Katsuura (1)

Hello (●・ω・)ノ

I’m back again!!

Last week the news about the NHK Asa drama “asa ga kita” and today the news about the new movie “seiro no umi tantei mitarai no jikenbo”! Could it get any better?! The only thing that makes us worry is how tough Tamaki san’s schedule will be! Just hope he can manage to get enough rest and be in a perfect health condition all the time ♥

OK! Back to the main topic!! Another Hikyo English report!!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[11-39-15]

In this episode, Tamaki san goes to Katsuura in Chiba prefecture. almost 1 hour and 30 minutes ride from the center of Tokyo. It’s placed right in between the Kuroshio and oyashio currents and the sea water is full of different kinds of fishes swimming around the rocks.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[11-40-12]

The most famous product here is the katsuo fish!

And the harbor is known as Japan’s leading fish landing harbor!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[11-48-06]

Tamaki san is heading to the harbor to take a look

at a morning landing process!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[11-55-43]

It’s 8 in the morning.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[11-56-09]

Not too early in the fishing world but still early enough

to watch the process. The working staff are weighting

the Maguro (Tuna) they landed from the ship!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[11-58-50]

Tamaki san gets closer and greets

the Management section chef (Watanabe san)

and then asks him how many fish they have landed here today.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[11-59-13]

630 Maguro today! Watanabe san says.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-04-04]

The fish they are landing right now are not caught by the

boats from this area. They come all the way here

from Kouchi, Miyazaki or Mie!!

The staff use a stick and put it inside the fish’s mouth

and then drag them to where the weighting scale is,

put them on and measure the weight.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[11-58-35]

Tamaki san says that this is an interesting view

cause the fish somehow look like home pets!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-05-18]

hahahahahahaha XD

Then Watanabe san asks him if he wants to try doing it!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-20-20]

Then he hands him a stick and

Tamaki san puts it into the fish’s mouth

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-20-34]

while following Watanabe san’s instructions XD

Holding his camera with his left hand and

dragging the maguro behind him with the stick,

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-20-55]

he gets close to the scale and put the fish on it!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-21-21]

Standing beside the scale waiting for them to measure the fish,

they tell him that he has to take the stick out of the mouth!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-24-29]

Somehow Tamaki san’s face becomes really cute

when he’s doing things like this XD

He releases the stick and then the staff say:


Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-24-36]

Then he puts the stick in the mouth again and drag the fish

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-24-50]

to where they keep all of them after the scaling is done!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-25-06]

The harbor staff get close to help him

but he hands his camera to the shooting team staff

and holds the fish with both hands,

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-25-27]

picks it up and puts it inside with the others.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-25-45]

Watanabe san asks: “Heavy, isn’t it?”

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-25-51]

“It’s heavy!!”

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-29-37]

Tamaki san says and then he he adds:

“242 means…”

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-35-43]

“24.2 Kilos!!” Watanabe san replies! O_O

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-38-01]

Then Tamaki san asks Watanabe san if they have

a special way to find out if the fish is delicious or not.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-40-08]

Watanabe san explains that they cut the tail part,

and then looking at the meat rapped around the bone,

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-38-22]

they can find out if the quality of the meat is good or not.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-44-02]

Then Watanabe san tells him that they have also

landed katsuo today in the harbor.

He points to the other side with his hand and asks

Tamaki san to take a look by himself.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-44-19]

And also tells him that he can try eating the fish as well!


What a happy face he makes after hearing that!!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-44-36]

Tamaki san is of course interested!!

Heading to the other section,

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-44-39]

he reaches the place where they keep the katsuo!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-44-59]

Greets the man in charge and asks him about the katsuo

and how they can tell which one is n good shape.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-45-18]

Then he asks the man: “Is it delicious?”

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-45-36]

ahahahaha knowing where that question is leading to…

can’t stop laughing here XD

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-47-59]

The man says YES! And then Tamaki san laughs and says:
“I heard we can eat the fish here… so I came!” 

ahahahahaha!! The honesty in that one line kills me!!

The man laughs and says that he will do something about it!!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-51-14]

And Tamaki san says:

“Yes! Please do something about it!” 


Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-51-20]

The honesty got him a big fresh katsuo!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-53-33]

Holding the fish in his hand,

Tamaki san and the man are heading to a place

where they can cut and then eat the katsuo.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-53-48]

The man starts cutting the fish and Tamaki san

asks him: “As expected, the moment the fish is cut is

when it’s in its most delicious condition, right?”

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-54-07]

The man replies with yes and says that it’s fresh and tasty!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-56-28]

The man cuts the fish into thin slices,

and pours some Soy sauce in the plate for him!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-56-38]

Tamaki san picks up the chopsticks

with a happy expression on his face XD

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-58-40]



Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-58-48]

Tamaki san likes the taste of course,

Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-14-45]

and says that it feels like he’s recognizing the

real taste of katsuo for the very first time.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-16-31]

Then asks if there’s a part of the fish body being known

as the most delicious part or not.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-19-05]

The man says that basically,

the taste is almost the same in all parts,

but the belly is probably the best!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-20-28]

After eating some Katsuo osashimi for the breakfast!!! XD

Tamaki san continues his journey,

wondering in the streets of the town again!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-27-31]

On a normal sunny day,

there are always people selling and buying the

the fresh products, produced or harvested in the area.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-27-51]

But the day Tamaki san is visiting Katsuura,

is a rainy day!!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-28-38]

Almost no one walking in the streets today! ^^

Tamaki san finds a himono (Dried Fish) shop!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-28-47]

And gets inside while greeting the shop keepers.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-30-36]

Here comes the fish…

Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-30-51]

this one is “saba” the lady says ^^

“Great smell!!”

Tamaki san says with a happy tone!

There’s even more!!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-33-26]

The old man picks up the first layer

and here comes more fish!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-33-50]

This one is kinme. Caught in Katsuura.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-36-26]

Then Tamaki san asks the old man about

Katsuura and what he think is

the charm point of this town.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-39-13]

He replies: “The weather condition!”

Seems like it is perfect for making himono.

It doesn’t snow very often,

and on a sunny day like this:

Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-39-49]

They can put the fish outside and let them dry

in the bright sunshine here.

But the problem is…

the cats gather around the fish from all over the area XD

is what the shopkeepers said (^_^;

Walking in the rain again…

Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-45-13]

Tamaki san visits another shop!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-45-27]

They sell senbei (Rice crackers) here.

Tamaki san enters the shop and greets them.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-46-19]

There’s a small window connecting the shop to the

kitchen, where they make the senbei!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-46-35]

The lady working over there asks him to get close

and take a look.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-51-21]

Tamaki san stands beside the window and

watches her frying the senbei on the fire.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-52-01]

They sell the Peanut senbei made in Chiba she says.

Tamaki san is amazed by how she’s making them:

“It’s a very time consuming process,

flipping them over so many times.”

Then while he’s talking…

Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-54-52]

the lady picks up a senbei and asks him to try it out…

Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-54-59]

but be careful… it’s hot XD

Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-55-07]

He smells it as he always does before eating XD

Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-55-18]

Then blows on it for a few second

Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-55-26]

and starts eating!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-55-47]

It’s simple but very fresh and tasty!

He doesn’t mention it here but he loves senbei XD

Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-57-49]

Then Tamaki san asks the lady about

the flyer on the wall above the window…

Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-57-59]

it says “katsuura tantanmen no okaki!”

Tamaki san is wondering if they actually

make it here in the shop and the lady says yes!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[14-01-36]

He’s curious about the taste…

Pointing to the flyer,

we get to know which one he’s talking about.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[14-02-34]

Katsuura tantamen is a well-known meal here in

Katssura. The okaki they made in the shop has the

flavor of this meal. a little bit spicy.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[14-06-46]

In the other side of the shop near the entrance,

you get to try the taste of the rice cookies ^^

Hikyo 11 Chiba[14-07-30]

The lady asks Tamaki san to try out the

tantanmen okaki if he likes.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[14-09-10]

He picks up the bin,

Hikyo 11 Chiba[14-09-19]

opens the cap…

smelling it again (^_^;

says that the smell is strong…

Hikyo 11 Chiba[14-16-52]

and then tries one!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[14-17-40]

The lady asks him if it’s spicy and he says that it is…

but it’s very delicious indeed!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[14-17-43]

The lady is happy for the nice comment and says that

the tastiness is because of the

good material they use to make them!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[14-19-14]

Tamaki san says that everyone in all ages

probably enjoy eating senbei a lot!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[14-19-20]

The lady agrees and says that the kids always

say that they are fine with the normal senbei being

sold in the supermarkets…

Hikyo 11 Chiba[14-22-15]

but they always end up eating

the handmade senbei their grandparents buy

for themselves XD

Then she asks him to try another type which is

the most popular kind in the shop.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[14-22-54]

Tamaki san keeps eating them with a happy face,

I can understand the lady! I Would have wanted him

to try all the products too if I was in her shoes XD

Hikyo 11 Chiba[14-23-59]

Then he says that you keep eating and eating if you can!!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[14-25-33]

Especially during this time of the year (Autumn and Winter)

Hikyo 11 Chiba[14-27-54]

you just get in the kotatsu and keep eating and eating XD

Hikyo 11 Chiba[15-46-34]

Moriya beach (守谷海岸)

is one of the 100 selected beaches in Japan.

If you stand on this beach and look at the sea,

you will find a very small but mysterious island in front of you!

The island is called Watashima!

A precious place for the residents of this area.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[15-47-21]

OK… let’s join Tamaki san on the coast.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[15-51-05]

He’s going to the sea!!

He meets up with a fisherman (Wasama san)

standing near his boat.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[15-51-56]

Tamaki san asks him if he has already finished today’s work.

But he says that the weather is not good for fishing,

so he cancelled the work today.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[15-53-02]

Wasama san asks him to get inside the boat

Hikyo 11 Chiba[15-58-18]

and so they all get in and leave the coast.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[15-59-42]

Tamaki san stands beside the captain

and they have a chat while he drives the boat.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[15-59-59]

Tamaki san asks the captain how old he was

when he started riding the boat…

Hikyo 11 Chiba[16-01-19]

and Wasama san says that he was 19!

and it’s been 25 years since he started doing it…

Hikyo 11 Chiba[16-02-31]

I think Wasama san is starting to like Tamaki san XD

He asks him to contact him

if he ever had any interest of going into the sea.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[16-07-26]


and Tamaki san thanks him for the kind offer.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[16-09-52]

Guess what Captain…

Tamaki san IS interested!

As many of his fans may already know,

Tamaki san took a Boat Driving course last year,

and got his own Boat Driving License!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[16-17-29]

getting to know that…

Wasama san offers him to take the wheel,

and drive the boat by himself!!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[16-17-41]

Tamaki san looks a little bit worried since it has been

a long time (Last summer) since the last time he did so!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[16-17-56]

But of course he accepts the offer

and changes seats with the captain!! XD

Hikyo 11 Chiba[16-18-09]

As soon as he sits down he asks about the control

and check it with Wasama san.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[16-18-16]

Asks him which direction he should ride to

and after Wasama san tells him that they should head to West,

Hikyo 11 Chiba[16-19-41]

he starts the driving!!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[16-20-48]

But he keeps checking with the captain about the speed and stuff.

This is Tamaki san’s first time riding a boat like this,

so he looks a little bit nervous XD

Hikyo 11 Chiba[16-21-19]

He keeps checking everything with his eyes all the time.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[16-21-41]

Hikyo 11 Chiba[16-22-44]

Hikyo 11 Chiba[16-23-19]

Hikyo 11 Chiba[16-23-36]

Then he explains for us that the last time he did this,

was last year in Hawaii.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[16-23-46]

He also says that the ones he’s been training with are

more simple compared to this one…

Hikyo 11 Chiba[16-26-20]

And it’s his first time

riding a boat as big as this one…

Hikyo 11 Chiba[16-26-58]

so it is a little bit different for him!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[16-27-01]

Even when he becomes the captain and

should take care of everyone on the boat…

Tamaki Hiroshi won’t stop his teasing others

and pulling pranks!!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[16-27-04]

The water splashes are all over the poor staff!!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[16-35-30]

And Tamaki san laughs out loud while saying:

“You are soaking wet, aren’t you??”

Hikyo 11 Chiba[16-35-36]

in a real sadistic way as expected!! (^_^;

Hikyo 11 Chiba[16-35-38]

Getting close to a mountain shape rock,

Wasama san tells him that inside this rock is the place called


Hikyo 11 Chiba[16-35-52]

They stop the boat and Tamaki san gets out of the driving room

and takes a better look at the rocks.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[16-38-25]

Tamaki san says that this is his first time looking at Chiba

from this angle…

Hikyo 11 Chiba[16-38-46]

and somehow it’s different from what he has imagined.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[16-41-39]

There’s a legend being told about this place.

A girl called “osen” with a very cruel father,

whom she lost her life for his sake one day.

It is said that she fell down from this cliff and died!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[16-41-33]

Old stories passing by and getting to us…

This place has many stories buried in its heart.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[17-04-41]

Ubara riso-kyo, is another mysterious place.

A strange cave was carved here in

the midst of the Pacific War!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[17-08-57]

Another sad story…

During the war,

Shinyo suicide motorboats were developed here.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[17-24-05]

They only had one seat for one passenger,

and each was equipped with a 250 Kg bomb!

How did the soldiers pass their everyday life

here waiting for the war to end!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[17-26-58]

It’s another mystery lying on this cliff in Chiba!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[17-28-23]

Tamaki san walks toward the carve and it suddenly

appears in front of him… now covered with the greenery!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[17-29-24]

Somehow at the same time,

a man and a dog come out of the cave!!


Hikyo 11 Chiba[17-29-29]

Tamaki san freaks out for a moment…

they go another way and he stops…

right in front of the cave!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[17-30-58]

And brings out his camera and starts taking photos!!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[17-31-16]

Then he gets inside…

Hikyo 11 Chiba[17-31-34]

folds his umbrella and starts

walking in the tunnel…

Hikyo 11 Chiba[17-45-27]

The ceiling is a little bit low for Tamaki san’s height.

His guess is 160 or 170 cm.

Then as he keeps going, it becomes better…

Hikyo 11 Chiba[17-47-37]

Tamaki san tries touching the ceiling…

Hikyo 11 Chiba[17-47-50]

surprisingly… the stones start falling easily!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[17-48-29]

A very strange… maybe even scary place >__<

Hikyo 11 Chiba[17-48-34]

Thank God he reaches the end

Hikyo 11 Chiba[17-49-44]

and leaves the cave

putting all the sad stories behind him!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[17-49-49]

Here is the Ubara beach!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[17-49-53]

Tamaki san says that watching this view,

Hikyo 11 Chiba[17-52-25]

with this depth appearing in front of his eyes,

makes him wonder where he exactly is standing on the map!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[17-53-34]

Having the Japan map being input in his mind all his life,

he can’t stop thinking about how the place looks like from above!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[17-51-34]

 I think I understand his feeling!

I’m always like that wherever I go!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[17-55-40]

End of part 1

Still a lot to discover in Katsuura!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[17-58-49]

We get to watch Tamaki san cook!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[17-57-49]


so please stay tuned and wait for the 2nd part!

See you soon ヾ(。・v・。)

4 thoughts on “Katsuura (1)

  1. LOL @ Tamaki splashing the water onto the crew, hahaha. I really like that he goes to all these interesting places and discovers little bits of history and trivia about them. So different from the touristy places covered in most guidebooks. Thanks for always doing these reports! ^_^


    • Hehehe!! The look in his eyes changes when he’s pulling pranks on others (^^;; Thank you so much for always reading and especially for commenting! Cause it makes me feel happy knowing that there are friends reading the reports carefuly 🙂 Oh and every episode of Hikyo series is a great classroom fir me! Teaching me about History, Geography, and Culture of Japan! But the more un-known the place is, the harder for me is to search for resources and learn more! XD Well I guess that’s why it’s “Hikyo!”.


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