Yasato (1)

Hello my friends!

Once again, I’m back with another English Report!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[09-49-50]

This time, Tamaki san and his team will be visiting Yasato in Ishioka.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[09-50-32]

A village not so far from

mount Tsukuba and mount Kaba in Ibaraki Prefecture.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[09-58-54]

This is Tamaki san’s first time walking around this area…

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[09-59-53]

Mount Tsukaba is on his left side,

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[10-02-26]

it’s beautiful he says.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[10-02-39]

As he keeps walking on the road,

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[10-04-29]

he finds a small shop.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[10-06-20]

Seems like they sell fruits.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[10-07-37]

He gets closer and suddenly a man holding

a box of Persimmon comes out.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[10-10-04]

He greets the man and says Good morning.

Then asks him: “Are you selling persimmons right now?”

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[10-11-07]

And the man says yes and tells him that

he’s getting ready to open the shop.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[10-13-31]

Tamaki san says that the persimmons are in good shape.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[10-17-54]

The man tells him that they produce lots of different types of

fruits around this area. They have Strawberry, Blueberry,

Nashi, Chestnut, Grapes and Persimmons.

Then he asks Tamaki san if he wants to

try some persimmon…

Well you know the answer is nothing but YES! XD

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[10-18-00]

They get inside the shop and

the man starts peeling the persimmon.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[10-23-19]

Tamaki san says that it feels like the persimmons produced here

has a stronger red color compared to the others and is

wondering if it’s his own imagination.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[10-26-56]

But the man assures him that he’s not wrong

and the reason is the situation of the climate and

the ground in this area which causes the color

to be stronger than the ones produced in other towns.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[10-27-04]

The peeling is done.

The man hands the persimmon to Tamaki san

and he takes a bite.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[10-27-54]

Tamaki san is surprised…

It’s really juicy and sweet he says.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[10-30-34]

You can easily see the juice inside the persimmon,

where he took the bite…

The man says that the cold air comes down to the ground

from the slope of Mount Tsukaba…

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[10-32-42]

which causes the warm air to rise up and stay where it is.

That’s why the fruits here are very nutritious and juicy.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[10-38-58]

Tamaki san thanks the man and leaves the shop

for a long long walk in the village.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[10-39-24]

While enjoying the juicy persimmon

in his hand off course!


Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[10-40-11]

Walking on the road again,

Tamaki san says that it feels strange,

it’s as if time has stopped here, only in this village.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[10-41-23]

Then he finds a huge place with an interesting gate…

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[10-41-56]

He’s interested of course and gets inside.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[10-44-19]

There’s a huge yard…

taking a look inside,

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[10-45-12]

he finds an old lady working on something.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[10-46-04]

He greets her and apologizes for the interruption…

Then asks her what she is doing.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[10-46-26]

Seems like she is making decorations for the shrine.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[10-48-41]

Tamaki san asks her if she’s working

here all by herself,

and she says that sometimes, other people

work here with her as well.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[10-51-21]

She uses a box to explain

where they use the decorations in the shrine.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[10-51-29]

If this was the shrine’s building she says,

the decorations will be hanging like this!

she explains while showing it with her hands…

sometimes the decorations are as long as

50 meters she says.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[10-51-40]

Tamaki san is surprised!! 50 meters! O_O

Then he asks the old lady about her age XD

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[11-07-41]

And she laughs…

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[11-10-19]

wondering if he can figure it out!!

She tells him that she was born on year 10, Showa era.

Which means 1935 in the western calendar.

I can say that right away because I searched but Tamaki san

has to calculate!! XD

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[11-10-59]


He starts thinking…

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[11-17-26]

Asks for some time to calculate XD

After calculating,

he finds out that she is 80!


Then Tamaki san asks her about

her secret of staying healthy,

and she says that it’s the goal she has…

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[11-18-10]

She says that she wonders what people in big cities do

when they get retired…

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[11-21-18]

Tamaki san agrees with her, saying that people

living in the countryside always have work to do

even when they get old.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[11-20-17]

Her house was built many years ago,

around the last years of Edo era.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[11-23-54]

But thanks to her hard work,

it stands still and beautiful even now!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[11-25-08]

Getting back on the road and starting walking again…

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[11-27-25]

Tamaki san finds another huge house…

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[11-28-10]

As he walks toward the gate,

he notices the tiny flower lining in

the other side of the road next to the house

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[11-29-35]

and says with a happy voice:

“Pansy!!” (A type of flower)

But as he gets close,

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[11-37-11]

he starts doubting his own idea and

is wondering if they really are pansies or not!!


Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[11-37-35]

The gate is amazing!

More like a shrine (^_^; But it’s a house!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[11-37-48]

Tamaki san finds a man sitting inside.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[11-37-57]

he enters the gate and greets him.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[11-39-13]

Tamaki san tells him that his house looks amazing.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[11-39-30]

Then asks him when the house was built.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[11-44-08]

And the old man (Kizaki san) says that

it was built around the last stage of Edo era.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[11-39-59]

Tamaki san also likes the landscape over the gate,

being visible from inside the yard!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[11-45-27]

Tells Kizaki san that the view is amazing!

Kizaki san says that the place is a real Eden,

almost no unwanted noise or distribution,

quiet and beautiful.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[11-44-20]

They have a walk inside the yard… better say garden!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[11-47-33]

Tamaki san is really interested in this place,

he keeps looking around and

admiring the huge garden.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[11-49-47]

Then they reach a lake!!

Yes… inside the garden XD

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-09-07]

“Can we go there?!”

Tamaki san says while pointing to the

cute bower like space on the water.

“Yes we can!” Kizaki san replies!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-12-10]

Heading to the place,

Tamaki san asks him if he made this

by himself and Kizaki san says yes.

They have to cross

a very narrow wooden bridge to get there…

but Tamaki san is a little bit worried about Kizaki san…


Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-17-56]

He stretches his hand toward him and says:

“Are you really gonna be OK?”

“It’s OK!” Kizaki san replies with a calm tone!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-22-02]

Then he grasps onto a very weak and thin tree branch,

and Tamaki san becomes even more worried!! XD

Then he says: “This won’t support you!”

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-22-22]


Then he starts laughing and repeats it again

while holding the branch in his hand!!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-24-35]

But Kizaki san has already crossed the bridge XD

Then he crosses the bridge himself

while he is still laughing!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-26-00]

Admiring Kizaki san once again XD

he gets inside as well!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-26-37]

Tamaki san says that it must be great having a

space like this in your own house.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-29-43]

Kizaki san says that he always comes here when he

is not in a very good mood.

Being here and watching

the landscape makes him feel better.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-30-00]

Then he tells him that the moon comes out from where he’s

pointing at and then moves all the way to the right.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-30-45]

Watching the moon from here is great he says!

A place he built by himself, all for himself ^^

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-32-06]

Then Tamaki san asks him if he is still able

to do the farming by himself,

and Kizaki san says yes!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-32-38]

Here comes again…

Tamaki san asks him about his AGE XD

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-34-41]

Kizaki san laughs and asks him back:

“How old do I look like to you?” >__<

This tricky question!! XD

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-35-01]

Tamaki san is troubled…

“How old you would be…  you look very healthy!” (^_^;

Then here comes his guess: “90?!” 


Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-36-46]

Kizaki san says: “90?!…

YES! I’m 90!”

Maybe you could start with 60

and make him happy (^_^;

But that’s what’s special about him XD

Honesty ♥

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-36-58]

He is exactly 90 years old he says.

Then while raising his two arms up,

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-40-31]

Kizaki san asks him:

“Can you do this when you are 90?”


Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-42-23]

Tamaki san says:

“I don’t think I will be able to raise my arms like you

when I’m 90…

but you can do it! Amazing!!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-42-36]

hehehehe yeah…

that’s the way you should reply XD

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-43-06]

Back to the road again…

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-43-57]

Tamaki san and his team find a factory

making Incense sticks!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-46-56]

Let’s take a look inside.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-47-34]

Tamaki san greets the staff working inside and

asks for permission to get in!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-47-58]

There are two men working here at this section.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-48-45]

Tamaki san asks them about the process and

one of them explains to him

that they first make the paste,

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-49-33]

then put it inside the machine,

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-49-23]

and the noodle like sticks come out from the other side.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-51-19]

The sticks are still soft when they come out of the machine.

They cut them into the right size and they will be ready

to use when they are dried out.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-49-15]

The paste is made from the dried leaves of cedar trees.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-52-58]

Tamaki san stands beside the machine

watching the process,

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-56-38]

but the man asks him if he would like to try

being a part of the process!

hehehehe he is surprised:

“Is it OK?” he asks XD

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-56-47]

But when the man says that it will be fine,

he says that he’d love to try!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-55-57]

They stop the machine once

and he takes the sit after

receiving some explanation about

how he should do the job XD

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-00-08]

Here we go!!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-00-29]

He should keep the sticks on the board,

and move it upward to cut them and then

put the board on the moving roll.

Taking the challenge,

Tamaki san picks up the board and the machine starts working.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-00-37]

The sticks start to come out…

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-02-53]


Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-04-15]

But somehow they all fall down on the floor XD

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-04-22]


Tamaki san says looking down on the floor!!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-05-54]


The sticks are all over his shoes!

He doesnt know when is the best time

to move the board he says while laughing! XD

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-06-35]

This time the man in charge helps him,

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-06-50]

holding on the board with one hand…

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-07-23]

Moves the board for him to the right place,

and then leaves it all to him again XD

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-08-08]

Then when the right time comes,

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-09-32]

he helps him move the board upward…

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-10-27]

and yes!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-10-34]

This time he was able to do it perfectly XD

Putting the board on the roll…

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-11-22]

Now he can do it again and again…

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-11-43]

he’s getting better each time ^^

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-12-02]

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-12-11]

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-12-16]

But he says that he’s wasting a lot of the paste…

because the sticks are too long

since he is not used to this yet.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-14-07]

But the staff assures him that it’s fine

and there’s no need to worry about that.

As he leaves the sit and stands up,

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-14-21]

he says that the job is tough

and your arms will get hurt

if you keep doing this all day long!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-14-27]

The man agrees while laughing and says that many

parts of your body starts hurting

when you are a beginner XD

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-14-45]

Then, they leave the working place

and the other man (Komamura san)

gauides him to the place where

the leaves are being kept…

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-29-47]

… and shows him inside the place

where they are being turned into powder.

All the power they need for the process is produced

by the huge wooden water mill

which is placed next to the storage house.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[14-01-40]

The mill is being moved 24 hours, 7 days a week…

nonstop of course!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[14-05-26]

The water flow comes down from mount Tsukuba,

and moves the water mill as you can see in the snapshot.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[14-07-21]

Then they get inside the storage house…

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[14-07-33]

A very complicated looking, but actually simple system!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[14-08-13]

The gear wheels are being moved by the water mill’s power,

then they move the thick, wooden poles up and down,

and the leaves which are placed in a space under the poles,

will be turned into a granular powder.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[14-12-58]

The idea of using this system,

comes from the way of making mochi in Japan.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[14-20-22]

“Nice smell!” Tamaki san says.

Komamura san explains that the smell is

because of the way they’re doing this.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[14-21-45]

The powder then will be mixed with boiling water

and turn into the paste we saw in the factory.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[14-23-09]

Komamura san stops one of the poles and asks

Tamaki san to try lifting it with his hand…

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[14-24-02]

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[14-24-18]

“Too heavy!!” he says while trying really hard!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[14-24-24]

He lifts it a little bit…

then lets it go and the pole starts moving up and down again.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[14-24-32]

Komamura san says that they need them to be really heavy,

for their powder making process.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[14-24-43]

Then Tamaki san says that it’s similar to mochi making.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[14-24-50]

Komura san agrees saying that just like the mochi being

tastier when it’s made by hand…

this powder is also in better quality

when it’s made like this by the traditional ways.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[14-29-10]

This tradition is being kept since the Edo era,

exactly as it was as Komamura san says.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[14-30-06]

Then Tamaki san is gauided to the place where they

pack the sticks and get them ready for sale.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[14-31-00]

70 sticks in every package…

and all the process is done by hand…

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[14-30-44]

Tamaki san asks one of the ladies

(Who seems to be Komakura san’s mother)

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[14-32-29]

“Have you been doing this job for a long time?”

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[14-33-43]

She says that she’s been here since she got married

and has done many different jobs.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[14-33-55]

Then Tamaki san talks to her about the old water mill.

Komamura san’s mother says that the only place working

with the power of the Water mill right now is this factory.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[14-34-48]

In the old days,

there were many other places using water mills…

an udon shop even used to have 3 of them!!

Somehow his son was the only one who decided to

keep the tradition ^^

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[14-38-49]

Tamaki san asks her:

“But you should be happy about that, aren’t you?”

And she says that she is… she is happy ^^

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[14-41-17]

Travelling to the villages like this,

makes the traveler think about the real meaning

of development!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[14-43-27]

Back to the road again…

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[14-43-49]

Tamaki san finds a huge farm,

where visitors can pick as many fruits

as they want from the trees.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[14-45-52]

Entering the farm…

Tamaki san notices a vehicle coming down the hill!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[14-46-01]

But the shape is surprisingly unique!! XD

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[14-48-48]

“What’s this?!” he says!

Then while laughing: “Has the car been chopped?!”

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[14-50-04]

The mysterious vehicle parks right in front of him

and the driver comes out!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[14-54-27]

Tamaki san greets him and says:

“Your car… sorry! Is it OK to start from the car’s topic?!”


Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[14-54-40]

Then adds:

“Your car misses some parts every car should have!”


The man (Uchida san) tells him that the car misses the ceiling!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[14-59-38]

After a few seconds of silence…

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[14-55-54]

(You can her the staff laughing!)

Tamaki san asks if he cut it by himslef and Uchida san

says that he asked a professional to cut it for him!

Tamaki san is still confused XD

Then he asks: “you just didn’t need it anymore?”

Of course that cannot be the reason (^_^;

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[14-57-31]

Uchida san explains that he could not enter the gardens

with the car as it was!

Because the tree branches are too low.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[14-59-18]

Even after hearing the reasonable explanation,

Tamaki san is still interested in the ceiling-less car XD

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[14-59-27]

As they walk toward the gardens together,

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[15-00-29]

Tamaki san says that he has never done

something like this before. Picking the fruits directly

from the tress…

There is a group of kids visiting the place

with their teachers today…

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[15-02-54]

As they get closer… Tamaki san notices the kid

and when they get even closer,

he realizes that there are not just a few of them!

There are LOTS of them!!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[15-04-11]

“Wow…wow!” he says XD

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[15-05-05]

The kids are just normal but the teachers… (^_^;

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[15-06-29]

they all start screaming the moment they see him!


Their reactions are amazing!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[15-06-53]

They forget about the children for a few seconds XD

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[15-08-02]



Let’s stop here and continue in the 2nd part…


Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[15-12-32]

Still places to go…

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[15-12-23]

and people to meet!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[15-11-28]

So please stay tuned ^^

See you soon!


End of part 1

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