Urabandai (1)

Hello my friends!

It’s time for another Hikyo report!! Sorry for my absence last week (。・ε・。)

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[09-03-58]

Today I will be writing about Tamaki Hiroshi’s visit to Urabandai, in Fukushima prefecture! Another interesting journey with lots of adventures!! So please stay with me until the end (゚∀゚人)

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[08-56-36]

Urabandai is located in the north part of Fukushima prefecture.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[08-56-44]

Mount Bandai (1816m) is a very famous mountain in this city which

has had many eruptions and keeps many stories in its heart.

We will get to that later ^^

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[08-57-22]

As for now. let’s see where Tamaki san is going to take us!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[08-58-11]

Standing under the bright bright sunshine,

and in front of the frozen lake…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[08-58-41]

Tamaki san says :

“Of course it’s a lake but it doesn’t really look like it with 

the frozen surface and all the the snow piling up on it!

It will definitely be a totally different landscape during the summertime.”

Then he adds: “With all the snow piling up on the ground,

you might think it must be freezing here!!

But it’s actually really warm today!”

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[08-58-15]

And yes! The summer face of the lake would be something like this:

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[09-23-20]

But the frozen lake looks cool too XD

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[08-58-25]

So let’s go wondering around the city with him!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[09-25-54]

Walking on the street,

Tamaki san says that living in cities with so many

snowfalls every year must be quite difficult.

They have to take care of all the snow piling

up around their houses and the streets…

While talking about that, he finds someone who is actually

shoveling the snow in the street…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[09-27-45]

He gets closer and greets him XD

But he doesn’t even turn back!!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[09-29-31]

hahahahaha maybe not that interested XD

Then Tamaki san asks him if he is busy melting the snow?

And then he turns back and looks at him: “Melting?!”

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[09-30-22]

ahahahaha!! Really not interested  XD

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[09-31-55]

Then Tamaki san asks him if he has to do this everyday

during the winter and he says yes!

Of course around his own house.

And it seems like the face of

the mountain will be as white as it is now,

until mid-May every year!!

Then the old man asks Tamaki san if he is in the

entertainment business!!

ahahahaha!! XD

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[09-34-49]

And Tamaki san says that he is an actor.

hehehe then the man asks him his name and

he tells him XD I can’t believe he didn’t even know his face!

He used to be in many many commercials just a few years ago!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[09-39-20]

Tamaki san thanks him and says goodbye!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[09-39-36]

Keep walking again in the street…

he finds something he is interested in…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[09-43-12]

A row of tiny white things hanging like laundry under the sun!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[09-43-24]

What could it be…

He gets closer and takes a better look…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[09-45-40]

Then says that they look like the Jerky snacks for dogs!!


Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[09-48-58]

Well, when you don’t know the answer to a question,

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[09-46-01]

you just have to ask someone!!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[09-49-03]

So he calls out for the owner…


An old lady comes to the door…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[09-49-31]

He greets her and apologizes,

then explains the situation and asks her

about the white things!!

She becomes a little bit confused but

gets what he means after a second,

and says that they are dried daikon!!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[09-51-02]

So it was Daikon!! XD

Tamaki san says that they look so tiny to be daikon…

And she explains that they cut the daikon into 3 pieces

and then hang them outside like this to dry.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[09-52-23]

They will be here all the time and absorb a lot of vitamin D.

Seems like they are simmered and then eaten.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[09-55-11]

Then the lady (Toshima san)

kindly offers him to try some inside…

they are actually having it right now with her neighbors!


Really?! Who would not accept such a great offer!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[10-02-39]

Tamaki san gets inside the enterance area

and the lady opens the door…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[10-05-11]


the other two ladies inside are surprised…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[10-05-07]

happy or perhaps embarrassed? ^^

Tamaki san gets inside and puts his camera somewhere safe.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[10-06-21]

Then gets into the kotatsu, next to the ladies.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[10-06-27]

Here’s the dish with the dried daikons in it.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[10-08-52]

Toshima san says that they have had this way of

drying daikons for many years around this area.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[10-10-23]

This is their own way of making conserved food,

so that they can use them in all seasons with no worries.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[10-11-56]

While Tamaki san is still talking to Toshima san

about the process of making the daikons,

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[10-12-02]

the other lady next to him offers him to try some!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[10-13-44]

Then she uses her own chopsticks

and put some in the plate for him ^^

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[10-14-46]

Tamaki san thanks her and then


Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[10-14-54]

starts with a daikon!!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[10-15-48]

Oh… don’t forget to smell it XD

hehehe! As always!!

The soup is absorbed in the daikon and

the taste is strong and delicious.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[10-42-33]

He also picks up a takuan and tries it out.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[10-43-30]

Everything is home made and Tamaki san

says that even thought this is the first time he is trying it,

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[10-45-24]

the taste makes him feel calm and at home.

The lady next to him says that

the same kind of products may be sold wherever you go,

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[10-46-11]

but the taste of them is actually different

when they are home made!

And it’s not the same even in two different households.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[10-48-40]

After the eating is done,

the lady sitting next to Tamaki san (Kaneko san) asks him if he

had already visited “Oyamazumi shrine” which is nearby…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[10-51-21]

And Tamaki san says not yet!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[10-55-49]

They explain for him that there are two gates

near the shrine by the lake.

But one of them is covered with the water

all year long (Except for its head)!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-02-58]

And you only get to see it when it becomes cold

and the water goes down and freezes!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-05-13]

Which makes it now!!

Tamaki san is interested …

Kaneko san asks him if he wants to visit the place

and of course he says yes.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-05-37]

Then asks the ladies if he can go there

by foot, and they say he can.

Hmmm… but we need a guide XD

So Tamaki san asks Kaneko san to be his guide

and show him the place XD

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-08-00]

Heading to the the shrine with Kaneko san…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-09-47]

she shows him a way to go up to the hill

and get close to the lake…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-10-21]

It’s steep and slippery!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-13-04]

But Tamaki san is used to walking and

even climbing in the snow.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-13-15]

So he goes up in a second without any problems XD

Kaneko san praises him for that ^^

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-13-40]

They go up and reach the place where the shrine is located

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-14-44]

… and the two gates appear in front of their eyes!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-14-07]

It’s true! One of them is placed in the water and even now

we can only see half of the whole thing.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-19-33]

Kaneko san explains that the eruption of Mount Bandai

in the year 1888 (Meiji 21), caused a big change in this landscape.

Many rivers of hot water came out of the mountain

and started flowing down.

As a result, the villages around this area were all

sunk deeply in the water in a short time.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-25-37]

And the lake was actually created here after that.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-25-30]

It’s a sad story but interesting at the same time…

imagining there’s a village down there in the water…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-26-52]

Tamaki san finds this all a very mysterious situation XD

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-28-12]

Saying that he cannot imagine how this gate

which he can see clearly right now,

would be going back inside the water in the summer again!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-27-47]

He is amazed by the great history behind the place.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-33-44]

Of course he starts taking photos…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-37-40]

and photos again ^^

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-37-23]

This place has a lot of memories buried inside!!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-37-06]

It deserves the title…Don’t you think so? XD

So… it is decided!

The remains of the Oyamazumi shrine

are selected as the

Kokoro no hikyo #13

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-37-58]

By Tamaki Hiorshi! (≧ω≦)d

Getting back to the road again…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-43-40]

Tamaki san encounters a man who is digging the snow(?!)

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-45-26]

He greets the man and asks him what he is doing XD

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-46-01]

And he says that he is digging for daikons!!

Daikon?! Tamaki san is surprised!

But then he explains that they put the daikon in the snow like this

and then take them out and use them in their daily life during the year.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-47-48]

Amazingly, there are 1500 daikons being stored here!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-50-15]

Tamaki san is shocked again!! That many?! XD

Then the man (Endou san) asks him if he wants to try some..

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-47-58]

(He has a very strong accent and

Tamaki san has trouble understanding what he says!)

This type of Daikon can be eaten raw!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-51-55]

So he takes out a Daikon for Tamaki san.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-54-08]

It’s huge!!! He peels the rough skin of the daikon

with his scary knife XD

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-54-18]

Just by looking at the daikon,

Tamaki san says that he can tell how juicy it is!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-55-47]

Endou san cuts a piece and gives it to him on the knife!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-56-04]

The way he wants him to try it right away is kinda cute!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-58-15]

Tamaki san takes a bite and says it’s delicious…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-58-25]

Even though he is eating Daikon, it feels like he is eating fruits!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-58-36]

Must be sweet… ▼*゚v゚*▼

Then Endou san cuts another piece and puts it on the head of his knife!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-00-16]

And takes a bite from the daikon on the knife! Σ(゚д゚lll)
Tamaki san is amazed by his way of eating XD

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-02-06]

Tells him that his way of eating directly from the knife is like bandits!! (^_^;

hahahahaha! Being too straight again… Tamaki saaaan!! XD

Then he asks Endou san if the reason why the daikons are so juicy,

is because they have stored them in the snow.

But he explains that this type of Daikon is juicy by nature and

it’s not because of the way they have stored them here.

They are sweet and soft. Loved by everyone.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-11-33]

Then he do the same thing again and eats the daikon over the knife!!

Tamaki san says that it’s his first time seeing someone

eating with the knife like this!! XD

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-11-39]

Then Endou san says that they have “Daikon Steak” served in their

guest house and asks him if he wants to have some.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-12-50]

Tamaki san has trouble understanding everything I guess,

but just to confirm he asks if he means that he can eat Daikon steak?

And then Endou san says more and to be honest, I don’t understand most of it XD

But when it’s over, Tamaki san says that he could not understand half of what he just said XD

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-14-57]

hahahahaha!! Well but he wants to try the daikon steak with no doubt!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-17-25]

Heading to the guest house for some Daikon Steak!!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-17-30]

Endou Guesthouse

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-17-58]

As they enter… Endou san calls out for his wife!

We have a guest XD

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-18-39]

Endou san’s wife comes out and sits there and bows to the guest.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-18-49]

Endou san asks her if she knows the guest XD hehehehe

She says that she has seen him on TV!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-21-54]

Following Endou san’s wife,

a cute little girl comes out with her mother

(Endou san’s daughter-in-law).

I love the soft “Hello” Tamaki san says

especially for the little girl ♡

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-21-39]

Then Endou san asks him to say his name,

And Tamaki san introduces himself!


And here comes the Daikon steak!!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-22-10]

Wow!! It really is huge and looks delicious…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-22-24]

Tamaki san is a “Meat” lover XD

So his eyes goes for the tiny piece of meat in the plate!!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-22-34]

But that’s just side dish XD

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-24-30]

The main dish is the Daikon steak!!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-24-35]

Tamaki san cuts a small piece with his chopsticks,

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-24-48]

and goes for a bite!!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-24-59]

It’s juicy and the taste of the soup is absorbed in it!

Soft and delicious.

 Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-29-38]

Next he tries another dish which they serve in their

important ceremonial occasions! A dish for celebrations.

Daikon is used of course…

Tamaki san finds the daikon and goes for it!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-31-17]

Picking up with his chopstick,

says that this is again another shape of it! It’s different.

this time it’s shaking like jelly. interesting XD

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-32-30]

Eating a bite and he says that the taste is totally different as well…

as if he is eating something else.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-33-46]

Such a warm and pleasent hospitality!

Thank you!! (*゚ー゚*)

Heading to his next destination,

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-34-27]

Tamaki san gets back on the road again!

This time he is visiting a small factory…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-34-35]

What could they be making here?…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-35-01]

He enters the place and greets the person in charge (Kuriki san).

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-56-32]

Then asks him what they make here and surprisingly

he answers “Salt”!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-58-45]

Don’t you do that somewhere near the sea

and not in the mountains?!

Tamaki san is surprised!!

But Kuriki san explains that the water they use here

to make the salt, is not water sea…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-58-17]

it is taken from the hot springs in the mountain.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-59-16]

Then he is guided into the main room with

huge stoves and big pots of water boiling on top of them.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-59-23]

He gets close and looks inside.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-59-31]

The water is not as salty as the sea water of course.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[13-12-53]

They boil the water for 3 continuous days.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[13-56-51]

Kirikuri san then explains for us that the history of

this salt making process from Hot spring water,

goes back to 1200 years ago in (Muromachi era)!!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[13-57-00]

Tamaki san tries mixing the salt and then

picking up some of it with the spoon like tool they use.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[14-40-47]

Despite the looks, it’s pretty heavy he says!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[14-41-02]

After separating the salt drains from the water,

the next level is also done by hand!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[14-42-22]

Finding any kind of unnecessary thing in the shining,

white drains… and taking it out with care!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[14-44-09]

Tough job!!

Then Kuriki san asks Tamaki san to try the taste of the salt.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[14-44-26]

How was the taste…?

Tastes like salt! He says of course XD

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[14-44-34]

But it’s not as salty as the normal salt,

and the taste is milder he says.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[14-44-54]

Then a female member of the factory staff,

makes them some onigiri (Rice ball)

to try out with the salt.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[14-47-40]

While watching the lady making the onigiri,

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[14-51-24]

Tamaki san and Kuriki san have a chat

about how salt is used in

almost all the meals and

Tamaki san says that as he gets older each year,

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[14-53-27]

his desire to take the meals in the most simple way

increases as well.

Being it Tempura or Meat.

Salt is what brings out the taste of the food

in the most simple and natural way.

Then Kuriki san asks him

if he would like to make the onigiri?!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[15-07-45]

(Can’t help remembering the bakudan onigiri in Oki!!




Tamaki san says with a serious tone:
“I’m terrible at making them!… sorry!”

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[15-14-06]

ahahahaha!! Kuriki san laughs and gives up but

the lady washes her hand and passes him the

bowl of water and the rice!! hihihi

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[15-14-34]

Thank you for doing that ( ≧艸≦)ムププ

Now he can’t get away!

Tamaki san takes off his rings…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[15-14-43]

and the onigiri making starts!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[15-15-10]

hmmm I’m sure you are forgetting something…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[15-15-20]

hmmm what could it be?! XD

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[15-17-35]

Well let’s go on…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[15-20-59]

ahahahaha!! But as soon as he tries to shape the rice,

he realizes that the tiny rice grains are sticking into his left hand!!

I really hated myself for laughing

after hearing him say: “Why?!” (/ω\) with a sad tone!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[15-21-07]

Someone should have reminded him!

But everyone including the filming crew started laughing!

Yes… He forgot to wet his hands

with the water before taking the rice!!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[15-23-12]

Kuriki san tells him and

he tries putting his left hand in the water…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[15-23-33]

But the grains sticking to his hand

won’t be washed away that easily!

It probably feels even stickier than before >__<

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[15-23-37]

“It’s a mess!” he says in a nervous way!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[15-25-30]

Holding the rice with his right hand and

trying to wash his left hand…

The lady gives him a plate to put the onigiri down…

and now his right hand

is covered with the rice grains as well…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[15-29-31]

Tamaki san becomes a little bit nervous and says:

“What should I do now?”

 It’s OK… Don’t give up ( ˘ ³˘)❤

Then Kuriki san tells him to

wash both his hands in the water and

start from the very beginning!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[15-32-42]

So he becomes serious!!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[15-32-57]


Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[15-33-08]

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[15-33-17]

He makes the onigiri in a few seconds

and no sticky rice on his hands!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[15-35-22]

“If I get serious I can actually make them… Sorry! 

But if I give up somewhere along the way…”

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[15-33-24]

Keeping the cute onigiri he made in his right hand:


Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[15-36-06]

The onigiri is made! No problem at all… I told you XD

The shape is perfect as well ^^

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[15-36-09]

Then he uses the salt made by the factory,

and pour some on top of the onigiri!
Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[15-38-27]

Now let’s try… Itadakimasu!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[15-38-41]

“Delicious!” he says!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[15-38-49]

Also adding that somehow,

it’s the perfect amount of salt needed!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[15-39-07]

not too salty and not too plain.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[15-39-38]

Going out in the snow again…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[15-41-50]

seems like it’s getting hotter and hotter every minute.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[15-42-00]

Tamaki san complains about the bright sunshine XD

Saying that it’s too bright being it from the sky or

the reflection of the light on the ground, covered by the snow!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[15-42-08]

“Want to keep walking with my eyes closed!”

hahahaha! He has got a weak point for this.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[15-45-30]

A few steps away from him,

there’s a group of men standing there with their snowmobiles.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[15-45-36]

Tamaki san gets close and asks them what they are up to!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[15-45-55]

And they say that they want to go on a ride over the frozen lake.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[15-48-25]

Tamaki san is interested in one of the vehicles which is not a snowmobile!

He gets closer and one of the men asks him

if he is interested and of course he says that he is!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[15-48-31]

He has never seen this type before, he says.

He keeps looking at it with joy in his eyes…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[15-52-42]

So the man

offers him to get on it and see how it feels like!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[15-53-10]

And he does!!

After getting on, he asks the man

what type of driving license is needed to ride this.

(Where does that question lead to I wonder! XD )

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[15-53-22]

The man says that a normal driving license is needed,

if you want to ride on the road.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[15-55-35]

But if you don’t get on the road,

you can easily ride it without a license.

Tamaki san is not getting off!

Sitting there like that, the man comes to him and says:

“Do you wanna have a ride?”

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[15-57-19]

And before he even finishes his sentence…

“Yes! I wanna have a ride!!” says Tamaki san XD

Everyone laughs and the man starts explaining

for him how the vehicle works in general.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[15-59-03]

While he explains, Tamaki san himself looks carefully

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[15-59-11]

and finds out things by himself.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[15-59-54]

He is the type of person who would start using

the new things he buys without reading the user’s manual!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[16-00-05]

And he is surprisingly good at it XD

And also he has a boat riding license which makes it pretty

easy for him to understand how this vehicle works…

after just a few seconds,

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[16-04-17]

He finds out whatever he needs to know!


Off he goes!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[16-04-34]

Take care… ( ´・ω・`)ノ~バイバイ

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[16-04-56]

As expected from him…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[16-06-31]

He can easily ride it on the snow…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[16-07-00]

no problem at all…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[16-08-31]

And he is enjoying the ride with no doubt…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[16-07-28]

BUT w(゚ー゚;)w

Something is about to happen!!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[16-08-50]

A hot day on a frozen lake…( ノ__<)

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[16-16-17]

But let’s leave that for the next part of the report!!!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[16-16-49]


( ̄y ̄)

Forgive me for my Sadistic way of ending this part!!

If you are worried about him on this frozen lake…

please stay tuned and I will be sharing the 2nd part soon!

Thank you all!

See you…

(End of part 1)

3 thoughts on “Urabandai (1)

  1. 何?何?何?溶けてしまった?!What?! Hahaha you’ve become as sadistic as Tamaki san!! XD well, I’m sure nothing harmful happened, otherwise I owuld have known LOL
    ….btw, can’t believe about the shrine and the village! you know? in Italy there’s actually quite a similar situation too. And the only thing you can see from the lake is the church bell tower. I’ve passed by there like 6 times in my life, but always in summer..残念!


    • Ahaha!! Sorry! I will write everything in the next part. But you know he is fine now 🙂 so don’t worry.

      Thank you for always reading! Only if I knew about that place in Italy!!! I eould have sent them a message and ket tgem know right after the show was aired!!! Can you let me know the nane of the place?! I really like these things XD


  2. Don’t thank me! I should be the one thanking you for doing this! It’ must take you a long time every time but it’s fun to read and I get to feel as if I was there watching too 🙂
    Here you have the link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reschensee
    It’s not as tragic, because not many died..they evacuated the village before creating the artificial dam(n) lake. But to me the fact that many acres of fertile land were submerged just so that a Swiss company could earn money off it it simply makes me go nuts. 人間は最低や!So it’s not as tragic as the one he showed to the viewers of the show..but it reminded me of this story because the two things that are coming out of the water are both linked to religios belief.
    Any which way, if you want to share this with them let me know if anything happens out of it, will you? 😛


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