Kumamoto, Gokanoshou (2)


Ready to follow him again?…

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[14-30-27]

Let’s go back to Gokanoshou with Tamaki san

and see where he goes next ^^

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[10-25-43]

As he is walking in the road,

he finds a very unique kind of gate…

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[10-27-01]

There’s a sign saying

“Yatsushiro Private Izumi Daihachi Elementary School”

He’s wondering about the gate…

Wants to pass through the gate but he’s not sure

if it’s OK to do so or not…

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[10-33-31]

Passing through some gates will bring bad luck and

our traveler is a little bit superstitious as his fans know XD

Even though he always denies it ^^

Anyway, he hesitates for a short 2 seconds

and then decides not to pass!

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[10-33-41]

Saying that he’s scared since he doesn’t know XD

A few meters away from him,

a group of kids are doing something!

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[10-43-56]

Wondering what they are up to, Tamaki san gets closer to them.

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[10-44-25]

He greets the kids and their teacher,

then asks them what they are doing.

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[10-48-57]

And sensei tells him that they are practicing “Throwing the ball”!

Tamaki san looks around and says:

“That’s not a ball, is it?”


Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[10-48-45]

Everyone laughs and Sensei explains that they

practice with this rope and the tiny plastic pipe,

instead of using the ball!

Tamaki san asks them to do it for him so that he can watch

and figure out how it works.

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[10-50-49]

One of the kids throws the pipe while sensei

is keeping the rope for him.

The pipe plays the role of the ball here ^^

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[10-51-11]

Tamaki san finally understands the rule. They just have

to throw it like a ball and it should reach the top

if they are good at it.

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[10-53-34]

Tamaki san asks the teacher why they practice with this

and not the real balls.

Sensei explains that the kids can do it here during their break time,

and since the number of the students is limited,

going to get the balls after throwing them is hard and maybe

dangerous in this huge space they are playing in.

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[10-56-45]

And they don’t really play catch ball at home so they don’t know how

to do it very well to begin with.

Tamaki san agrees and says that catch ball is not something

they can do alone at home. They need a partner.

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[10-56-57]

Then sensei says:
“By the way, this is handmade!”

Tamaki san is not surprised and says:

“I know!! no matter how you look at it, it looks handmade!

It would have been surprising if

this was being sold somewhere in a shop!”

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[10-57-48]

ahahahahaha!! Nice idea sensei!!

Then sensei asks Tamaki san if he likes to try it out

and of course he says yes!

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[10-59-44]

He keeps the rope up for him, but he keeps it too high!!

Tamaki san says:

“It would make me happy if you could keep it lower a little bit!”

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[11-08-01]

ahahahaha… sensei don’t be cruel!

He lowers it a little bit but Tamaki san says:


Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[11-08-05]


Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[11-08-11]

Finally he likes the spot and asks sensei if what he’s doing is

correct… and then throws the pipe!

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[11-09-36]


Goes up and reaches the top!!


Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[11-11-47]

“As Expected!!” sensei praises him!

The kids are amazed and start clapping for him!!

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[11-11-26]

After the great show,

Tamaki san starts having a chat with sensei and

asks him how many students are studying in this school.

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[11-12-52]

“All of them are here!” he says!!!

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[11-14-53]

Tamaki san is surprised then starts to count them,

only 7 students!

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[11-15-01]

Then teacher calls out: “2nd graders…”

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[11-16-57]

Two kids appear and sensei explains that they didn’t have

first graders this year but had two in 2nd grade.

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[11-17-06]

“A girl and a boy… they will have to date each other!”

Tamaki san says!

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[11-17-24]

But both of them start shaking their heads hard meaning NOOOO!

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[11-19-01]


Everyone laughs…

guess they don’t like each other 😀

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[11-19-26]

After that, Tamaki san remembers about the gate and

asks sensei what kind of a gate it is…

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[11-21-03]

He says that they build this for their sports event at school and

welcome the guests with it, and then

burn it all down and use it to make a fire.

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[11-21-26]

Then Tamaki san asks sensei if he was also born here,

but he says that he is from another city around here,

a little bit bigger than this one.

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[11-24-05]

Then sensei talks to him more about the place,

saying that they sometimes find dead deers in the school yard,

probably being attacked by hunting dogs!

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[11-36-12]

He once got close to see what’s going on but one of the first graders told him not to do that since it’s dangerous!!

Even a six year old kid living here knows the environment and feels the danger better than him, he says XD

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[11-32-29]

Since they are born and raised here, they have to be tough and learn to be careful. Some even have wild boars and deer in their yards at home.

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[11-36-50]

Tamaki san plays a little bit more with the kids,

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[11-37-04]

keeping the rope for them,

and lowering it to the size of their tiny bodies ♡

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[11-38-59]

But once again, it’s time to say goodbye…

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[11-39-12]

leaving the kids behind,

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[11-39-31]

he passes through the gate

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[11-39-41]

since now he knows it’s just a normal gate XD

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[11-39-46]

The sun has fallen already,

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[11-42-40]

and it’s dark everywhere around!

Still walking on the road,

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[11-42-58]

Tamaki san finds a persimmon tree and

says that it’s an “All you can eat!” service tree!!

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[11-43-05]

heheheheh but of course he doesn’t pick any.

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[11-45-02]

“There are no street lights!…

that’s why it’s pitch black here…” 

He says.

Then he sees a vending machines,

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[11-50-13]

and notices how bright they really are for the first time!

Sleepless Tokyo never lets you notice something like that ^^

But don’t worry,

he will not keep walking on the dark road!

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[11-54-11]

Tamaki san is going to stay the night here in a small guest house

called “yamamesou”(山女魚荘)

He reaches the enterance door and knocks on it.

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[11-56-46]

We can see a man doing something inside,

Tamaki san opens the door and greets the man (Kuroki san)

and enters the guest house.

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[11-57-05]

He welcomes him and then Tamaki san asks him what he

was doing right now…

Kuroki san asks him to guess…

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[11-58-57]

Tamaki san looks very interested and

watches him with his curious eyes but

Kuroki san doesn’t make him wait anymore

and says: “Toothpick”

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[12-01-04]

ahahahaha… he’s making toothpicks!

Then surprisingly, Tamaki san asks:

“Is that Kuromoji? The wood you are using…”

and Kuroki san says yes!!

hmmm lately I’m starting to think he knows a lot about the trees XD

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[12-05-59]

Looking around,

Tamaki san finds more interesting things.

He notices a line of bones hanging on the wall

and asks Kuroki san about them.

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[12-09-20]

They are all the lower jaws of the wild boars

he has haunted himself.


The owners of these jaws weight over 100 kilos!!

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[12-09-36]

They are both enjoying the chat.

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[12-20-53]

Once again he finds his way to someone’s heart with his honest talk.

Then Tamaki san finds something else…

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[12-23-40]

“Is that.. Iwatake?” he asks.

He’s amazed by the black color of it.

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[12-24-57]

Iwatake is a kind of lichen which can be used as food.

Tamaki san asks Kuroki san where these

can be found and he says that

they can be found on the surface of stones

and they have to climb down the

rocks by a rope and gather the iwatake with hand.

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[12-25-48]

Then when Tamaki san asks him how it tastes like,

he says that he can’t really say it’s delicious!!

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[12-33-12]

ahahahahaha XD

OK, time to eat!!

Here’s a full course for a one night of stay in Yamamesou!

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[12-34-04]

Looks pretty fancy!

Tamaki san is amazed by this view of course!

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[12-35-24]

And says that taking a look at them all,

there already some of them he cannot wait to try out.

First he starts with Iwatake!

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[12-37-27]

Seems like it’s really good for the body.

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[12-37-36]

hmmm but I wonder if it’s really tasty or not XD

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[12-37-44]

They have also prepared Deer meat

(Deer man won’t have deer meat… will he?!)


Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[12-39-18]

And inoshishi (Wild boar) meat!!

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[12-39-26]

Kuroki san and his son haunted them by themselves!

Tamaki san goes for the inoshishi…

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[12-39-46]

When he starts chewing…

somehow he makes a surprised face!

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[12-39-52]

Kuroki san is worried I guess

and asks him about the taste…

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[12-42-44]

but instead of answering,

he asks about the outer side of the meat

and says that it’s really hard and crunchy in the mouth.

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[12-54-35]

Kuroki san explains that they remove the skin when

they make this dish in other places…

But here, they keep it as it is when they put it in the pot!

And says that the skin is playing an important role,

when you make a dish using inoshishi meat.

It produces a better taste.

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[12-58-39]

 “It’s very rich!”

Tamaki san says while eating.

Kuroki san smiles and says that he’s happy he likes it.

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[12-59-19]

Now it’s time to do some research for our Hikyo search!

Tamaki san asks Kuroki san about his favorite spot around here.

And he recommends a waterfall called

“Sendan-no-taki (Waterfall)”

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[12-59-40]

(The full name is “Sendantodoro-no-taki”, せんだん轟の滝)

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[13-07-08]

Tamaki san keeps listening to kuroki san while taking off the lead

of the pot… putting it aside… and asking Kuroki san:

“What kind of a place this “Sendan-no-taki” is?”

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[13-07-14]


Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[13-12-38]

love the way his eyes roll toward the pot and

notices the steam coming out of it,

probably making trouble for the camera man who’s

trying to get a clear image (^_^;

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[13-17-12]

And even though it’s not a part of his job,

he starts waving his hand over the pot to

make the steam go away…

hmmm I don’t think it works though XD

Sorry… details again…. (>__< ) ignore me!!

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[13-23-24]

Kuroki san says that mostly,

people who come here to visit this place,

choose to look at the waterfall from the top.

But if you can watch it from below,

it’s much more beautiful that way!

Tamaki san is interested…

being able to watch it from top and below…

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[13-20-19]

Kuroki san says that the water falls from a high place and

standing below and watching the view is amazingly beautiful.

If you are lucky,

you may even get to see a gorgeous rainbow

where the water is falling on the stones…

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[13-23-12]

You know he’s a really “lucky” guy XD

with no doubt!!

It’s decided,

Tamaki san and the filming crew will be going to the place

where this mysterious waterfall is.

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[13-25-18]

Next morning…

7 AM!

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[13-25-31]

The weather is on Tamaki san’s side!!

Clear and perfect sunshine.

But cold…

 Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[13-26-51]

Here it comes!


Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[13-27-16]

But since everyone goes for the top view,

Tamaki san chooses to look at the waterfall

from below… as Kuroki san recommended.

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[13-29-48]

The morning breeze is cold…

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[13-30-30]

still some walking to do…

going down a road to the waterfall…

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[13-30-37]

but the sound of the water is getting stronger…

crossing a small bridge over the river…

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[13-32-03]

a look on the right and wow…

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[13-35-50]

the waterfall suddenly appears in front of his eyes!

Of course the next thing Tamaki Hiroshi will do at times like this

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[13-34-45]

is grabbing his camera and starting to take photos at his own pace!

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[13-35-35]


being picked up as one of the 100 top waterfalls

in Japan with 70 meters long!

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[13-38-42]

Getting closer to the waterfall…

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[13-40-18]

Tamaki san notices the rainbow!!

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[13-40-21]

I told you… he is a LUCKY guy ♡ XD

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[13-40-39]

Beautiful just as expected…

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[13-42-45]

Tamaki san says that this Sendantodoro-no-taki

is the best hikyo place they could

find for the end of this trip!

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[13-47-06]

Then he adds:

“Staying the night over this time, 

Just the way otousan (Kuroki san) said that we

might be able to see the rainbow if things go well…

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[13-47-08]

since we were able to come here right when

the morning sun is shining brightly…

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[13-51-27]

we can see it clearly like this!!

It really is an encounter we have to treasure! 

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[13-53-43]

A good weather condition like this is rare…

Good for us!”

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[13-55-52]

It’s decided…

kokoro no hikyo #8

Chosen by Tamaki Hiorshi



Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[13-56-01]

As always,

Tamaki Hiroshi will choose one of his photos,

and send it to a lucky viewer as a postcard!

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[14-00-01]

Thank you so much for staying with us untill the end!

Tamaki san’s next trip is to

Okukuji in Ibaraki prefecture.

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[14-00-34]

Valuable encounters

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[14-01-04]

Delious things to eat XD

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[14-04-47]

and places to discover!

Hikyo 8 Kumamoto[14-01-19]

Please stay tuned ヽ(・∀・)ノ

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  1. I just finished read this report. So slow in reading…hehehe…yet i enjoyed every moment of his journey and every word of your report. Domo arigatou.. ^_^


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