Yamadera~Tendou (1)

Hello my friends!

Tamaki Hiroshi fans are experiencing the “Silent” days! ^^ But it’s just a temporary thing… soon the “Jurassic world” Movie will be in theaters and we will get to see more of him in the news. But he is extra busy with the NHK morning drama right now and all we can do is support him and send him as much energy as we can ^^ Waiting in the silence is not always that bad ♡

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[10-22-02]

OK! Ready for another Journey with Tamaki Hiroshi in Japan?!

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[10-24-14]

Today I will be writing about his visit to Tendou in Yamagata prefecture!

But before that, Tamaki san first visits Yamadera.

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[10-28-38]

As he starts his Journey, he looks at the huge sightseeing map

and says that there are too many sightseeing spots in the mountain.

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[10-28-51]

Then he finds a temple on the mountain and points to it with his finger.

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[10-29-01]

But the fog is too strong it’s not easy to see anything there…

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[10-34-45]

Can you find it? Honestly I couldn’t see anything XD


On a sunny day,

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[10-35-14]

the temple is visible on top of the mountain.

It’s the famous risshakuji (立石寺)

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[10-39-04]

Tamaki san is heading there but before going to the mountain,

he takes a walk in the town and stops by at a tiny shop…

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[10-42-37]

A lady (Yarimizu san) shows up at the door and opens it…

Tamaki san greets her and since there are

many different things on sale in the shop,

he asks the lady:

“What type of a shop is your place?”

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[10-48-55]

But the lady is troubled and gives him a funny answer:

“What type shall we call it?”

hehehe they both laugh and the lady explains

that in this season,

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[10-54-21]

she sells nuts like Kurumi (Walnuts) or Kayanomi (Torreya nut).

Especially in winter when she has more time,

she cracks and shells of the kurumi…

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[10-57-49]

She also complains about how these days,

everyone buy the ready to eat type

and don’t want to spend time on cracking them.

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[11-01-32]

Then as she shows us some shelled kurumi packs,

she asks Tamaki san if he wants to get inside

and see how she cracks them.

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[11-01-38]

Tamaki san folds his umbrella and gets inside the shop.

Yarimizu san tells him that there’s a special way for cracking them,

and Tamaki san says that he has never done it before!

I was kinda surprised when I heard that XD

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[11-03-07]

So she asks him if he wants to try cracking some,

and Tamaki san of course says yes!

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[11-03-37]

Then she starts hitting the kurumi to crack the shell.

Somehow it doesn’t go right this time

but she tries cracking another one,

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[11-08-30]

while saying that sometimes the shell doesn’t crack,

the way it should!

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[11-09-40]

This times it goes perfectly and while she is bragging

about how tasty they are XD… she puts a small piece

in Tamaki san’s hand and asks him to try it.

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[11-09-48]


Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[11-11-21]

And it’s delicious he says ^^

This type of kurumi is called “himegurumi”

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[11-15-32]

with a beautiful shape of a heart!

(If you can crack it perfectly of course!!)

Now it’s Tamaki san’s turn to crack the kurumi.

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[11-34-13]

He starts hitting it rather softly,

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[11-35-00]

probably because he wants the perfect crack.

After hitting it a few times he says that it’s difficult.

But then the cracking sound and

the kurmi shell opens up!

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[11-35-08]

He picks it up and tries opening it with his hands…

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[11-37-27]

And guess what?!

It’s the perfect crack!!

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[11-37-36]

The kurumi is broken from the center…

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[11-39-31]

Tamaki san says with pride in his voice:

“Yatta!” meaning “I did it!” XD

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[11-39-44]

You can hear the staff laughing behind the camera!

Then Yarimizu san helps him get the fruit out

with the sharp corner of the shell.

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[11-39-49]

She keeps praising him for how perfectly he did it XD

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[11-40-38]

After showing his masterpiece to the camera,

Tamaki san starts eating the kurumi he cracked by himself

for the first time in his life!

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[11-42-25]

Then Yarimizu san also show him the Kayanomi.

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[11-46-27]

During the winter,

they roast them on the stove and then eat them.

Yrimizu san asks him if he has ever had any and

Tamaki san who is pretty busy getting the kurumi

out of the shell,

says in an absent-minded tone of voice:

“I have not!”  XD XD

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[11-47-43]

Yarimizu san starts telling him about

what they do when it’s valentine’s day…

Tamaki san is still focusing on the kurumi…

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[11-52-14]

trying to get the fruit out with Yarimizu san’s tiny nut pick…

so he responses with delay!

Yarimizu san goes on and says that they put the kayanomi

in melted chocolate and the result is

something close to Almond chocolate!

It must be tasty…

but Tamaki san is still busy with the kurumi and then he asks:

“The kayanomi, not the kurumi, right?!”

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[11-55-07]


Listen to her!! XD

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[11-59-28]

Then as she keeps going about how the high school girls

visit the shop and buy them for the valentine’s day,

Tamaki san once again reaches for the nut pick!!

Wonder if it’s the taste he likes so much,

or it’s because he just can’t relax until he takes out

 the remaining fruit left inside the shell! XD


He finally comes to his senses after Yarimizu san

gives him some Kayanomi to try out.

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[11-59-34]

It seems to be really hard…

so he doesn’t risk and breaks it with his back teeth.

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[12-13-06]

The roasted texture makes it even more delicious.

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[12-12-58]

Then looking around the shop,

Tamaki san points to something and asks:
“What is this?”

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[12-16-59]

“Sarunokoshikake!” Yarimizu san replies !

“Is it a mushroom?” Tamaki san asks with a doubtful tone.

And yes she replies!!

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[12-17-04]

He holds it in his hand but still can’t believe it’s a mushroom…

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[12-23-25]

“Doesn’t look like a mushroom… it’s more like dried wood!”

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[12-23-54]

It is a mushroom!! They put it in tea and then drink it as a medicine.

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[12-25-21]

There are lots of gifts taken from the nature

lining in the shop!

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[12-26-54]

OK, it’s time to go now.

Tamaki san thanks Yarimizu san and then leaves the shop

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[12-27-06]

with a bright smile on his face.

Next he stops by another shop…

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[12-27-17]

He greets the lady standing in front of the shop…

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[12-46-59]

she is making something…

Tamaki san asks him what she is making.

and she says “Chikara konyaku”

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[13-08-12]

A famous product of yamadera.

The travelers who come here to visit the temple,

will eat this before climbing the mountain,

and get the energy they need for the tough way XD

“Nice smell!” Tamaki san says!

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[17-47-22]

Then the lady (Endou san) asks him if he wants to try some.

All they use for boiling the konyaku is Soy sauce!

Endou san gives him a stick of ball shaped konyakus and

tell him to be careful because it’s hot!

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[13-08-27]

Tamaki san tries eating one and as soon

as he starts chewing,

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[13-10-22]

he says that the konyaku is plump and hard!

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[13-10-34]

Seems like it’s the characterestic of the Yamadera konyaku.

As Tamaki san continues eating,

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[13-14-39]

Endou san explains that it is believed that

eating the konyaku before climbing the mountain

and going to the temple, will purify your body.

Then as she walks into the road,

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[13-17-44]

she says that you should look at the mountain

while eating the konyaku,

and think about your destination! XD

Tamaki san follows her instruction and turns toward

the mountain with the konyaku in his hand ❤

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[13-17-52]

Then as they are looking at the mountain,

they say that the fog is making the mountain look

even more whimsical and magical.

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[13-19-44]

Tamaki san says that he actually preferred it to be sunny at first,

but being able to see this face of the mountain

is pretty amazing as well.

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[13-22-50]

Then Endou san says:

“You are going to climb the mountain, right?”

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[13-23-09]

And when Tamaki san says yes! she continues:

“It will be tough if you go alone…

why don’t you take my father with you?!”

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[13-25-03]

while pointing at the man standing there inside the shop!

hehehehe he is actually her husband XD

Tamaki san looks at him and says: “Is it OK?” 

And Endou san laughs!

Endou san (The husband) says that it’s fine and then he

gets closer and says that he is not good at talking so he may not

be of any help… XD He is just being modest of course.

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[13-26-11]

Then the wife says that she actually has a map she made by herself!

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[13-28-05]

hehehe she brings it to him and it’s a very cute and easy to read map!

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[13-30-02]

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[13-30-17]

Then the husband says that they have known each other since

school days… they were in the same class for 9 years!!!

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[13-32-07]

Elementary and Junior high-school!!

They even shared the same family name XD

and here the husband says that she was her first love!!


Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[13-33-27]

The wife becomes embarrassed and hits him while laughing

and when Tamaki san says:

“So you really didn’t go out with anyone else…”

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[13-37-12]

the wife says that it’s not certain!!

No one knows if he is lying or not!!

ahahahahahaha!! Lovely couple!!

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[13-37-18]

They look like a a comic duo!! XD

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[13-41-50]

Finally the two men start heading to the mountain…

Endou san will be our guide.

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[13-42-14]


Matsuo Bashō, who is a very famous Japanese poet,

visited this place 320 years ago,

and it is said that this is the place where he wrote

the most famous haiku in Japan.

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[13-43-28]

Endou san lets us know that

there are 1015 stairs they have to climb

in order to reach the temple.

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[13-48-04]

Just hearing that makes you wonder

if you can actually go all the way or not…

Endou san says! XD

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[13-49-22]

On their way, they also pass by a

tiny cottage-like place where you can find

a very scary statue of an old lady called “Uba do” inside!

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[13-51-42]

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[13-52-07]

They also climb a series of tiny steps in a narrow passage.

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[13-52-21]

Endou san says that these steps are called the

oyako michi (Parent and child passage)

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[13-53-47]

meaning that both the parent and the child

has passed through this passage!

But the deeper meaning refers to the student-teacher relations.

meaning that the teacher has passed all the ways

the student is passing right now.

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[14-01-01]

Finally they reach the place called semizuka.

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[14-01-18]

It is believed to be the place where Matsuo basho

wrote his poem.

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[14-01-23]

Endou san says that coming on a day like this is

perhaps much better than a sunny day.

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[14-01-29]

Tamaki san agrees and says that

it’s a whimsical landscape.

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[14-03-49]

And it’s not crowded! Endou san adds.

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[14-05-40]

Here’s that famous haiku

Matsuo basho wrote when he was here:




ah this silence

sinking into the rocks

voice of cicada

When Matsuo basho visited this place,

it is believed that it was during the summer,

probably in July according to the new calendar.

Tamaki san says that as a guess since

the voice of the cicadas can only be heard during

that time of the year.

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[14-11-30]

And he is right, as Endou san says.

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[14-11-59]

The atmosphere is really amazing.

A feeling of loneliness as Tamaki san mentions,

matches perfectly with a place like this.

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[14-12-10]

And the trees coming out of the rocks,

insistently willing to keep on living!

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[14-12-50]

It becomes a beautiful painting,

without even trying to be beautiful!

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[14-15-04]

Of course in a place like this…

the photographer side of Tamaki Hiroshi wakes up!

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[14-15-18]

So he starts taking photos…

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[14-15-24]

and photos again!

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[14-15-21]

It is decided now!

This beautiful place

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[14-15-06]

is picked up as the

Kokoro no hikyo #14

by Tamaki Hiroshi!


There is still a long way to reach the top…

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[14-34-53]

but Endou san left and Tamaki san will have to climb

the stairs all by himself.

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[14-36-24]

On his way,

he stops once in a while and looks at the landscape.

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[14-36-32]

“It’s covered in mist!” he says.

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[14-36-38]

But it’s very beautiful I think.

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[14-36-43]

Stairs and stairs…

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[14-45-14]

Tamaki san reaches the niyoumon…

standing there waiting for our traveler,

were the guardian Gods of the temple.

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[14-45-29]

Tamaki san takes a look inside

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[14-49-05]

“This is the Enma sama…”

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[14-49-22]

he says while getting back XD

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[14-49-27]

Enma sama is known to be the God, waiting for the dead.

It is said that he has the ability to see the past of the people

passing by the gate… a little stressful to pass now ^_^;

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[14-57-51]
“Kids are probably scared of this… “

Tamaki san says…

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[14-57-59]

Wonder if he is scared too XD


He keeps on going…

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[15-35-33]

Finally the two buildings of Kaisando and Nokyodo

appear in front of his eyes.

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[15-38-42]

But he is going to the top!!

To a building called “Godaido”

As he climbs higher and higher in the mountain,

there are places where the snow is still remaining on the ground.

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[15-38-51]

“Slippery here…”

he says while walking on the slippery frozen snow piles!!

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[15-40-24]

But we all know snow is his good friend XD

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[15-41-58]

So no need to worry!

Jumping and running…

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[15-44-15]

Finally… he reaches the top!

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[15-44-43]


Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[15-44-50]

he gets inside and walks toward the cliff…

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[15-45-48]

But no panaroma was waiting for him there…

“Pure white!!”

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[15-45-56]

hahahahaha!! Nothing is visible!

It’s all fog and mist!!

“Sea of clouds or better say right inside of the clouds!”

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[15-46-16]

Tamaki san says with a bitter sweet laughter XD

I bet he wanted to see the landscape on a sunny day!

You can use it as a CG compositing background!

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[15-46-21]

he says and makes everyone laugh XD

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[15-57-50]

It’s a waste but nothing was visible on that day…

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[15-57-59]

But on a sunny day…

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[15-58-52]

It will be as beautiful as this!

“Climbing up here in your own pace and with no rush,

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[15-59-26]

while thinking about the stories from 1200 years ago,

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[16-04-36]

or the fact that Matsuo Basho wrote his haiku here,

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[16-06-50]

is quite a meaningful thing to do I think!”

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[16-06-54]

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[16-09-43]

After a tough climbing…

Tamaki san finally goes to Tendou!

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[16-10-16]

Walking on the streets…

he finds a good place!

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[16-12-08]

“Koshikake an” is the name of a shop

selling Japanese style sweets!

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[16-12-17]

Of course he will go for it!! XD

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[16-14-49]

Tamaki san gets inside the garden and then

the entrance area…

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[16-16-08]

He opens the door and goes inside while

greeting the old lady by the counter.

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[16-16-13]

aaaa this is heaven!! ヽ(・∀・)ノ

Looking at the showcase,

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[16-16-58]

Tamaki san asks the lady (Nakano san)

which one is the most popular!

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[16-18-53]

And she says “Warabi mochi”

So Tamaki san asks her for a warabi mochi set.

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[16-21-39]

Then she guides him to the other room,

while explaining that the stairs are steep,

because this building was built many years ago,

with the old style!

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[16-24-34]

Tamaki san who’s surprised by the atmosphere of the room,

asks her when it was built and she says 140 years ago!!

Tamaki san is even more surprised by that answer XD

But seems like the rooms in the back are

usually used as Warehouse.

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[16-25-45]

OK let’s do some more climbing again…

Tamaki san goes first and Nakano san goes after him.

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[16-26-00]

Tamaki san steps into the 2nd floor and he is amazed

by the great atmosphere…

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[16-26-04]

says that it’s more like a nice Attic,

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[16-26-23]

even though it’s a Warehouse!

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[16-28-50]

Tamaki san sits down at one of the tables…

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[16-29-15]

and finds some notebooks

in which the customers who

had visited the shop in the past,

had written their notes.

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[16-29-22]

He starts flipping the notebook…

and right when you think the atmosphere is so

nice and the background music is as soft as possible…

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[16-31-42]

He stays on one of the pages,

keep looking, and then turns the face of the notebook

toward the staff and says:

“For Asahi TV, this would be the one.”

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[16-38-14]

ahahahaha!! It’s an illustration of Doraemon XD

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[16-38-23]

The staff members laugh out loud XD And Tamaki san as well!

(Both Doraemon and Hikyo are the products of TV Asahi)

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[16-39-29]

Nakano san arrives with the warabi mochi and some tea.


Tamaki san looks at the mochi with LOVE! XD

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[16-39-33]

Then he moves the plate and as the mochi moves like jelly,

he becomes even more excited!

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[16-40-16]

and… itadakimasu!

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[16-41-10]

He enjoys the taste,

says that it’s very reach!

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[16-44-24]

Its jelly-like texture and it’s sweetness is great as well.

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[16-45-59]

Then Tamaki san says that he took a look inside the notebooks,

and read some notes written by customers coming

here from all over the country.

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[16-46-37]

It’s amazing he says.

Nakano san also says that this is the treasure of this shop.

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[16-46-26]

OK… as one of their customers,

Tamaki Hiroshi will also write something in the notebook ^^

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[16-49-23]

Concentrating and making a serious face,

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[16-49-27]

for a moment I felt really proud to be his fan (I always am!!)

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[16-49-38]

but then after finishing…

taking a look at his own handwriting, he says:

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[16-49-45]

“Surprisingly, my handwriting is pretty good isn’t it?…”


Nakano san immediately says: “Yes! It is great…”

But then all the staff members laugh and Nakano san who

probably didn’t know if he is being serious or not,

laughs with everyone!

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[16-52-29]

Then, when Tamaki san laughs and looks at her…

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[16-53-15]

she repeats herself: “It really is!”

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[16-53-19]

Then Tamaki san says that he started to think that

it’s coming out better than what he has expected!

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[16-54-21]

And he just spoke his heart I guess XD He is always like that!!

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[16-54-23]

(I’m still proud to be his fan!! I will always be XD ) hehehehe!

A special note with his own stamp ^^

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[16-56-30]

Thanks for sharing it with us ❤

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[16-56-37]

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[16-56-48]

Still a lot to do in Tendou…


Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[16-59-56]

New things to try out…

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[16-59-07]

And places to visit!

Hikyo 16 Yamadera~Tendou[17-01-02]

But for now let’s end the first part and leave the rest for next week!

Thank you so much for being with me until the end…

see you soon!

( ´・ω・`)ノ~バイバイ

End of part 1

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  1. I like the new template!
    Apart from that, WOW. I bet he was saddened by having climbed up the mountain until up there and then finding himself in the sea of clouds.. but that was the right weather for such a place if you ask me >_< kinda makes you feel like going back in time, in a place such as this. Or maybe I'm just biased because that's the weather I like, hehe


    • No I totally agree with you! He said that too. I think he also felt the same way but he wanted the view after all XD and the new template, thank yoy for mentioning! Is it better? I really prefer the new one as well!
      Thank you fir always reading snd leaving a comment ♡ it gives me energy for the next one (^_^;)


      • Yes, I like it because of the dark background and beca4se when you open the page it doesn’t redirect you to the top like the other did (for me with such a bad wifi, it was kinda difficult to read sometimes). Glad that the three of us are all on the same wavelenght then hehe~
        Oh, don’t mention it 🙂 I like reading these reports and I’m glad it gives you energy♡ I started to feel like it might (have) become a nuisance, I don’t know why! XD


      • Nuisance?! You have no idea how much it makes me happy!! I’m really grateful and even thinking about the time you spend reading and then commenting on these reports gives me a loooot of energy!! XD いつもありがとう!


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