Kerama Islands, Okinawa (1)

Another amazing journey in the beautiful Okinawa prefecture!!

第18回 慶良間諸島[09-22-23]

This time Tamaki san and his team will be visiting the “Kerama Islands”.

第18回 慶良間諸島[09-22-44]

From the Okinawa mainland, it will take about 50 minutes to go to zamamijima (which is considered to be the center of this group of islands).

第18回 慶良間諸島[09-30-19]

Tamaki san is heading there on a boat (^ε^)-☆ enjoying the warm rays of sunshine…

第18回 慶良間諸島[09-30-50]

or maybe not?! XD

第18回 慶良間諸島[09-36-06]


anyway, let’s see what’s waiting for him in this beautiful land!

Zamamijima only has a population of 600! Tiny but huge at the same time…

第18回 慶良間諸島[09-36-13]

Tamaki san gets off the boat and starts walking on the harbor.

第18回 慶良間諸島[09-37-27]

“It’s quiet and nice!” he says.

The island will get really crowded thanks to the tourists coming here during a special time of the year, but right now, it’s really quiet.

While walking… Tamaki san notices a shop with signboards saying “Sakanaget” Sakana means fish in Japanese and get is borrowed from English!

第18回 慶良間諸島[09-39-33]

But what does this mean? After saying it a few times Tamaki san says: “Maybe it’s referring to Chicken nuggets?” 

第18回 慶良間諸島[09-43-48]

As he becomes interested in the naming, he decides to take a look inside! He enters the shop and says hello.

第18回 慶良間諸島[09-43-52]

A young man comes to greet him…

第18回 慶良間諸島[09-46-22]

and then Tamaki san asks him about the Sakanaget and if it’s the same as Chicken nugget XD And well… he was right!! It’s the same!!

第18回 慶良間諸島[09-48-25]

They fry minced fish to make the nuggets. He also explains about the fish they use. Shiira or Dolphinfish and Seiika.

第18回 慶良間諸島[09-49-48]

after hearing the explanation, Tamaki san asks the young man which one of their products is the most popular XD

第18回 慶良間諸島[09-54-46]

and he answers “Kaisen sausage”!

第18回 慶良間諸島[09-56-05]

The ingredients are the same as the nuggets, but they make it in the shape of a sausage.

第18回 慶良間諸島[09-56-13]

So Tamaki san asks him for one sausage and pays him the money ^^

第18回 慶良間諸島[09-58-01]

He starts eating right there and says that it has a nostalgic taste…

第18回 慶良間諸島[09-58-56]

then he adds:“Well… tastes like meat sausage perhaps!” hehehehehe XD

第18回 慶良間諸島[09-59-36]

The young man also says that they use the skin of Ika to cover the minced fish and make it more like a real sausage!

第18回 慶良間諸島[10-01-54]

Tamaki san says that you can enjoy the texture as well and it’s not just made of soft minced fish, and that makes it delicious.

第18回 慶良間諸島[10-05-22]

Leaving the shop and walking in the silent streets of the town again…

第18回 慶良間諸島[10-10-50]

Tamaki san finds a board saying: “Sightseeing Map”…

第18回 慶良間諸島[10-12-34]

But as he gets close and takes a better look at at it… (^_^;)

第18回 慶良間諸島[10-12-43]

“There is no map here!!” Tamaki san says with a disappointed face XD

第18回 慶良間諸島[10-12-51]

Then he says: “Maybe nothing good enough to put here…” That’s cruel!!! >__<

第18回 慶良間諸島[10-15-16]

But then he adds immediately: “No it cannot be like that!”

第18回 慶良間諸島[10-16-20]

Saying what he thinks right away!! hehehehehe well that’s a good thing if you ask me!

So he keeps walking again….

第18回 慶良間諸島[10-57-58]

He says that the island has a sense of Okinawa’s atmosphere of course, but in a way…

第18回 慶良間諸島[10-58-11]

it is a little bit different from Naha (The mainland) and it has it’s own unique atmosphere somehow.

第18回 慶良間諸島[10-59-47]

While walking, he notices a sign saying: “Entrance ceremony”

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-01-11]

…seems like today is the day of the ceremony!

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-00-56]

Kindergarten, Elementary, and Junior high!

Not so far from the school…

Tamaki san meets a father and daughter walking hand in hand…

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-06-32]

He says hello!

And then asks them if they are by any chance, planning to attend the school entrance ceremony…

and yes he was right!! It’s this cute girl’s first day in kindergarten ^^

So Tamaki san smiles at her and says: “Congratulations!” 

The girl raises her hand and says: “Congratulations!”

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-06-51]


Tamaki san and everyone else laugh and she becomes embaressed XD

Too young to know how to respond to that word I guess XD

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-10-57]

Then her mother who was walking behind them arrives and says hello!

Tamaki san greets her and then asks her how many kids are going to attend today’s ceremony

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-11-09]

and she replies 12!

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-12-08]

Tamaki san uses the chance and asks them if they are born and raised here, but seems like both are from other areas of Japan (Father: Hiroshima, Mother: Yamaguchi). They explain that they moved here because of the father’s job 7 years ago. And she has an older brother as well ^^

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-13-18]

Somehow the little girl looks annoyed…

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-14-36]

she wants to go to school…

not interested in the shooting team and our traveler at first XD

So she just pulls his father’s hand without saying a word but she probably means “Let him be… I’m gonna be late!!”

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-15-59]


As the daughter is not willing to stand still… they keep talking while walking toward the school building!

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-18-12]

On the way, Tamaki san asks the father about his job and while he is explaining, somehow the little girl stops walking and Tamaki san looks at her to see what’s wrong XD

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-18-24]

She wants to fix her hair but she can’t and asks her mother to do it for her with an annoyed face!!! ahahahahahaha so cute!!

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-22-38]

The father is a professional instructor for Marine sports and guides the tourists visiting the island.

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-22-56]

He says that the water of the sea around the island is very clear and clean. Tamaki san says that he is actually planning to try diving in the water after this (≧∇≦)

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-23-27]

As they arrive, Tamaki san stops, looks at the little girl with a super kind smile and says: “Here we are!”

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-25-42]

While they are saying goodbye and he is thanking the parents, she pulls her mother’s hand again XD

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-26-01]

And then as they are about to enter the gate… right when I thought she is not interested in him at all… she slows down, looks toward him, smiles and waves her hand saying “bai bai!” XD

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-26-21]

And Tamaki san says goodbye with the sweetest tone in his voice and waves his hand for her. As they enter the school yard, Tamaki san gets close to the gate and keeps looking at their back…

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-26-38]

somehow this moment is very real and warm…

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-26-57]

The camera gets close to his face but unlike other times, he really doesn’t notice it and when turns back this way, he almost hits the camera!!

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-32-35]

Then the expression on his face makes you wonder what he is thinking about at the moment… ^^

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-32-51]

Hope someday, he can send his own daughter (Or maybe his son) to a kindergarten like this.

After taking another look inside and smiling at the family…

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-36-20]

he starts walking on the road again…

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-36-44]

On the way, he says that he was actually expecting less than 12 kids to attend the ceremony. But as the father said right now, there are people who come here for work and of course they bring their kids with them to the island.

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-39-03]

Tamaki san keeps walking…

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-39-14]

Next to the kindergarten, there is also an elementary and a junior high school…

Somehow… the kids in the school building notice the shooting team and start making some noise…

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-39-33]

but then they notice the famous actor walking with them XD and suddenly start screaming and yelling XD hehehehehe Tamaki san can’t stop himself from laughing…

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-45-59]

They get closer to the school building and then enter the yard from the back and meet up with the kids almost getting out of the windows!! XD

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-46-22]

They still can’t believe this is the real Tamaki Hiroshi standing in front of them…

Then Tamaki san asks them if they don’t have lessons right now and they say that it’s their break time.

Tamaki san: “Junior high?”

The kids: “Yes!”

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-46-05]

Tamaki san: “What year?!”

The kids: “2nd year!!”

Tamaki san: “How many students are there in 2nd year?”

The kids: “11!”

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-46-16]

Then he gets closer and shakes hands with the kids!

hahahaha they are so excited!! Amazingly, the boys are even more excited!!

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-51-49]

As he gets close and shake the hand of one of the boys…

he looks away and yells out “Yeaaaaah!”

hehehe maybe he was embarrassed and excited at the same time!

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-52-06]

Tamaki san laughs kindly at their pure reactions…

Then while shaking their hands, he asks: “Are you all born and raised here?” and they say yes!

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-53-27]

It’s funny the way the boys keep their hands up after shaking and look at them XD

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-55-20]

The girls are even cuter >__<

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-55-27]

They jump and have the brightest smiles on their lovely faces ^^

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-55-35]

Then one of the boys says to his friend: “Shoot! Now I can’t take baths anymore!!” 

ahahahahahaha!!! XD

Tamaki san hears him say that from the back of his head and laughs without turning his head and says: “Take baths properly!” 

第18回 慶良間諸島[12-02-20]

hehehe never imagined Tamaki Hiroshi who hates taking baths, say something like this XD

Then after the hand shaking session is over XD He confirms with them that they have kindergarten, elementary, and junior high all in the same place…

第18回 慶良間諸島[12-07-40]

then the same boy who couldn’t take baths (Still holding his right hand up in the air!!) XD says: “Don’t cut this part when you show it on TV, OK?”

第18回 慶良間諸島[12-14-12]


Tamaki san laughs and says with a serious face: “I don’t know! We may cut it you know!” and then they all laugh! 

第18回 慶良間諸島[12-14-22]

hehehehehe don’t tease him XD Thank God there was no need to cut this part!! It’s super cute XD

第18回 慶良間諸島[12-14-57]

After all the excitement in the school’s backyard…

Tamaki san says goodbye, and says “Good luck!” while waving his hand for them.

第18回 慶良間諸島[12-15-05]

Getting a lot of energy from the kids, Tamaki san gets back on the road.

第18回 慶良間諸島[12-15-23]

He takes the same road he came and goes back to the harbor.

第18回 慶良間諸島[12-17-59]

Standing close to the water and looking down at the sea,

第18回 慶良間諸島[12-19-34]

Tamaki san says that just looking at this spot give you a clear idea of how transparent the water is here!

第18回 慶良間諸島[12-24-01]

Bluish crystal clear waters!

第18回 慶良間諸島[12-24-11]

“Feels good!” he says!

Looking at the distance, an Uninhabited island is appearing right in front of his eyes!!

第18回 慶良間諸島[12-24-43]

“An Uninhabited island has a charm that makes it interesting somehow. Of course tourists may go there for sightseeing, but it’s still a place where human beings had not reached out their hands for it completely…

第18回 慶良間諸島[12-24-56]

so can’t stop thinking about the chances of discovering new things over there…”

he says.

第18回 慶良間諸島[12-33-53]

So why not visiting the island?!

It’s called “Agenashiku island” and Tamaki san is going to have a visit to the place!

第18回 慶良間諸島[12-35-51]

But if he wants to go there, he needs a boat! So they go to the port again…

第18回 慶良間諸島[12-38-18]

Tamaki san greets the man (Miyahira san) on one of the boats in the port and talks to him about the uninhabited island…

第18回 慶良間諸島[12-39-06]

and then asks him if he can take them there with his boat!

第18回 慶良間諸島[12-42-10]

Miyahira san agrees and invites them to get inside the boat…

Then somehow Tamaki san says:

“By the way… I have the license to ride a boat… so will you let me drive?” XD

第18回 慶良間諸島[12-42-30]

I love the cute way he asks that question XD Of course Miyahira san agrees!

Tamaki san and the shooting team get inside the boat…

第18回 慶良間諸島[12-45-08]

and as soon as the boat starts to move,

Miyahira san asks him to take control of the handle and they change places!

第18回 慶良間諸島[12-45-14]

And here he goes!!

第18回 慶良間諸島[12-45-21]

His has a super bright smile on his face…

第18回 慶良間諸島[12-48-52]

Even the show’s narrator says that this expression on his face makes him look like a young boy ♡

第18回 慶良間諸島[12-47-59]

When they get close to the island, Tamaki san changes places with Miyahira san again.

第18回 慶良間諸島[13-06-34]

It’s not easy to anchor by the beach unless you are doing it everyday!

第18回 慶良間諸島[14-03-19]

hehehe what’s with that face?! You will do it next time XD

Finally arriving at the beach… Miyahira san stops the boat,

第18回 慶良間諸島[14-03-48]

and Tamaki san gets off and starts walking on the beach!

第18回 慶良間諸島[14-04-01]

White sand shining strongly…

the clear sky and the clean water!!

第18回 慶良間諸島[14-04-08]

“The nature just as it is…”

He says…

第18回 慶良間諸島[14-04-40]

then starts walking by the seaside…

第18回 慶良間諸島[14-05-07]

“Although it’s a tiny country (Japan),

it has plenty of natural environments all around it!”

As he is walking on the beach,

the waves become stronger and reach his feet…

第18回 慶良間諸島[14-08-23]

Of course he doesn’t run away from them…

instead, he stops walking and let the water wash his feet while saying:

“It’s still pretty cold as expected!”

第18回 慶良間諸島[14-40-29]

That’s Tamaki Hiroshi XD

第18回 慶良間諸島[14-41-08]

Then he sets up his camera and starts taking photos!

第18回 慶良間諸島[14-41-12]

Actually he takes a lovely photo here that I will show you in the end of the report!

第18回 慶良間諸島[14-41-21]

He starts walking again…

第18回 慶良間諸島[14-41-35]

Then stops, turns around and looks at the rocks!

第18回 慶良間諸島[14-44-40]

Says that it feels like he is not in Japan anymore!!

第18回 慶良間諸島[14-44-49]

Walks more and goes further away…

第18回 慶良間諸島[14-45-43]

Then stops again and looks back at the rocks from this side..

第18回 慶良間諸島[14-45-55]

He says that the shapes of the rocks are amazing!

第18回 慶良間諸島[14-47-41]

The stones on the lower parts are thin while

the ones on the top look like blocks!

He has a satisfied expression on his face…

第18回 慶良間諸島[14-47-48]

and says that it makes you wanna think of nothing at all

and spend your time spacing out here!! XD

第18回 慶良間諸島[14-47-57]

Also says that he wants to spend a whole day here on the island!

第18回 慶良間諸島[14-50-10]

Becoming a young boy again and running to the top of the cliff XD

第18回 慶良間諸島[14-51-24]

And the poor camera man following him around with his camera (^_^;)

第18回 慶良間諸島[14-52-00]

Then standing on top of the cliff,

第18回 慶良間諸島[14-52-28]

and staring at the blue ocean in silence for a few seconds!

第18回 慶良間諸島[14-52-35]

Then he says that this feels like having your own private beach!

第18回 慶良間諸島[14-52-46]

“It looks tiny when you look at it from a distance,

but when you are actually standing here on it… it’s quite huge!!

第18回 慶良間諸島[14-57-40]

I hope it stays as it is…

hope they don’t put anything artificial here!”
Says while laughing.

第18回 慶良間諸島[14-59-25]

Yeah I hope so too! ^^

Sorry but I cannot write more than this for now…

Let’s leave the rest for the next part!

(This time it may be 3 parts instead of two!! Sorry!!)

I’m going back to my country for a month but I will be writing the

Hikyo English reports from there ^^

A lot more to enjoy in Kerama islands…

a really fun episodes in many ways♡

So please stay tuned!

( ´・ω・`)ノ~バイバイ


(End of part 1)

5 thoughts on “Kerama Islands, Okinawa (1)

  1. You bet I will!! This part was so fun to read!! And all his facial expressions ❤ the one he made after the little girl said bye and he kept looking at them made me feel a bit weird (in a good way) exactly for the same reason you commented on…. and the junior high kids? simply lovely! I' happy they didn't cut that part XD
    600 people only, that must be wonderful. I totally agree with Tamaki san ^_^ うわ~ 沖縄って凄いやん!I want to go too 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow!! Thank you for the comment and for reading it carefully like this! I really like many things about this episode and that part with the little girl was absolutely adorable!! I really feel the urge to go to those islands as soon as I can XD Must be fun!!


  2. Hehehe I do understand what you mean and the fact that you know that I really do makes me smile LOL So I hope you get to go there soon XD the part with the little girl struck me even just by reading it…. if I was to hear his tender voice, I’d pass out I’m sure 😛
    Sorry it took time to read the latest entries, but I’m so glad I read them all today hehehe

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my, I don’t know he doesn’t like to take bath! Oh why?? Hehehe… 😆😆 I kinda feel sorry for him during the moment at the kindergarten entrance. I’m sure he must thought that “isn’t it nice if I could do the same thing…”


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