Urabandai (2)

Hello and I’m back again!!

Sorry for leaving you like that last time…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[09-27-18]

Yes that’s Tamaki Hiroshi…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[09-30-52]

Riding freely on the surface of

the frozen lake in urabandai, Fukushima.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[09-31-24]

As Tamaki san showed interest and got on that vehicle last time,

he actually decided to take the challenge

and have a ride on the frozen lake with it…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[09-31-50]

and he was doing perfectly good… until…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[09-32-20]

a weird sound… is the ice cracking?!?! O__O

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[09-42-30]

What is happening?!

Suddenly the back of the vehicle goes down a little bit…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[09-42-03]

and another sound of the ice cracking….

and this time the whole things goes down… Σ(゚д゚lll)

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[09-42-33]

It’s stopped!!

The wheels are stuck in the melted ice and it cannot move!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[09-42-47]

Tamaki san tries to move it a few times…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[09-42-52]

but it’s no use!!

He is stuck in the middle of the lake >__<

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[09-42-40]

The staff and the residents are watching him

and as soon as they find out what’s happened,

the rescue starts moving!! XD

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[09-43-13]

Help arrives with a snowmobile….

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[09-45-44]

This is no time for shooting!!

Somebody help him get out of there (/ω\*)

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[09-46-51]

After checking out the situation,

and probably making sure it’s not that dangerous,

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[09-47-01]

more people (including the filming staff) come to him.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[09-50-48]

Then right when he is asked to get on one of the snowmobiles

and go back to where everyone else is,

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[09-52-17]

Tamaki san turns back and starts laughing!!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[09-52-22]

hahahahaha!! What happened?!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[09-52-32]

The left foot of one of the staff members is in the water!!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[09-52-39]

hahahaha!! Poor thing!!

Tamaki san!! You were in trouble a few minutes ago…

don’t laugh like that at the poor man >__<

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[09-54-48]


As if nothing scary has happened to him XD

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[09-55-00]

Tamaki san gets on the snowmobile with a smile,

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[09-56-20]

with his camera hiding in the safest place…

inside his jacket XD

It’s cute the way he actually checks on him

before they start moving!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[09-57-00]

After the arrive,

Tamaki san thanks for the ride XD

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[09-58-11]

And as they are both laughing,

he gets off and puts his foot down on the ice…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[09-59-52]

and aaaaaa!!!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[10-00-38]

His right foot goes down in the water again!!


Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[10-00-46]


No worries… everything is under control.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[10-02-42]

Finally he’s back and they explain to him that

there is no need to worry because actually,

the ice layer is pretty thick and what made all this trouble

is the ice and the snow covering the surface on the main layer.

They start melting on a hot day like this but the ice in beneath,

is still hard and strong!

OK! Now that he is back…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[10-07-42]

He looks around and seeing the holes

the residents have made in the ice…

he becomes curious and asks them what they are doing.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[10-08-12]

Seems like they store their “Osake” (Alcoholic beverage)

here in the ice!! 1920 bottles are stored here!!!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[10-08-31]

While the men are trying to get the bottles out…

Tamaki san says:

“What if something completely different comes out?!”

The man says that that’s impossible and they both laugh!

XD But it happens a lot in movies! XD

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[10-17-44]

Finally they get the box out…

The melting ice is still fooling around with them…

One of the residents actually falls down…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[10-18-34]

everyone are surprised at first but then they start laughing…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[10-18-47]

Tamaki san says that this is no joke XD Not funny anymore!

 As they are laughing…

suddenly an unexpected guest jumps out of the water!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[10-18-54]

A tiny fish…

Tamaki san says:

“Didn’t I say something different will come out?!” XD

He walks toward the fish and picks it up with his hand…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[10-19-01]

Have no idea what happened to the fish after that,

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[10-22-08]

but hope he let it get back in the water…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[10-22-24]

 OK now that we got the osake out of the ice…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[10-33-02]

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[10-33-06]

let’s try some!!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[10-33-29]

It’s sweet and smooth, easy to swallow, Tamaki san comments.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[10-35-45]

Then his eyes go for some snacks

the residents have prepared…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[10-35-47]

It’s fish Tempura.

The fish is this morning’s catch…

from the frozen lake of course!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[10-40-04]

Tamaki san goes for it of course…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[10-38-05]

And he loves it!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[10-39-56]

Goes for more while saying: “Delicious!!”

Keeps eating and drinking with everyone for a while…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[10-40-24]

sounds like fun XD

Tamaki san gets back on the road again,

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[10-56-14]

and visits another town called Kitakata!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[10-56-54]

The buildings and the architecture is interesting!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-00-34]

He finds a wine shop…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-00-42]

According to the wooden board outside,

the wine cellar has been in business since the Edo era!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-06-11]

小原酒造 http://www.oharashuzo.co.jp/

Tamaki san gets inside!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-07-53]

The lady who comes to greet him is Ohara san,

the 10th generation in the shop!!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-08-10]

She lets us know that the shop has been in business since 1717!

Ohara san explains that they also have an observation course

for visitors who want to know more about

the process of making the wine.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-10-18]

And the staff will help them with that…

And while she points at their staff in the back,

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-10-28]

she says that they are sitting on their knees on the floor

all the time while working…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-16-43]

being it answering the phone

or working with the computer…

they sit with their knees folded behind them all day long!


Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-16-53]

For Tamaki san who cannot do that even for a few minutes XD

This must be a terrifying job XD

It’s just the style they use in the shop.

座売り  zauri

The staff should sit on their knees when

handing the products to their customers.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-19-33]

Then they have a chat about how many

types of drinks they sell in the shop.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-21-30]

And Ohara san says that they only sell

different types of pure rice wine since 2009.

She also mentions a type called sakura,

which is actually pink!!

This surprises Tamaki san: “Pink?”

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-25-18]

Ohara san takes out the bottle from the showcase and

shows the Sakura wine to him!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-27-32]

It really is pink!!

And above that, this is the natural color!!

Tamaki san is more surprised!! XD

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-27-42]

Ohara san asks him if he wants to drink some,

and Tamaki san laughs and says yes!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-28-33]

Then Ohara san looks toward the staff,

maybe the director XD

and asks if it’s OK! XD hahahahaha!!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-31-31]

Tamaki san also looks at the staff and

says that he has been drinking here and there today!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-33-35]

Working and drinking… if it’s him, no problem at all!


Ohara san pours some Sakura wine and hands it to him.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-34-52]

Tamaki san says that this is actually a perfect match,

because this episode will be aired on TV right around

 the Cherry blossom peak in April!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-37-05]

Tamaki san drinks the wine…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-37-13]

and says that it’s really easy to drink

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-37-20]

but it also has the substantiality.

Ohara san agrees and says that it’s true

since this is a nigorizake (Unfiltered wine).

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-37-41]

Keeping the old traditions and running the shop

almost exactly the same way it used to be years ago!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-41-54]


Tamaki san gets back on the road and starts walking…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-44-33]

while enjoying the view of the old buildings

lining in the street!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-44-42]

“Using the old buildings with care…

of course many of them should be renovated

or they will not be a place to live in!…”

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-45-27]

He also says that in Japan,

that idea of keeping that traditional look in the way

the houses and the shops are lining in the streets, still exists!

So keep protecting that is a good thing he says.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-49-07]

Tamaki san arrives at his final destination!

There’s a beating sound being heard…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-57-37]

It’s a workshop…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-59-35]

He gets inside.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-59-45]

Greets the old man working on something…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[11-59-55]

then asks him what kind of job he is doing!

And he says that he makes “Oke” here.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-00-40]

Oke (桶) is a kind of a Japanese bucket

which is mostly used in the bath.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-04-44]

All the process is done by hand of course.

A very rare thing these days…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-05-05]

Tamaki san takes off his shoes and sits

on the tatami floor right in front of the old man (Kikuchi san).

Tamaki san asks him if he has been doing this job

for a long time and he says that he took it after

his father and he is the 3rd generation running

their family’s workshop now.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-11-07]

Then Kikuchi san introduces himself and says that he is 90!!!

Tamaki san is shocked!!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-10-45]

He suddenly turns back his head and says

that he definitely doesn’t look 90!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-10-54]

His skin is soft and shiny, he adds!

I totally agree with him XD

Kikuchi san denies but I’m sure

Tamaki san really meant what he said ^^

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-13-04]

Kikuchi san starts working and showing

Tamaki san how he makes the oke.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-16-49]

He scrapes the wooden blocks and make them smooth.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-17-24]

Then measures them carefully to get the size he needs.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-17-32]

Then lining the blocks all together

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-22-23]

… and creating

the Basic shape of the oke.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-22-11]

Tamaki san looks carefully and it’s obvious he

is enjoying watching the process.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-22-27]

Then he starts taking photos…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-22-54]

photos and photos…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-23-00]

Wish I could see them all!!

Kikuchi san is lost in his work…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-23-49]

and Tamaki san is lost in capturing the minutes!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-23-31]

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-24-17]

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-26-02]

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-26-12]

It’s done!!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-26-39]

You can’t believe it all started from those tiny blocks!

This is magic XD

Tamaki san is impressed and starts clapping for him!

Then Kikuchi hands him the oke

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-28-30]

… and he mentions the good smell

of the wood he’s been sensing since minutes ago.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-29-48]

Tamaki san is obviously moved buy what he just observed.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-29-54]

“A unique kind of beating sound,

and then the completion…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-30-05]

And of course it is not made by a machine,

the process of giving it the shape,

it’s all done by a man’s hand!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-30-14]

It all makes you feel good…

I’m sure the kids living in this neighborhood

have grown up listening to this beating sound!”

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-35-11]

Then with an indescribable kind of joy in his voice,

Tamaki san thanks Kikuchi san for letting them

watch the process of making such an amazing thing.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-36-07]

Kikuchi san laughs, bows back and tells him to

drop by anytime he wants, if there was anything he needed.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-36-16]

And Tamaki san thanks him again with the most

beautiful big smile on his face ^^

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-45-03]

Bowing and thanking again at the entrance,

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-49-38]

Tamaki san leaves Kikuchi san with his

tiny but magical workshop…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-49-46]

He says that being able to watch this kind of

traditional work is great but more than that…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[12-57-36]

The feeling of “Not wanting” this culture to

fade away and disappear,

becomes stronger in a way.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[13-00-30]

Another journey with many new things to try out,

It was a good trip after all ^^

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[13-07-43]

And of course we won’t end this report without

Tamaki Hiroshi’s best shot of the day!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[13-07-18]

Thank you all for reading the English reports every time.

I try to describe as good as I can…

but sometimes words are not enough ^^

So please try to look carefully at the photos and

feel what he is feeling at some emotional moments.



Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[13-08-36]

 Tamaki Hiroshi will be visiting Yamadera and Tendou

in Yamagata prefecture.

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[13-09-44]

New experiences…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[13-09-00]

New places…

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[13-09-04]

and new encounters again!!

Hikyo 15 Fukushima, urabandai[13-08-47]

So please stay tuned!

Thank you and

( ´・ω・`)ノ~bai bai



is being aired on BS Asahi,

Every Thursday at 23:00

Please visit the official pages here:

Official Homepage: http://www.bs-asahi.co.jp/tamaki-hiroshi/
FB Official: https://www.facebook.com/tamaki.hikyo?ref=profile

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  1. ごめんごめん!I’m late due to you-kow-what 😛
    Wow!! this is the episode I have enjoyed the most so far..it started funnily (in a way, with the ladies, then the ice cracking, etc..) and it went on mistically.. i really felt like thanking Ohara san and Kikuchi san for keeping those traditions alive. Tamaki san must really REALLY enjoy shooting this show ^_^
    Thank you as usual 😀

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