Katsuura (2)

Hello everyone! (●・ω・)ノ

Hikyo 11 Chiba[09-16-43]

Let’s continue from where we left last week…

Hikyo 11 Chiba[09-16-54]

After leaving the beach,

Tamaki san finds a place where he has no idea

what is happening inside!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[09-17-15]

Then he takes a peek inside and a man appears at the entrance.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[09-17-35]

Tamaki san greets him and asks him what kind of place this is…

Hikyo 11 Chiba[09-17-56]

The man (Watanabe san) explains that they produce

Sazae and Awabi (species of sea snail).

Tamaki san then asks him if they can take a look inside,

and Watanabe san of course agrees.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[09-18-02]

As soon as they get in,

Hikyo 11 Chiba[09-18-19]

Tamaki san notices that the place

is actually pretty warm.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[09-18-24]

Watanabe san tells him that the temperature of this place

is in relation with the temperature of the sea water!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[09-32-17]

That’s why it is warm during the winter and

cool during the hot summer days.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[09-34-16]

As Tamaki san gets closer to the pool

where they keep the sazae…

Hikyo 11 Chiba[09-34-19]

he asks Watanabe san:

“Of course these are the sazae they catch

around this area, right?”

Hikyo 11 Chiba[09-34-25]

But he’s wrong…

Watanabe san says that the ones in this pool are

brought from other towns but what they keep in the large water

galons over there are the sazae they catch in Chiba!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[09-34-43]

Then Tamaki san says: “Certainly, these are pretty big!”

But he’s wrong again XD

Watanabe san tells him

that the Chiba products are much bigger!!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[09-34-28]

To show him the difference,

Watanabe san brings out the sazae and

holds them in his hand!!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[09-35-06]


Hikyo 11 Chiba[09-35-18]

They ARE big!! Compared to other areas!!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[09-35-33]

After checking out the sazae,

they also visit the pool where the Awabi are being kept in.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[09-40-47]

In the water,

they put them in baskets like the one in the photo.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[09-41-00]

The shorter they are in the basket,

the easier it is to pick them up.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[09-44-04]

But after a few weeks, they stick to the basket and

it becomes hard to separate them from it XD

Hikyo 11 Chiba[09-44-26]

Tamaki san tries removing one but he can’t!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[09-44-56]

They do this to help the awabi become strong again and

go back to the condition they had before being caught.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[09-47-02]

Then they talk about how the water coming from the mountain

gets mixed with the sea water and helps the process with

making the water sea become more refreshed.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[09-47-34]

Then Tamaki san says that it must be a rare thing

in other cities of the country.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[09-47-44]

And Watanabe san says that he has traveled all over the country

and he can say that there is no other place with the same condition!!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[10-07-56]

Now taking the fresh awabi from the baskets in the water,

Watanabe san invites Tamaki san to visit their house

and eat the awabi there.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[10-08-02]

So they get in the car and drive home XD

Hikyo 11 Chiba[10-10-17]


Hikyo 11 Chiba[10-11-04]

Watanabe san’s mother is standing there

to welcome Tamaki san XD

Hikyo 11 Chiba[10-11-26]


Hikyo 11 Chiba[10-11-31]

She asks him where they come from…

and Tamaki san replies Tokyo…

but seems like she doesnt really care where he comes from XD

she opens her hands in the air and says

“Looking lovely!”

Hikyo 11 Chiba[10-11-45]


No one can deny that!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[10-11-52]

Tamaki san gets inside and greets teh family.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[10-12-03]

Then heading to the kitchen…

He takes off his over coat and gets ready for some cooking!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[10-12-32]

Actually, this is his first time removing the shell of an Awabi…

It’s not that easy…

Hikyo 11 Chiba[10-12-48]

So Watanabe san’s wife starts showing him how to do it.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[10-18-17]

He needs to put the knife in between the meat and the shell

and just keep trying until the shell is removed XD

Hikyo 11 Chiba[10-17-54]

But it’s very hard. And it needs power.

OK! Now it’s Tamaki san’s turn!! XD

Hikyo 11 Chiba[10-20-08]

He starts removing the shell.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[10-27-19]

He’s using too much power

he is now worried about the knife… XD

Hikyo 11 Chiba[10-29-36]

But he did it!!!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[10-29-40]

The shell is now removed.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[10-30-15]

Hikyo 11 Chiba[10-30-20]

Then he washes the awabi with water in the kitchen sink.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[10-31-37]

Hikyo 11 Chiba[10-32-03]

Now it’s time to cut it into thin slices with the knife

and make the sashimi!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[10-32-47]

But somehow…

Hikyo 11 Chiba[10-33-10]

The awabi jumps out of his hand!!!

And everyone laughs!!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[10-33-19]

He picks it up from the floor while laughing and

washes the awabi with the water again XD

Hikyo 11 Chiba[10-33-26]

Hikyo 11 Chiba[10-33-28]

hehehehehe!! That naughty awabi!!! XD

Hikyo 11 Chiba[10-33-44]

Everything is under control…

No need to panic XD Let’s continue!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[10-33-49]

Tamaki san starts cutting the awabi…

Hikyo 11 Chiba[10-38-01]

Amazingly, Tamaki san is very good at this!

All the slices are cut in the same size…

Hikyo 11 Chiba[10-39-42]

carefully and neatly…

Hikyo 11 Chiba[10-41-25]

Watanabe san’s wife is surprised!

And she phrases him ♡

Hikyo 11 Chiba[10-40-09]

Then it’s time to cut the liver part.

He needs to cut it into tiny pieces… almost smashing it!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[10-41-17]

Watanabe san’s wife explains that they mix some miso

with this and then apply it to the awabi and eat as it is!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[10-41-33]

Tamaki san says that it probably goes well with rice…

ahahahaha!!! This has a meaning… XD

Watanabe san’s wife is a wise woman…

so she says:

“We have a lot of rice prepared, don’t worry!” XD

Hikyo 11 Chiba[10-42-18]

Tamaki san thanks her with a happy face!!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[10-49-05]

Finally it’s time to eat!!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[10-49-34]


Hikyo 11 Chiba[10-49-44]

But Tamaki san is wondering where he should start from XD

Hikyo 11 Chiba[10-49-50]

Then he decides to start with the awabi he prepared by himself!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[10-51-11]

After taking a bite…

Hikyo 11 Chiba[10-51-33]

Tamaki san says that it’s tasty!!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[10-52-14]

His eyebrows always jump up

when he actually likes the taste XD

Hikyo 11 Chiba[10-52-22]

While going for some rice,

Hikyo 11 Chiba[10-55-32]

Watanabe san’s wife exoplains to him that awabi is

good for people who has been under a surgery

or something like that.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[10-57-10]

It is said that it helps the injuries get healed faster.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[11-07-21]

And Watanabe san also says that the people living around here,

bring awabi as a gift for people

who has been under a surgery

or for women who have given birth.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[11-07-44]

Again with a super happy expression on his face,

Tamaki san goes for the soup!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[11-08-52]

The fish inside is Kinme… expensive and luxurious!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[11-09-24]

Tamaki san drinks some soup and closes his eyes…

His face becomes even happier!!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[11-09-31]

Watanabe san is happy too…

Hikyo 11 Chiba[11-09-40]

says that it looks like they are watching a commercial!!


Hikyo 11 Chiba[11-09-50]

But Tamaki san insists that it really is tasty!

Another sip of the soup and the happy eyes again XD

Hikyo 11 Chiba[11-10-01]

Watanabe san says that he’s a real pro in eating deliciously!!

hahahaha!! NO! It really is delicious!! XD

Hikyo 11 Chiba[11-22-56]

Then going for the huge shrimps…

Hikyo 11 Chiba[11-15-52]

Taking a bite and he closes his eyes again XD

Hikyo 11 Chiba[11-16-24]

Hikyo 11 Chiba[11-16-30]

“It’s really perfect!” he says.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[11-16-37]

The couple explain that they always eat from

their own company’s products so that they can

be able to introduce it to the customers properly.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[11-18-08]


After leaving the kind Watanabe family,

Hikyo 11 Chiba[10-39-27]

Tamaki san goes back to the port again

and stands there in front of the blue ocean!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[10-39-39]

He says that the port may be small and compact in size…

Hikyo 11 Chiba[10-39-51]

but it’s a place which has been the target of

many penetrations before…

Hikyo 11 Chiba[11-07-56]

and it should be under strict protection as well!

It’s very rustic, he says!

The sea water is clear…

Hikyo 11 Chiba[11-10-08]

It must have taken the nature

thousands of years to create this landscape

as the way it is now…

Hikyo 11 Chiba[11-10-16]

It is rustic and simple, but nostalgic at the same time.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[11-15-36]

A place surrounded by the nature,

where you don’t really feel the presence of the human beings.

It kinda makes you feel relaxed!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[11-22-35]

But thinking about how it’s located

in the the Pacific ocean side,

and not that far away from Tokyo…

Hikyo 11 Chiba[11-22-21]

makes you think of it as a New Discovery!

This place called the Ubara port,

with all the stories and it’s natural landscapes…

is picked as the

kokoro no hikyo #11

by Tamaki Hiroshi!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[11-21-02]

Hikyo 11 Chiba[11-24-43]

It’s already dark outside but the journey has not ended yet!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[11-48-26]

Next place Tamaki san is heading to,

is a small sake brewing company.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[11-47-22]

He gets inside and is gauided to where they

do the fermentation process!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[11-51-17]

Then the staff show him how they should mix it once in a while.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[11-57-34]

Tamaki san asks if it needs

too much power and the man says yes!

And then asks him if he wants to try it out XD

They both laugh and

Tamaki san holds the stick in his hand and

starts mixing the contents.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-01-09]

He already looks like one of the staff

with his white cap XD

This is how they make the clear and

delicious sake in this area.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-03-12]

Then he is guided to another room

where he can try out the sake!

Best part of the visit XD

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-06-12]

As the man opens the bottle,

an unusual sound is heard!

Something like the sound you hear,

when you open a bottle of Soda!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-06-25]

The man says that this sake has a special characteristic…

Tamaki san has noticed as well…

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-18-31]

Judging from the sound he heard like we did,

the taste must be a little bit different as well, he says.

Then he gives it a try.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-11-57]

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-12-04]

It’s true! It actually bites the tongue a little bit,

but it’s not as strong as a Soda for sure.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-16-07]

Taking another sip of the sake…

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-18-21]

Tamaki san says that this will match perfectly with Japanese food.

Drinking while eating himono (Dried fish) XD

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-22-04]


wonder if he’s expecting an offer from them…

a perfect set of Japanese fresh sea food with the sake!!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-22-28]

But no offer like that comes from the man >__<

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-24-38]

OK! It didn’t work…

Let’s go to the next place!! XD

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-25-07]

A workshop?

Let’s get inside and see what they make here!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-28-39]

This is Suzuki san.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-29-01]

And this is a workshop where they paint the colorful

patterns on kimono by hand.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-30-00]

Tamaki san asks him in what kind of situation

do people wear an outfit like this.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-30-04]

Suzuki san explains to him about the old tradition.

After a big catch in the sea,

this kind of outfit was presented as

some sort of a reward.

Tamaki san is going to try out one of them.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-36-26]

“bakagai” is what’s written on it XD

Tamaki san laughs when he notices the word!

in Japanese,

baka means stupid and kai or gai means shellfish XD

But well, this is just the name of a shellfish

being caught around this area.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-41-41]

Tamaki san tries the kimono on…

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-42-48]

But suzuki san laughs and says that he’s too tall…

the kimono looks a little bit short on him XD

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-43-04]

It’s different from a normal kimono.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-43-11]

The back is the main part with the most details.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-44-02]

Tamaki san says that he already feels

the “Good Luck” wearing this outfit! XD

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-46-05]

In the old days,

when going back home after a big catch in the sea,

they used to have these flags with the same kind of pattern

on their sailing boats as a way of letting everyone know

about their good catch!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-48-46]

A tradition which has almost faded out

and doesn’t exit these days.

Now they mostly consecrate on the outfits.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-48-57]

This tradition was also brought to Shizuoka and Aomori

from this area in Chiba.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-51-13]

Now Tamaki san is going to take the challenge of making a print!

The one teaching him is Suzuki san’s son

who will be taking the business after his father.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-52-24]

First they draw the outlines with a glue made by glutinous rice.

Then they apply the color on top…

and after the painting is done, they remove the glue

and the outlines will be appearing in white color.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[12-57-17]

The template has already been prepared.

Tamaki san has to apply the colors…

Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-00-12]

Tamaki san starts working on the painting…

and while doing that, he asks Suzuki san’s son:

“Watching your father working in this field,

what made you decide to follow after him

and do the same job?”

Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-00-34]

The young Suzuki san explains

that he didn’t really like this job to begin with.

He’s been watching his father since he was a child,

and he knew about the difficulties

they had to face everyday.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-02-10]

So he decided to find a stable job

and started looking for one

after graduating from college.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-03-30]

But it was around the same time when his grandfather

who was the 2nd generation in the shop,

has suddenly passed away.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-19-09]

And that’s when he started to think about who else but him

can run the business after his father…

But he had already found a job and

he didn’t know what to do anymore…

So he decided to get away from everything

and left the country for a trip to America,

all by himself… for 2 months!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-20-12]

During his journey,

there was a time when he visited

a private art gallery in Monterey…

And guess what he found?!!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-23-37]

One of his late Grandfather’s works

was there among the paintings!

“A coincidence?” Tamaki san asks.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-29-19]

Yes! He replies!! Totally by chance!!

He took this as a sign…

He said NO to the job offer

as soon as he came back to japan,

and started working in this field

to run his family business

and do the same job as his grandfather used to do!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-29-30]

Tamaki san smiles and says that his

grandfather should be happy as well…

Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-29-41]

But the young Suzuki san says that he regrets the fact

that he was not being able to let his grandfather know

about this decision before his death.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-35-04]

What a beautiful story ^^

A tradition being kept preciously for years…

and now passing to the next generation!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-35-17]

Hearing such a wonderful story…

Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-35-31]

Tamaki san did his best,

trying to finish the painting

with respect for the hard work

they do everyday to keep the tradition alive.

Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-36-37]

And here’s the finished work!!

a cute and meaningful design!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-38-47]

The dancing tai

(A type of fish being eaten on a celebration)

Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-39-31]

Hope it brings happiness and good fortune for Tamaki san,

and all the staff members working

on this amazing documentary series!


Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-43-01]

Now  the best shot taken by

Tamaki Hiroshi in katsuura!

Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-43-04]

And that was all for his journey in Chiba!!

Hope you could enjoy it as much as I did ^^

Next is a journey to Okuchichibu in Saitama perefecture

Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-48-19]

Challenging Wood-chopping?! XD

Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-53-08]

Meeting people for the first time…

Hikyo 11 Chiba[13-53-29]

A lot more to discover with Tamaki Hiorshi ^^

So please stay tuned!


Have a great time and see you soon!

bai bai ヾ(。・v・。)



is being aired on BS Asahi,

Every Thursday at 23:00

Please visit the official pages here:

Official Homepage: http://www.bs-asahi.co.jp/tamaki-hiroshi/
FB Official: https://www.facebook.com/tamaki.hikyo?ref=profile

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