Tamaki Hiroshi fan event, RA★MG 9th Date in Tsumagoi!

As unbelievable as it is, this is not an English report for hikyo ^^

This time I will be writing about Tamaki Hiroshi’s fan event “RA★MG” which was held in Shizuoka for two continues days last weekend (May 31st and June 1st, 2015)

If you are a fan of Tamaki Hiroshi, you probably know about his fanclub and his fan events. If by any chance, you don’t know anything about it… you can find the info here in English:


About how to join the club and what benefits you will have if you actually do so.

One of the best things with no doubt, is RA★MG! A very fun and active kind of event they have once in every two years. You can join only if you are a member of the fanclub, or if you have a friend who is a member and is willing to invite you to the event as a partner.

OK I just wanted to write a short explanation but I guess it’s making you bored! I’ll skip the details but in case you wanted to know more, send me a message or leave a comment and I will help you as much as I can.

This time the event was held in Tsumagoi , Shizuoka prefecture. In a huge sports ground in Yamaha Resort.

Photo H27-06-01 7 55 52

All the fans who join the event, will be placed into groups with an identifying color. around 700 people joined on the first day!! Amazing!! >__<  I was in light blue group on the first day, and purple on the second day.

2015-06-02 21.23.28

The event normally starts with the “Group photo session” with Tamaki Hiroshi!

You get to take a photo with him and your group members! If you are SUPER lucky… you may be the one standing beside him. But it all depends on faith XD This time there was a kind old lady standing beside him and I was standing next to her… Before he arrives and we take the photo, the lady kindly asked me: “Do you want to change places with me?!” hehehehe I smiled and said: “No, I’m fine! This is your chance… not mine!” hmmm I do regret it a little bit XD NO just kidding! Best thing about his events is the strong bound you can feel between his fans. We all love him a lot! And that makes us all in one huge team ^^

Anyway, he joins each group, says his greetings and we take the photo in less than a minute and then he goes to the next group. As his Manager always says: “There is only one of him after all!!” XD So we never complain!

After taking the photo, we were served with very delicious lunch boxes and the famous Shizuoka green tea. It was super hot and there were no shadows where we were staying! Actually I can never eat properly because I’m nervous!! But this time the strong sunshine on our heads and the hot weather was another reason I couldn’t eat much…

We also get to receive the products, offered by the companies he has done commercials for. Furikake from Nagatanien, Mint tablets from Clorets, And Britght W from LION. Also an Energy Drink from Taishou seiyaku which I didn’t take a photo of it because I drank it right away XD

2015-06-02 21.25.11

Photo H27-05-31 15 45 021

Photo H27-05-31 15 45 25

Photo H27-05-31 15 45 36

By the way, when introducing the sponsor products, he happened to say that he ONLY eats the black color of the mint tablets (Sharp mint)! On the second day he repeated the same thing but his manager scolded him: “Not ONLY! All the tastes are good!” But he repeated: “I ONLY eat the black ones!” hahahaha!! They told him that this is not good for the reputation of the product but he insisted: “They are all made by clorets, so it’s fine!” (^_^; I love the way he speaks the truth and doesn’t change his word easily ♡

image1 (1)

As we finished eating, it was time to move our bodies!! XD Tamaki Hiroshi’s “Inside Japan” events are always consisted of some fun but easy to do sports. This time it was Relay, Rope pulling and tama ire (Tossing balls into a basket).

Before starting the game, he goes up on the stage and after a few words, we do the radio gymnastic exercises together. He’s not very good at remembering the movements XD But this time it was more like he was tired… or as you know how weak he is with the heat, maybe his body was not just used to the super hot weather we had on that day. His movements were a little bit loose and it looked like he’s not putting all his energy in it… later I found out… he doesn’t have much to begin with! He was really tired I think.

After finishing the exercises, his manager joked about him not being that reliable when it comes to radio exercises ^^

After doing the exercises and warming up, it was time for announcing who would do the Relay and who would do the Rope Pulling. Relay is not that popular since it’s the toughest XD So it was a very scary moment for many fans XD I Don’t really mind either way. Tamaki san himself pulls out the numbers and as our number is read by him, we stand out, the staff in charge will run to us and give us a sticker with the name of the game we have to participate in, and then he reads the next number! Another good opportunity to witness Tamaki Hiroshi’s Sadistic side! We stand by the order of our numbers. So the person standing in the front of the line is number 1!! When pulling out a numbers in front of the line and then taking out another one in the last rows (Like 2 and then 42 for example) the staff had to run all the way to where the person with that number is sitting in the line… and as expected from him, Tamaki san enjoyed doing that and even said with a very serious tone: “Hurry up! You are too slow!” hahahahahaha of course he was joking ^^ But well… you know how he is!

Every time before we start the games, Tamaki san and his staff members will have a match first! This time his Hair stylist “Watabe san”, and the wonderful band members “Iku-chan (Guitar)” and “Waka san (Keyboard)” were his rivals in the games. We have to guess who the winner will be. And if we can guess correctly, we can achieve some really good points for our team.

The games they had to play this time was “Balance ball” and “Double Jump Rope”!!!

Before they start the contest, Tamaki san actually said: “Everyone has wrote down their guess, right?… Now let’s see how many voted for each one!” hehehehe! He said that with a very scary tone! Then named each one of his rivals and asked us to raise our hands if we have voted for them! Thank GOD I voted for him in both games XD hmmmm on the first day most of the fans have voted for him but on the second day… (^_^; His votes was less!! And you will know why if you keep reading!

It started with the balance ball! The one who can sit on the ball for one minute, will be the winner of the match! Everyone simply sat on the ball as if it’s a chair but when Tamaki san tried to do it, somehow he couldn’t do it even before they start counting the time. Then he tried other ways of sitting XD Very funny ways XD But in the end he decided to do the simple one and the counting started… 1…2…3…4… O_O Tamaki Hiroshi fell off the ball! ahahahahaha! We all laughed and he made the cutest shy face ever!! Then Waka san fell… but somehow Watabe san and Iku chan kept sitting without even trying that hard. After one minute, the two were announced as the winners! But somehow Tamaki san suddenly said: “Wait… they are different in size!! This one was bigger!” while pointing at the ball he was sitting on! hahahahaha! They said that they are all the same but he kept checking them and insisting on the idea… then when his manager said: “Do you wanna do it once more with another one?” he said: “Naaa, it’s OK!” hehehehe!! Just like a naughty young boy XD

On the second day, wonder if he had practiced or he was just not in a good mood the first day… but he happened to sit on the ball normally!! Waka san fell but the three other stayed on the balls! After one minute has passed, manager san tried to make it harder for them, so that someone falls! He said: “Now raise your both hands… now right hand… left hand!!!” hahahahahahaha we were laughing and they were trying not to laugh while doing as he said!! and in the end… all three of them won!!)

Then it was time for the double Rope jump… as you may already know, Tamaki san goes to a Boxing gym and has been doing it for quite some time now. So I knew he would be good at this! Of course this wasn’t the normal Rope jumping… they had to do the double rope jump which means jumping once but turning the rope twice! It’s not easy… well at least not if you ask me!! XD Tamaki san was the last! Somehow they all did it on the ground and I think they were able to do the double jump quite a few times but with normal jumps in between which gave him some time to concentrate and then do teh doublw jump again. When it was Tamaki san’s turn, somehow he decided to do it on the tiny stage he used to stand on and talk to us! I totally freaked out… it was at least 150 cms high and if he had fallen, it would have been seriously dangerous! I was hoping his managers would stop him but they didn’t and they just said “Be careful not to fall!” >__< I didn’t care about how many times he jumps anyomre! Just wanted him to get down as fast as possible! And he started jumping… Surprisingly, he decided to do it without rest! Meaning that he didn’t do the simple jump and started with the double jump from the beginning by the way, the black rope they all used for jumping was Tamaki san’s personal rope XD ) But we became even more surprised when he messed up after 2-3 jumps!!! We were all shocked! Even he was shocked! He was the one who picked up this game and after his manager asked: “How many jumps did you expect yourself to do?”, he simply said “I thought I can do it forever without messing up!” Hehehe!! Now that I know the results of the second day, I can understand what he meant! He REALLY is good at this! But well, the game is over! And he refused to do it one more time XD

(On the second day, somehow when Watabe san started to jump, suddenly the rope was cut from the handle and actually it was about to hit Tamaki san’s face standing on the stage!! O__O Perhaps someone used it too much last night?! (*´・з・`*) Everyone was surprised and when Tamaki san took a look at it, he said that he might be able to fix it if there’s a tape around! But then after taking a better look, he said that it’s cut from the handle and it cannot be fixed!! >__< Then the staff brought another one! A normal plastic one which was a little bit lighter and with the strong wind we had on that day, it was a little bit hard to control it!! But Watabe san started jumping and guess what?! This one was cut as well!! O__O Weird!! And you won’t believe if I say the same thing happened to the next one as well! Watabe san jumped 7 times and it was cut again!!! Finally after replacing the rope so many times, one of them worked properly! Iku chan went for 2-3 I think, and Waka san was 3 again. Now it was his turn. Getting on the stage again (´;ω;`) And again… with no rest in between, he started jumping… 1…2…3…4…5…6…7… and done! Now he was even with Watabe san!! So he gave him the rope again, so that they can both do it one more time. This time somehow, Watabe san could only make it until 5 I think (I don’t remember very well) and Tamaki san… went over 10 this time!! hahahahaha I think he could really go on more but then he stopped and he was the winner!!)

I don’t remember very well, but I think it was around this time when Tamaki san talked to us about his latest work and the future projects. He told us about the two cute girls in “Zannen na otto” and how precious they were to him. He even said that he, and Kurashina Kana chan (Playing the role of his wife in the drama), have already decided to go meet the girls again. He said that he wishes for them to keep the memory of them in their minds somehow. On the second day he also shared with us how the little girls used to cry by just looking at their faces in the beginning!

Also my favorite show!! “Tamaki Hiroshi no hikyo fureai kikou ~ Postal code journey“!! He said that he does many things that it cannot be broadcasted on TV! Pulling pranks on staff and other things XD What we watch on the TV is just one hour, but the truth is that they keep shooting everything for a whole day long!! Here everyone said: “We want to watch the whole thing!” But manager san imediately saud: “We will NOT Show you that! We cannot!!” hahahahaha God knows what happens every time! Then Tamaki san said: “They keep filming EVERYTHING! They even entered the bath with me shooting everything!” ahahahahahaha!!! Here everyone screamed and laughed and manager san confirmed that he’s lying and nothing like that has ever happend (^_^;

He also talked about the latest movie “Seiro no umi, tantei mitarai no jikenbo”. The shooting was finished last week which is  very good news because now he can concentrate on the next project. (On the second day he told us about a scene when he has to talk all by himself for 11 minutes!!! O__O)

Also the NHK morning drama which is taking a lot of his energy right now. He’s been working very hard in the last few months and he actually said it for the first time: “This is probably the toughest period for me since I started this career… even tougher than nodame!” O_O I wasn’t expecting that… he NEVER says anything like that but when he does, we know that it must be much tougher than what we have imagined. Beside going to Osaka everyweek and coming back to Tokyo for other jobs, he also has to study the Kansai dialect very hard. Even the tiniest mistake is not forgiven!! Very harsh training… and not just that… he has to play the shamisen too!!! And he needs to be good at it! And keeping everything aside, he also felt sick last month and since he is the type who NEVER tells anyone until the moment he really feels the danger, no one, even his staff who are always by his side, and not even his managers knew about it : ( I wish he could stop that… but he actually said that he feels weaker as soon as he actually puts it into words. That’s why he keeps it inside and tries to fix it by himself.

After hearing about all this, I couldn’t stop feeling guilty for making him run with us today >__< He especially made time for us despite his super busy schedule. And I know he is nervous about the new drama and all the other jobs! As he said later, his mind wasn’t working probably he couldn’t even decide which songs to pick up for the event’s mini live!
He has not even started reading the script of Jurassic world (He was chosen as the voice actor of the main character), and the DVD of the movie which he has received a few days ago. It must be tough… but how he can smile and make jokes all the time?… even when he was talking about his sickness, he was laughing! (/ω\)

Anyway, after the talk, the players who had to participate in the relay got ready to run. 100 meters in a super hot day… hmmm it must have been tough (^_^; I wasn’t chosen so I was just supporting my team in the corner and focusing on Tamaki san and where he goes and what he says XD During the relay, he stays with everyone on the ground, cheers for them, goes to them if they fall down, give them energy if they are tired XD and makes jokes in the funniest possible ways.

The winners will have to fight again on a final round.

Next was the rope pulling match. It was the first time trying this game in RAMG, but it was quite enjoyable if you ask me. 4 teams will have to fight in every match. And each team needs to be divided into 4 gruops. We pull the rope and when the time is over (15 seconds for example) we need to stop and let go of the rope. Then the next group will take our place and pull the rope again. It may be a little confusing!! Sorry I cannot explain better than this!!

Each team will have a supporter member on the final round (Group 4). The supporter members are Tamaki san, Watabe san, Iku chan and Waka san.

The game started and I was on the first group! We did great and the funny thing is we all forget about the fact that Tamaki Hiroshi is nearby and we became serious and didn’t even care about how funny our facial expressions might be XD I think that’s what he wants as well… Enjoying this without caring about such tiny details.

We got good results but on the final round when Iku chan joined our team, Tamaki san was on the team right in front of us… hahahaha! Of course I wanted my team to win but somehow I was looking at Tamaki san all the time and thinking how much I actually want him to win!! He was pulling so hard  I was worried about his teammates ^^ Anyway, don’t really remember which team won… but it wasn’t our or his team in the end! sorry (^_^;

After that, it was time for Tama ire I think… The rules were simple, we had to pick up the balls on the ground and toss them into the basket. The one with the more balls in the basket, will be the winner. But this time we had to face our back to the basket O_O meaning not looking at it when throwing the ball!! (Tamaki san didn’t like this rule and kept saying that he cannot tell if he could put them in the basket or not!! So on the second day, the rules were changed and only the supporter members could face the basket and throw the balls.) But before we start the game, Tamaki san throws three bigger balls into the net for every team… Each ball he can get into the basket, the team will gain 5o points!! Quite a good point you can say XD But it really all depends on him!

When the tama ire actually starts, he joins one of the teams as the supporter member. Somehow, he was with my team on both days XD LUCKY! And after the game started, we all moved around and kept tossing the balls… I didn’t even know where he is XD hehehehe…. (On the second day, he was standing under the basket and simply jumping and throwing as many balls as he could in the basket for us XD Thank you!) When the staff counted the balls, we had the best score among all the groups!! I don’t think I can ever forget the way he looked at us and laughed when the results was announced ♥

After this… it was time to run again! The final round… with Tamaki san and the staff joining the four teams who had won on the first round.  hmmm I don’t think he pushed anyone this time XD but he did pull pranks on his staff as he always does!

After all the games were taken care of XD we gathered around the stage again and listened to him talk a little bit before the results were announced. Somehow there was a tiny mistake and they had forgotten to count some points for 2 teams (Mine including) and as a result, they announced the 3 top teams by mistake XD hehehehe well it’s fine of course. But after all the announcements were done and he handed out the prizes (which was a very cute strap designed by Tamaki Hiroshi himself), it became clear that there was a mistake. But guess what? As soon as they found out, he promised us that he will choose a different color just for the two teams and send us the straps later. I can’t wait to see what color he has chosen XD

By the way, in case you already don’t know… the team who wins the first place will get to take a special photo with Tamaki san once again. ヽ(・∀・)ノ

Next is one of my favorite parts: Mini Live!

Photo H27-05-31 15 56 49

Tamaki san normally sings 3 songs every time. Somehow, I was on the first row this time!! And toooo close to him that I could easily look into his eyes when he was playing and singing (Probablt just 2-3 meters away). He sang “Good Day”, “Orange”, and his debut song “Seasons”. Seems like it took him a long time to figure out which one to choose this time. Good day is the coupling track for Seasons when the CD was released in 2004. It was right then when he had the chance to finally leave his part time job and live his life relying on the money he earns from the professional acting career. Right after his appearance in the NHK morning drama “kokoro”.

The live was perfect… the sun was almost setting and the wind was blowing softly! A perfect, lovely situation to hear Tamaki hiroshi’s singing voice ♥

But after that it was time to say goodbye!

Tamaki san always shakes hands with everyone before they leave. We only have a few seconds and we need to use it wisely! But the truth is… I had never said anything special. Just standing in front of him was more than enough… more more more than enough 😀 Well, except for the second day this time when I actually confirmed something with him but it’s a personal moment so I won’t write anything about it in the blog ^^

And this is what it’s all about…

Unfortunately I forget many things as soon as I left the place (^_^;

I will write more if I remember anything interesting!

But you should know that the fan event is the best place to see the real him! Well at least very close to the real him. And I think every time you can see how honest he is and how easily he shares his feelings or thoughts with us right away.

Wish the fans who don’t live in Japan could join the event every time! And I hope this confusing report I wrote here, can help you have a better image of what actually happens there, even if it’s just a little bit.

See you soon!

( ´・ω・`)ノ~バイバイ


The neck strap Tamaki san promised to choose and send for us has arrived! So I’m gonna share the photo of it here with everyone! 



11 thoughts on “Tamaki Hiroshi fan event, RA★MG 9th Date in Tsumagoi!

  1. OOOMG, omg omg XD I was SO waiting for this hehehe Thank you, it really felt like beng there too 🙂 it wasn’t confusing at all! and…as one of the fans not living in Japan, I confirm/second your wish! Since it’s held once every two years I’m not sure, hmmm. Aaanyway, I imagined the tone of his voice/laughs during the games HAHAHA ええやな~ ありがとう!


    • Oh!! Thank you!!! Sorry it turned out to be longer than I was expecting (^^;; I firgot to mention above, but he also announced that the next event (RAMG 10th) will be the last 運動会!! Of vourse he will do the fan event again but not in the same style!! So I REALLY hope we can both be in Japan and attend the last one together!! ヽ(;▽;)ノ


      • (;▽;) NO WAY (;▽;) *shock* I was so looking forward to being there for the next one….now I can just keep my fingers crossed for that too. うわー HOPEFULLY that’ll happen…


      • Haha I like your “please be here” XD luckily we always do our best in our own ways! I’m still waiting for Life to pay me back LOL Now I have also started to wonder how the new fan event will be, tbh 😮


  2. hmmm he said that he has no idea and he has not given any thoughts about what to do… but “SInce I’m getting old… and you are getting older!!” hahahahha is what he said XD


    • BUAHAHA ojiisan no kibun ga deta yappari XD thanks for sharing this! you made me have quite a nice, loud laugh ^-^ Yeah, I bet he hasn’t given it anyt thought yet… he’s so busy lately~


      • Ahahaha!!! I knew you would laugh! Hmmm he’s too busy he can’t even send the usual emails for that. He apologized 「最近メールもできなくてごめんね!」and I was thinking しなくていいよ! XD wish him good luck!


      • Awww, he even aplogized for that?! So sweet!!
        yeah, a HUGE good luck to him ❤ even though my wishes can't reach him.. T_T hehe


  3. I’m the lucky one for photo time.XD
    And my them was SAMON pink.and we got the them top 3 before something miss for point.
    But God bless us we can get the Gift .

    May be Next event is last event.so sad T_T


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