to wondering around the town,

Tamaki san decides to enter a very normal shop,

which is probably used by the residents everyday.


As he enters the shop,

he’s surprised by the variety of fresh fruits and vegetables available.

The shop lady comes to him and tells him that

almost everything can be produced in Kurayoshi.


Then the lady takes him to the other side of the shop,

and shows him the “Nashi” which is a famous product in Tottori.


Then as Tamaki san’s voice shows how much he wants to try one XD


The lady asks him if he wants to eat some,

and of course he says yes!

Then asks her fir recommendation cause there are

so many different types!

And she says “Shinkansen”!!!



She gives him a slice… looks very juicy!

“Sweet!” Tamaki san says…


But seems like they only have it for one month…

Then Tamaki san says that he just had a senbei,

and was feeling thirsty! Best time to eat a juicy slice of Nashi XD

And the lady says “Then I should I cut you another one?”

Tamaki san laughs and doesn’t reject her great offer!


She cuts another type for him…

this time it’s “Shuurei”

Noticing the price, Tamaki san says

that it would have been much more expensive if it was in Tokyo!

after eating a bite, Tamaki san says that the taste is lighter,

compared to shinkansen. With a stronger texture.

And the shnkansen seems to have been juicier…


Then Tamaki san explains to the lady what kind of a program it is that they are shooting for. They search for unexplored regions which are only known by the people living in those areas. And then asks the lady if there’s a place like that around here she can name.

Then she tells him about a very old railway called “Kurayoshi Line”. Seems like it is not in service anymore, but the rail and the last station has remained as it was. They have to go to the next town called “Sekigane” if they want to visit the place.


Off to Sekigane ヽ(・∀・)ノ


While walking on the road to the new destination, Tamaki san is trying to find the railway.

Something gets his attention…


and while wondering if this is a sign of a train passing by here in the old days…he finds the railway!! Being covered by the long grass and almost hidden in the greenery.


He enters the field… it’s right there!


Then he makes a short visit to the place next to the rails…
And he encounters an old man…


Says hi and asks if he can talk to him a little bit…


The old man doesn’t remember much about the time when the trains stopped passing by. Then Tamaki san asks him if he felt lonely after the trains were all gone… and he simply says “Not really!!” hahahaha!


Then he guides them to there next destination…
where the last station is.


Following the railway… Tamaki san is heading to the station!


He reaches a place where the rail is cut off…


but this is not the end of the railway…


His guess is, there was a bridge here back then which doesn’t exist anymore… so he keeps walking again…

As the old man said… he turns left as he arrives at the crossroad…


And the Platform appears in front of him!


The board is remaining as it was!!


The remains of the railway

which once held many memories of people

laughing and crying,

is just covered with grass and

all that remains is the noise made by the insects!


 Tamaki san jumps down from the platform

and starts walking on the rails.


saying that 30 years ago is not that far away…

“… It was still in service when I was 4!” he says.


“As people stopped using the railway, the nature has seemed to have taken over the place! The power of the nature is amazing… It will be nice if it can remain as it is now!” he adds.

The third place chosen as the

“kokoro no hikyou”

Next we follow him to Misasa 三朝町


A town which is famous for it’s hot springs and

is known as a famous Spa resort!


As he goes on his way, he finds an information board saying “38 Kilometers to …” and he makes a joke about it… thinking that it’s just too detailed and they could easily ignore the 2 meters and write 40!!



he keeps walking…


Then he encounters a group of people…

a young girl standing beside a tiny tree…

and ladies standing nearby the entrance of a shop right there…


The ladies are pretty excited to see Tamaki Hiroshi!! One of them says “I thought it was someone who looks just like him, but it’s the real one!!”


And Tamaki san says

“No… I just look like him!”

hahahahahahaha XD


Then he tries to approach the little girl and talk to her…


but she runs away XD

hehehe! Not again (;^ω^)


He doesn’t give up!!

Calls for her and asks her about the tree…
“Is it Tomato?”

DVD_VIDEO_RECORDER.Title3_1[14-28-51]And her mother (?!) says that only one tomato is left!
Somehow he manages to gain her trust

and she gets back to where the tree is…


He keeps talking to her but she doesn’t say a word!

DVD_VIDEO_RECORDER.Title3_1[14-34-11]“Did you grow this with all your might?”

“Did you eat the rest?”

“Was it tasty?”

Still silent…


Then she picked the last tomato…

“Are you gonna eat that?!”

Maybe he wanted her to give the last one to him! XD

And suddenly she puts the tomato in her mouth!!


“She ate it!! hahahaha!”


Even her mother was surprised

because she was keeping that one for tomorrow!!

DVD_VIDEO_RECORDER.Title3_1[14-37-45]Tamaki san laughs out loud and thanks everyone…


Then keeps walking again…

Aaaa! Another sign…


“Here again, It says 38?

But we walked more than 5 meters didn’t we?”

he says XD

Then he finds a “Raku jo”


(An old type of game center!)


And gets inside after getting the permission.

It really is an interesting place!

Tamaki san asks the owner how old the shop is

and he says it was founded on 1955!!! Wow!!


All kinds of old games which the new generation

doesn’t know anything about!


The pinball gets Tamaki san’s attention and he says

that he has never played pinball before!

so he sits down and takes the challenge XD


But none of the balls get into the wholes!!



and he’s getting irritated XD

But he keeps playing and…DVD_VIDEO_RECORDER.Title3_1[15-02-56]

finally 5 points!


And he receives 5 more balls!!

But let’s move to the next game!!


A shooting booth!

Tamaki san says that he hasn’t done this for a long time!

Then the man explains for him about the rules.


He gets 15 bullets for 500 yen and he has to shoot the tiny statues until they drop off the shelve.


If he gets 10 points, he can choose a prize from the 10 points shelve! But somehow he acts cool and says “10 is too easy !! I go for 20… I’ve already found something I want to get no matter what!! That one which says Ride Go on the box!”
And points to the box XD



He’s become serious…

He asks the man how close he can go with the gun…


then as he shoots the first bullet…

Aims for the 5 points statue and hits it…

but it doesn’t fall!!


“You didn’t put weights in them, did you?”


It won’t fall with one bullet!

After shooting the 2nd bullet…

he asks for tricks and some advice…

he really wants that Ride Go!




The big guy drops of the shelve…


but still 15 more points to go XD

keeps trying and trying…


But he can only get 5 more points!!


“OK! 10 Points!!” he says!!

As if he was aiming fro 10 from the beginning XD


but that smile has a meaning XD


He gets to choose his prize…

And he goes for the LED Flashing Tube!


Glowing shoelaces!

The man says that it’s a good way of attracting attention…

and Tamaki says that he wants something like that!!
hehehe you need more attention?,,, is what I wanted to say XD

He gets the red one!!
“Red will stand out the most!” he says (;^ω^)

DVD_VIDEO_RECORDER.Title3_1[15-30-58]Holding his LED Flashing Tube in his hand XD

Tamaki san keeps walking in the town…

DVD_VIDEO_RECORDER.Title3_1[15-34-51]Then he finds a Couple in Yukata…


maybe he was thinking of approaching them…


but then…

he becomes completely distracted

by another thing he finds!



Ashiyu, is a Japanese public bath in which people

can bathe their feet! And normally it’s for free.


There’s a couple already using the place…


Tamaki san says Hello and of course they become surprised!

He apologizes for the intrusion XD

And asks them if they are not residents of this area!


They are not they say… They came here from Tokyo!

And it’s their first time here…

Then he asks if he can join…

and of course they say yes!


Tamaki san sits down and before he put his feet in the water,

He asks the couple if they have visited any

other tourism spot around here…

And as the man starts answering…

Tamaki san puts his left foot in the water…



DVD_VIDEO_RECORDER.Title3_1[15-48-38]Takes it out immediately!!

Too hot!!!


The man says that it’s not that hot!!

XD But Tamaki san is terrified…


“No… it was too hot I was surprised!”

The man says again…

“But I don’t think it’s that hot!!”

Then he tries it one more time… Just putting his toes in!



And repeats the same thing…

“NO! It’s too hot!!”


Then asks the man if he usually takes baths, and he answers yes!

But Tamaki san doesnt take baths so he’s not used to it!!

In Japanese Public baths, the water is just too hot that it can burn your skin if you are not used to it. For foreigners, it’s really hard to get inside the tub I guess ^^

While talking to the man, he starts to slowly put his feet in the water…


But takes them out again repeating the same words!!


in the end…

He manages to keep them inside saying that he’s got used to it…


but I think he was forcing himself a little bit XD

Then he starts chatting with the couple about the busy life in Tokyo and the desire of getting out and rest in a more relaxing place. Seems like both of them were born in Tokyo.


Then they notice something… the water coming out from the pipe is drinkable!!


They all take the cups and fill them with the water!

Then suddenly Tamaki san says:

“It’s definitely not the same water we’re putting our feet in, 

coming up and getting out of the pipe… right?”



“There’s no way it can be!!” The man says (;^ω^)


“That would be scary!” the lady says!!

And they cheer before drinking…

DVD_VIDEO_RECORDER.Title3_1[16-05-51]I don’t think Tamaki san really enjoyed the taste… XD

But he said that it’s smooth!

DVD_VIDEO_RECORDER.Title3_1[16-06-52]Then they started wondering if it’s good for the body!!


hehehehe… well too late anyway!!



Tamaki san stops by the Misasa Hotspring…


There’s something in this place which has a connection with Tamaki san and one of the roles he played once in a historical drama series…


This statue…


If you want to know what’s causing this serious look in his face,

please stay tuned for the next part of Kurayoshi report!


( ´・ω・`)ノ~バイバイ

End of part 1

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4 thoughts on “Kurayoshi (Part 1)

  1. LOL, Tamaki is hilarious and adorable 😀 He always has a problem with heat! And his pinball effort, hahaha. He’s like a big kid sometimes, but that just makes this programme more enjoyable to watch because he’s so fun and personable like that.

    Thanks once again for the fantastic report!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for the warm comment again ^^ His feet are OK with the cold but sensitive with the heat I guess 😀 He can really become a big kid!! He’s the best at his fan events… A real energetic and childish 34 old man XD So happy you’re enjoying the reports. I will try my best ☆

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for making these translations! Is this show on-going or are there only a certain amount of episodes? I hope it’ll last a while because it’s very interesting to see all the places introduced and of course, Tamaki san here is just a sweetheart.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello my friend and thank you so much for your comment. Unfortunately, the show ended slmost 2 months ago. But there are 28 episodes in total and I have only translated 20 of them by now. More to cone ^^ of course to the very last one!


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