Kumejima, Okinawa (2)

Hello everyone!!

Ready to continue from where we left last time?!

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[10-12-00]

Tamaki san was walking on the beach in Kumejima…


第17回 沖縄県・久米島[10-12-19]


Tamaki san gets close and greets the two men.

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[10-15-42]

Then he asks them if Kumejima is famous for breeding Horses.

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[10-12-28]

The man (Inoue san) explains that these horses are tinier compared to the normal horses. They are called zairaishu. And he also says that the residents of the island, used horses for transportation in the old days. instead of cars or Tractors. So it was a common thing for every family to have at least one horse.

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[10-17-18]

Tamaki san gets closer to one of the horses and says that he is making a very kind face…

But Inoue san says that he likes pulling pranks on people XD

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[10-18-27]

Then Inoue san says their names…

the one on his left side is called Beckham!!

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[10-18-41]

and the one on the right is kukuru which is the word for “Heart” in Kumejima!

OK… let’s have a ride with Beckham on the beach!! XD

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[10-20-58]

Inoue san gets on Kukuru and Tamaki san goes for Beckham!

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[10-21-52]

The other young man wants to help him get on but Tamaki san tells him not to worry, he can ride…

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[10-24-47]

the young man becomes confused and maybe worried…

hehehehe but Tamaki san knows how to ride a horse…

he gets on and while the young man is still looking at him with a worried face,

he simply starts riding with Beckham.

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[10-24-58]

Inoue san asks him how it feels like and he says that it’s a little bit different since they are tinier…

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[10-25-16]

but he is walking strongly and with courage…

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[10-25-49]

Beckham keeps moving his head up and down and he is not familiar with the stranger riding on his back…

but Tamaki san doesn’t do anything and lets him get used to him ^^

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[10-29-06]

And it happens in a short time… they start walking together in peace after a few moments…

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[10-32-44]

Then as they ride on the beach, Tamaki san and Inoue san keep talking about the value of the horses every household owned in the old days. The ones who had the better horses in their house, were of course the ones who had better jobs and social positions.

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[10-31-20]

Beckham is relax already… walking softly and gently XD

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[10-32-47]

Inoue san is surprised and asks Tamaki san if he has been taking horse riding lessons for a long time, but Tamaki san says that he has only had a short-time practice session… Inoue san is amazed but Tamaki san tells him that he may be able to ride the horse now, but he actually had a hard time getting used to it in the beginning.

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[10-34-53]

The tough and long hours of practice, even caused him some injuries XD Fans may know about this story… at a certain time during his practices, he even had bleeding accidents XD

Hmmm but we all know… he can ride the horse with no problem at all!!

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[10-41-21]

After a nice ride around the beach, Tamaki san stops Beckham and pats on his neck, while praising him.

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[10-42-31]

hehehe this is something only people who know how to ride a horse do!

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[10-42-42]

It’s time to go now…

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[10-44-56]

he comes down and hands the rope to Inoue san.

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[10-46-30]

Tamaki san says that Beckham is VERY clever!! He is  gentle and quiet but he does what he wants to do as well! XD

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[10-46-43]

hehehehe riding on a horse teaches you a lot about it ^^ People who have experienced that, know what I mean! It becomes a world only you and the horse are living in… like a strange battle XD

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[10-46-51]

Thank God Tamaki san was experienced and did a great job… they simply became friends XD

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[10-50-39]

While Tamaki san is bending over Beckham’s face and keeps petting him softly, Inoue san tells him that the skin around his nose and his mouth is very soft…

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[10-51-42]

Tamaki san goes for it and somehow becomes react to that and moves his lips XD

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[10-57-09]

It’s not food… don’t eat his fingers please!!! XD

Going back to the road again….

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[10-58-08]

Tamaki san finds an old man working on a field…

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[10-58-15]

he gets close and greets him, then asks him what he is doing!

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[11-13-34]

He answers “Satoukibi” which is a kind of Sugarcane being produced in this area.

Then he lets us know that they have a tiny company here,

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[11-17-55]

producing Kokutou (muscovado) from the satoukibi!

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[11-17-43]

Tamaki san is interested and asks him if he would let us take a look inside,

and luckily, he says it’s alright and invites him in!

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[11-22-37]

Tamaki san gets inside the field to cross and get to the company’s main building!

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[11-26-46]

The old man (Gima san) takes us to the backyard of the company.

The sign is cute as well XD

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[11-27-04]

Now they are going to show us how to make juice from the satoukibi!

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[11-29-04]

Gima san’s daughter, Kazumi san, will help Tamaki san with that! XD

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[11-29-48]

They have to put the stem in between the two rolling plattens,

and Tamaki san has to push the handle and spin it,

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[11-36-54]

so that the juice gets out from the stem!!

A REAL manual system you can say XD

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[11-37-33]

Tamaki san gets ready and starts spinning the handle.

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[11-41-50]

Kazumi san tells him that he shouldn’t spin it so fast,

or the juice will jump out and get wasted.

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[11-42-02]

The juice starts coming out…

It has a mild yellow color. 100% Natural XD

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[11-44-03]

Keep spinning the handle. Tamaki san is amazed by the amount of the

juice coming out from one single stem…

While everyone’s busy with the Juice producing and talking about it…

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[11-46-18]

suddenly Tamaki san looks at the face of the lady holding the cup in her hand…

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[11-46-54]

hehehe! We cannot see it from where the camera is,

but seems like the juice splashed out and jumped on her face XD

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[11-49-25]

Tamaki san and Kazumi san both laugh and ask her if she is alright XD

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[11-49-39]

It’s OK! It’s natural juice ^^

Now they ask Tamaki san to try the Satoukibi Juice!

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[11-51-19]

As always, Tamaki san tries smelling it before drinking…

But somehow he makes this amazing face! XD

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[11-51-26]

They tell him that the smell may not be that great since it’s raw ingredient.

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[12-26-33]

Then he goes for it!

“It’s sweet!!” he says!

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[12-27-08]

A very old and traditional kind of juice, 100% natural but sweet!

Then Tamaki san enters the building and takes a look at the

process of making the Kokutou!

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[12-27-33]

Gima san explains that they simmer the Satoukibi juice here in this pot.

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[12-31-03]

Only 300 liters of juice can be produced from 500 kilos of Satoukibi!!

It’s a tough job!

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[12-31-15]

Gima san then passes him a cup of the Syrup they make which is called Saataa yu!

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[12-40-01]

Tamaki san tries drinking some…

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[12-43-06]

“Uwaaa it’s very strong!” XD He says!!

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[12-43-25]

Looking at his face, you can tell that it’s strong and sweet!

Gima san says that it’s almost like honey,

and they use it to make Mochi or Castella as well!

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[12-43-56]

Then Tamaki san keeps the cup in front of the camera,

so that we can see the color of the syrup.

It’s the natural taste… nothing like sugar is added of course.

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[12-54-04]

Tamaki san drinks some more and makes the same face XD

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[12-46-00]

They keep simmering the Satoukibi juice for almost 5 hours.

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[12-54-22]

The color and the shape of the syrup changes, and becomes sticky and strong.

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[12-55-10]

Then they move it to another pot and let it cool down a little bit…

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[12-55-50]

Tamaki san starts taking photos!

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[12-59-08]

All made by hand and traditional…

he always enjoys that!

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[12-59-27]

Kazumi sa starts mixing the syrup with a long stick.

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[13-01-04]

Gima san says that this is the most stressful step of the process…

but despite that… Kzaumi san asks Tamaki san if he wants to try helping them!

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[13-09-23]

So she hands him the stick and asks him to mix the syrup just like she did.

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[13-11-22]

He is serious XD Working like everyone else!!

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[13-11-39]

After the mixing job is done,

the have to put the syrup into a bigger space,

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[13-15-10]

and spread it around to cool down a little bit.

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[13-15-24]

Then after that, they cut them into small pieces.

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[13-15-38]

They have to do this really fast since it will be hardened in a very short time!

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[13-15-51]

The cutting as well, is of course done by hand!!

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[13-15-56]

Tamaki san is amazed and says that it must be hard

since the syrup is already hardened.

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[13-16-06]

He says that the way they do it traditionally and all by hand,

is great and the most important thing about the process! But of course…

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[13-16-14]

it mus be tough for the person who is actually doing it ^^

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[13-19-24]

Tamaki san says that this was his first time watching this process,

and he was quite surprised!!

And also says that he thinks the workshop has a very warm atmosphere,

being concerned about doing everything by hand…

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[13-25-15]

There are customers who wait for this product while knowing how hard

the process of making the kokutou by hand is.

It’s because of their passion and support,

that a tough job like this can be done by people like Gima san and his family.

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[13-25-34]

Leaving the kokutou factory behind,

Tamaki san gets back on the road and this time…

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[13-26-30]

walks into the wild nature of Kumejima!

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[13-33-51]

A unique Limestone cave in the heart of the mountain…

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[13-34-58]


Almost never been changed by the hands of the human beings.

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[13-35-55]

Wild and mysterious XD

Tamaki san enters the cave…

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[13-36-56]

It’s pitch black inside, no lights of course!

He takes out his light and use it to see the path he is walking!

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[13-37-18]

It is a little bit scary… Anything unexpected can get out any minute XD

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[13-38-24]

But the expression on Tamaki san’s face is a proof that he is enjoying this!

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[13-48-44]

“Round-shaped or sharp stones…

even the colors are different!

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[13-48-56]

It’s like the whole universe has been turned upside down…

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[13-50-28]

It may be a beautiful view if you look at this all upside down!”

Tamaki san says while walking in the cave.

It’s amazing… the many many drops of water on the surface of the stone…

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[13-49-08]

Showing how much water is actually absorbed into them!

He finds a stone with details looking like a chandelier…XD

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[13-50-52]

Then he finds sparkling dots on another stone…

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[13-52-58]

What could this be… he is wondering!

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[13-53-14]

Seems like the sparkling dots are because of

the many Crystals made by the Calcium carbonate,

existing inside the texture of the stone.

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[13-57-12]

Wondering around again…

he bceomes interested in the shape of another stone,

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[13-57-25]

and puts the light on it while saying the the stone is still changing

shape and growing bigger!

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[13-57-39]

Then he takes out his camera and take a photo with his left hand,

while keeping the light up with his right hand!

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[13-59-56]


Then he says that being here,

somehow makes you feel like you are inside the sea water…

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[14-00-57]

The landscape here looks similar to what you can find under the sea!!

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[14-03-54]

After walking all the way through the 800 meters long cave…

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[14-04-13]

Finally it becomes bright again!

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[14-04-29]

A very beautiful place!! Covered with plants and huge trees.

Without wasting a second,

Tamaki san takes out his camera and starts taking photos.

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[14-23-59]

“Looking at this huge scale and see how different it is

comparing it to what we can find in the main island (of Japan), 

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[14-24-02]

The beauty of the nature…

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[14-27-32]

Sometimes it’s just hard to describe it with words…

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[14-27-40]

that’s why you will just keep staring at it,

and can’t take your eyes off!

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[14-29-16]

It’s a mystery after all…”

Tamaki san says.

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[14-32-32]

It is decided!!

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[14-32-28]

The beautiful and mysterious cave of Yajaagama

and this beautiful scenery…

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[14-32-41]

will be chosen as the

kokoro no hikyo #15

by Tamaki Hiroshi ヽ(・∀・)ノ

As he continues:

“A light up would be beautiful of course…

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[16-33-07]

but keeping it with the original shape,

just the way it is…

can also be appealing I believe!”


Totally agree!!

And another journey in Japan with Tamaki Hiroshi comes to an end!

Hope you could enjoy it as much as I did ^^

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[14-39-38]

And here’s Tamaki san’s best shot in Kumejima:

第17回 沖縄県・久米島[14-39-28]

Thank you so much for reading the report until the end!!

As for the next trip,

Tamaki san will be visiting the Kerama islands in Okinawa prefecture!

Many things to look forward to…


第18回 慶良間諸島[16-38-22]

New places to discover…

第18回 慶良間諸島[16-37-43]


Diving?!? XD

第18回 慶良間諸島[16-38-43]

Wondering in the underwater world with Tamaki Hiroshi!! ヽ(*^^*)ノ


See you soon!!

( ´・ω・`)ノ~バイバイ

(End of part 2)



is being aired on BS Asahi,

Every Thursday at 23:00

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8 thoughts on “Kumejima, Okinawa (2)

  1. Love the encounter with the horses. Didn’t Tamaki ride one in Taira no Kiyomori? I vaguely remember an early scene of him on a horse… or maybe not. Anyway, he looked like a pro riding Beckham! And totally agree the cave and scenery of Yajaagama are fantastic. I’m so glad Tamaki gets to do all these awesome things while on these journeys. I wonder how long this programme will continue?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes he did ^^ He had many scenes riding on Yoshitomo’s horse. He had a tough time with his long hours of practice back then. And he is good with animals in general (Except for cats!!!) About the show, hmmm I don’t really know but it’s gonna be one year soon … I really don’t want it to end!! Want it to go on forever ^^ But I know it’s impossible… so just hope the quality stays as good as it is now until the very last episode.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww Tamaki doesn’t like neko-chan? 😦 But they’re so adorable! He should ask me for tips on how to get along better with neko-chan XD And wow, it’s going to be a year… that’s a long time for a programme to be going on (given how TV shows don’t always last). But I’m glad it’s still going strong, and I too hope it keeps going, since it’s such an excellent show!


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