Kerama Islands, Okinawa (2)

Hello everyone and forgive me for my absence!!

Remember the last spot Tamaki san visited?!?

第18回 慶良間諸島[04-40-07]

A nice, relaxing, short stop in an uninhabited island called “Agenashiku island”.

第18回 慶良間諸島[04-46-18]

After that, he gets on the boat again and heads toward another island called “Akajima” with the population of 300 people.

第18回 慶良間諸島[04-49-09]

And once again, Captain Tamaki is the one riding the boat XD

Miyahira san (The owner of the boat) is looking at his moves carefully and giving him tips all the time…

第18回 慶良間諸島[04-49-17]

then he says: “You are doing it with no problem at all!!”

Tamaki san laughs and says: “Really? It’s because the road is wide!!”

第18回 慶良間諸島[04-49-26]

hehehehe! They both laugh but Miyahira san says:

“You can become a fisherman in one week!!”

第18回 慶良間諸島[04-52-44]

hahaha!! Tamaki san laughs out loud this time!!

第18回 慶良間諸島[04-56-48]

I totally agree with Miyahira san on that… XD

Then Tamaki san says that it must be fun having a lifestyle like that…

第18回 慶良間諸島[04-59-18]

Then he asks Miyahira san if there are many people coming to live in this area,

with the same idea in their minds…

And Miyahira san says yes!

第18回 慶良間諸島[04-59-31]

As they keep moving forward,

the Aka Bridge, which connects the two islands of Akajima and Gerumajima,

appears in front of their eyes!

第18回 慶良間諸島[05-20-55]

Tamaki san gets off the boat and starts walking in the silent streets of the island…

第18回 慶良間諸島[05-26-13]

Then he enters a small place in which they make handmade Tofu!

第18回 慶良間諸島[05-25-48]

He walks toward the building and says hello!

第18回 慶良間諸島[05-27-43]

There is a lady inside the building, greeting him from where she is…

第18回 慶良間諸島[05-30-21]

then as he gets closer,

第18回 慶良間諸島[05-30-28]

Another lady sitting behind another wall (Almost hiding) becomes surprised

and yells: “Tamaki Hiroshi san!”

第18回 慶良間諸島[05-32-23]

The lady inside the building also becomes surprised and tries to hide her smile with her hand

She says hello and he greets her back XD

第18回 慶良間諸島[05-33-41]

Then Tamaki san tries to read the handwritten sign on the wall…

It’s the price list of the Tofu being sold in the shop…

第18回 慶良間諸島[05-33-27]

And the title says “Takeko Dofu”

Tamaki san asks her if this is her name and the lady (Takeko san)

says yes, with a cute, embarrassed expression on her face XD

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-24-31]

Tamaki san keeps reading the list:

“Shima doufu and Yushi doufu… “

Then he asks Takeko san about the characteristic of the Shima doufu,

第18回 慶良間諸島[05-47-58]

and she says that the texture is harder than the normal Tofu,

and she uses the natural seawater as the nigari in the tofu making process!

第18回 慶良間諸島[05-30-33]

Then Tamaki san asks her about the other type in the list, Yushi doufu.

And Takeko san explains that it is the shape of the tofu before it becomes hard.

第18回 慶良間諸島[05-48-03]

Then as the two of them are talking about Takeko san’s tofu,

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-26-09]

the lady who was sitting behind the wall says that Takeko san’s tofu

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-27-47]

is really delicious if it’s eaten with some olive oil and salt and pepper.

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-28-14]

hehehehe… she keeps talking about how tasty it is…

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-30-57]

and then Tamaki san turns his head toward where Takeko san is

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-28-37]

and in a way she can hear his voice, he says: “I would love to try that… “

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-28-40]

ahahahaha!! The other lady then continues explaining how

great the taste of the freshly made tofu is…

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-34-20]

and Tamaki san’s eyes sparkles even more XD

Then the lady says with a surprised tone in her voice:
“Haven’t you ever tried it?”

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-36-58]

Wonder if she means Takeko san’s Shima doufu…

Tamaki san says: “No I haven’t!!”

and then he says in a very cute way: “It’s my first time here…”

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-37-07]

Then the lady calls out Takeko san and asks her if she has some freshly made tofu for him…

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-38-05]

Tamaki san walks toward the door of her workshop again and you can see that

Takeko san is running around in a nervous way XD

Then Tamaki san asks him if he can get in,

and of course she welcomes him with her smile.

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-41-09]

Then she washes a small bowl with water,

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-41-24]

fills it with some Yushi doufu,

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-41-32]

and hands it to him.

Takeko san’s bright smile is adorable!

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-41-37]

Tamaki san takes the bowl and says that he can tell the texture of the tofu

is harder than usual, just by moving them around the bowl with his spoon.

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-41-43]

Then he tries some…

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-44-10]

He says that he can actually taste the sea water and the salty flavor in the tofu.

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-44-27]

His eyebrows are jumping up again and he is enjoying it!

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-46-36]

Then Takeko san asks him if he thinks that this tofu is different

compared to the ones he has had before,

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-47-49]

After thinking for a few seconds,

he says that the ones he usually eats,

are the type of tofu which will melt in the mouth right after you eat them.

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-48-02]

But with Takeko san’s tofu, you actually have to chew it in your mouth,

before swallowing it! XD

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-49-49]

Then after eating one more spoon, he says: “Delicious!”

第18回 慶良間諸島[07-00-49]

 Next, it’s time to try the shima doufu.

Takeko san asks Tamaki san if he’s alright without a plate,

and Tamaki san replies: “Of course, of course!” XD

第18回 慶良間諸島[05-30-39]

So she cuts a slice of tofu and hands it to him.

第18回 慶良間諸島[05-32-16]

Eating freshly made tofu with hands!! Couldn’t get any better!!

第18回 慶良間諸島[05-32-36]

But holding it for a few seconds in his hands, Tamaki san says:
“It’s hot!!!” hehehe and moves the tofu up and down in his hands!

第18回 慶良間諸島[05-33-57]

Takeko san laughs and says that it’s not that hot but Tamaki san insists on his words,

and says that it’s hotter than what he has imagined XD

Acting like a young boy nagging to his mother >__<

第18回 慶良間諸島[05-34-11]

Then he goes for a bite!

“hmmm… Delicious!…

第18回 慶良間諸島[05-36-50]

it’s different as expected.” he says.

第18回 慶良間諸島[05-37-50]

Another bite…

第18回 慶良間諸島[05-37-57]

And Takeko san’s super happy expression XD

第18回 慶良間諸島[05-38-55]

looking at him eating her tofu with great appetite!

Then she says that her products are as simple as they can see…

第18回 慶良間諸島[05-40-31]

But Tamaki san gives her a cute smile and says that it’s great as it is! XD

第18回 慶良間諸島[05-40-47]

Then another bite and keeps eating the tofu with joy,

第18回 慶良間諸島[05-40-53]

as if he is eating a very delicious hamburger!!

第18回 慶良間諸島[05-43-08]

Then they have a little chat about the importance of tofu in Okinawa,

and how it is used in many Okinawan meals.

第18回 慶良間諸島[05-44-44]

Then Tamaki san says:
“You never get tired of eating tofu!”

第18回 慶良間諸島[05-45-26]
Then while Takeko san is looking at him with a bright smile on her face, he continues:

“I really love it…

第18回 慶良間諸島[05-47-41]

So… I’m happy I got to try Takeko san’s Tofu like this…”

第18回 慶良間諸島[05-47-45]

Then they both have the nicest smiles and Tamaki san says: “Thank you!”

第18回 慶良間諸島[05-47-52]

(≧∇≦*) Takeko san is embarrassed

第18回 慶良間諸島[05-47-55]

but very happy I guess!

第18回 慶良間諸島[05-51-34]

Takeko san’s tofu is very popular in the island,

she does all the work by herself…

During the summer, she has to wake up at 3 am and start the work!

第18回 慶良間諸島[05-51-54]

A tough job and a lovely lady! I really liked her smile ^^

After enjoying the tofu,

Tamaki san gets back on the road and crosses the Geruma bridge.

第18回 慶良間諸島[07-03-27]

Walking on the bridge, he finds a school building right next to the shore!

第18回 慶良間諸島[07-07-36]

Tamaki san is amazed by the position of this school…

第18回 慶良間諸島[07-07-48]
Right next to the blue ocean…

hearing the sounds of waves crashing on the beach while you are at school!

第18回 慶良間諸島[07-14-02]

Then he starts walking in a narrow road heading to the school gate,

wondering if this is the road the students have to walk everyday.

第18回 慶良間諸島[07-21-09]

As he gets closer,

the sound of the school bell ringing surprises him!

第18回 慶良間諸島[07-22-40]

There’s a lady cleaning up with a broom in her hand!

第18回 慶良間諸島[07-27-07]

Tamaki san greets her and asks her if they can get inside…

第18回 慶良間諸島[07-25-13]

She says that the kids are having their lunch break and

Tamaki san promises not to bother the students and then gets inside.

第18回 慶良間諸島[07-27-22]

As he gets in, he notices a series of cute and colorful paintings on the walls…

第18回 慶良間諸島[07-27-33]

Wondering if they are painted by the kids, he looks at them all carefully!

第18回 慶良間諸島[07-29-06]

YES! They were drawn by the kids…

Then among all the swimming fishes and crabs in the paintings…

第18回 慶良間諸島[07-29-29]

somehow he finds a polar bear!!! XD

Wonder what he is doing here in Okinawa…

Tamaki san is interested too… and says that it looks like he doesn’t get along with others.

第18回 慶良間諸島[07-30-47]

Another surprising thing is the Kayaks!

第18回 慶良間諸島[07-37-25]

Not easy to find something like this in any other school

but the Geruma Elementary and Junior High school!!

第18回 慶良間諸島[07-40-48]

Tamaki san walks toward the school’s dining room,

第18回 慶良間諸島[07-41-08]

and as he says hello… you can hear the voice of the excited students inside.

第18回 慶良間諸島[07-44-48]

(hmmm I think I also heard the screaming sound of one of the female teachers XD )

Tamaki san stands there at the door of the dining room and apologizes

for bothering them during their lunch break!

第18回 慶良間諸島[07-44-57]

All the students gather here and eat together.

第18回 慶良間諸島[07-46-30]

He keeps standing there and doesn’t get inside until one of the teachers asks him to come in.

第18回 慶良間諸島[07-47-47]

He takes off his shoes and gets inside in a full energetic mode!

第18回 慶良間諸島[07-47-59]

The kids and the teachers welcome him with an applause and their smiling faces.

第18回 慶良間諸島[07-49-48]

Their teacher says: “You all know him, right?”

hehehe wonder if they do XD

第18回 慶良間諸島[07-50-58]

Tamaki san is as modest as always an introduces himself with his last name.

Once again they clap hands and welcome him!

第18回 慶良間諸島[07-51-42]

Some of the kids are energetic, some are shy and some are naughty XD

第18回 慶良間諸島[07-52-42]

Tamaki san asks how many students they have in the school…

第18回 慶良間諸島[07-54-32]

and one of the kids answers: “14!”

Then Tamaki san says: “The first graders… “

The same boy answers: “1 person!”

第18回 慶良間諸島[08-02-03]

Then Tamaki san continues: “Second graders… “

And the kids answer “1!”

“Third graders… ” he asks, and this time the teacher asks them to raise their hands!

第18回 慶良間諸島[08-03-11]

2 on third grade and 2 on 4th!

And when he asks about the 5th grade… 4 kids raise their hands in the air XD

第18回 慶良間諸島[08-08-44]

And 6th… the boy who was answering before everyone else, raises his hand…

Tamaki san looks at him and says: “Just one!” and then asks the boy: “Feel lonely?” 

And he simply says: “No!”

第18回 慶良間諸島[08-31-27]

hehehehe!! XD Tamaki san and everyone else laugh!

Then he notices that a few number of the students sitting on his right side,

are wearing uniforms!

第18回 慶良間諸島[08-31-49]

When he asks, they tell him that they are in Junior high.

第18回 慶良間諸島[08-33-59]

The two cute girls giggle… XD

第18回 慶良間諸島[08-34-19]

then Tamaki san asks them which year they are,

第18回 慶良間諸島[08-34-24]

one is in her third year

第18回 慶良間諸島[08-35-32]

and the other one is in her first year!

They also have two students coming here from Tokyo!

第18回 慶良間諸島[08-38-01]

As they raise their hands, Tamaki san asks them if their parents are living with them here in the island…

And they say NO!!! They are living here on their own >__<

Tamaki san then asks the boy since when he’s been here,

第18回 慶良間諸島[08-40-10]

and he says April 3rd…
Tamaki san says “It’s been a short time then… “

第18回 慶良間諸島[08-43-07]

then he continues: “But it looks as if you have been here for a very long time!! You are already familiar with the place, right?… Tough guy!!” says with admire in his voice!

第18回 慶良間諸島[08-46-16]

And the boy accepts his compliment while raising his wrists in front of his chest, with a very cute expression!

第18回 慶良間諸島[08-49-20]

As they finish eating, the oldest student in the school goes up and they say their thanks for the delicious food.

第18回 慶良間諸島[08-51-29]

But the young girl says something Tamaki san cannot understand… he becomes confused,

第18回 慶良間諸島[08-51-34]

then asks the girl to let him know what she just said…

第18回 慶良間諸島[08-52-00]

And she says that she just said “Thanks for the food!” in Okinawan language.

And then he asks her to repeat the expression for him…

The girl repeats it once and he doesn’t get it,

第18回 慶良間諸島[08-54-57]

she repeats one more time while laughing and it becomes even harder for him to catch up!

第18回 慶良間諸島[08-55-01]

she repeats it two more times but every time Tamaki san fails to repeat after her…

she keeps laughing in a cute way…

To be honest, I couldn’t catch up either!! XD

Then the boy in the 6th grade, tries to help by repeating for him word by word…

第18回 慶良間諸島[08-56-23]


第18回 慶良間諸島[08-59-21]

The teacher is laughing behind them while Tamaki san is not giving up until he gets the right word XD

The boy repeats more slowly… as if he is teaching an easy word to a younger kid XD

第18回 慶良間諸島[09-01-27]

And finally he can repeat it correctly (^_^;)

第18回 慶良間諸島[09-01-35]

The kids start to clean up and one of the boys who seemed to be the shyest among all,

suddenly looks at Tamaki san and says: “Do you want to play soccer?”

第18回 慶良間諸島[09-05-01]

And without even thinking… Tamaki san answers: “Let’s do it! Do you have PE class next?”

But the kids say that they don’t and they just want to use the remaining time of their break to play soccer.

第18回 慶良間諸島[09-06-36]

OK! Tamaki san tells them that he will be waiting for them outside,

until they can finish the cleaning and join him for a game!

So he leaves the building with the shooting team and walks toward the shore.

第18回 慶良間諸島[09-10-09]

As he is walking in the school yard, he notices the sound of one of the kids giggling behind him.

第18回 慶良間諸島[09-10-37]

The young boy runs beside him, passes by…

第18回 慶良間諸島[09-13-01]

sits on a stone right in front of the camera and poses for us!!

第18回 慶良間諸島[09-13-09]

hehehehe XD Tamaki san laughs!

第18回 慶良間諸島[09-13-12]

Then while pointing to the road behind the bushes, he asks the boy: “Is it OK to get out from here?”

第18回 慶良間諸島[09-17-24]

The boy turns around and says: “It might be… “

第18回 慶良間諸島[09-20-40]


He becomes his guide and walks toward the road…

第18回 慶良間諸島[09-20-47]

Then while putting one of his feet on the brick, he says: “Be careful!” XD

第18回 慶良間諸島[09-22-00]

And Tamaki san immediately says: “I’ll be careful… Jump!”

And the young man jumps and walks into the road while Tamaki san follows him!

As the boy crosses the road and stands in front of the short stone wall,

第18回 慶良間諸島[05-21-04]

he says: “Beautiful, isn’t it?” while looking at the ocean… XD

Then Tamaki san asks him: “Do you take swimming lessons at school?…”

But the boy looks toward the camera and keeps explaining: “Here’s the sea… beautiful, right?”

第18回 慶良間諸島[07-53-46]

Tamaki san keeps talking to him: “Instead of a pool… “

But it seems like the boy cannot hear him and he continues while pointing at something: “And that is… “

第18回 慶良間諸島[05-53-50]

“Are you listening to me?!” Tamaki san stops him!!

hahahahaha!! XD

The boy stops talking and turns his head toward him…

第18回 慶良間諸島[05-54-00]

Then Tamaki san asks him again if they take swimming lessons in the sea instead of a pool.

The boy says yes and then he starts talking again…

and says that his house is right over there where he is pointing at with his finger.

第18回 慶良間諸島[05-58-32]

Tamaki san is surprised and says: “Your house is that close? This way you can’t ditch school, can you?” 

(^_^;) Don’t teach the boy how to ditch school please!!!

第18回 慶良間諸島[05-59-14]

Then while they are talking, they hear someone calling the young boy: “COME BACK HERE!”

第18回 慶良間諸島[05-59-18]

hehehehe XD The senior students are calling for him!

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-01-12]

“Come back here they said!!” Tamaki san says with a funny tone in his voice XD

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-01-20]

The boy starts running back toward the school building and the shooting staff laugh XD

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-04-04]

Tamaki san climbs up the stairs and stands on top of the stone wall.

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-05-14]

He is amazed by the many different shades of the blue he can see in front of himself.

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-05-27]


It’s time to play some soccer!!

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-06-12]

Tamaki san gets inside the field to join the kids, and they send the ball for him!

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-07-04]

He plays with the ball and then passes to one of the kids!

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-07-20]


第18回 慶良間諸島[06-07-37]

As they get serious XD the kids make two teams and start the match!!

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-10-15]

The boy from Tokyo is also in Tamaki san’s team.

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-12-37]

Tamaki san gets close to him and they have a cute high touch as two Tokyo guys teaming up in Okinawa XD

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-12-59]

The match starts but Tamaki san suddenly realizes something and says:
“I can’t tell who’s on which team!!” hehehehe XD

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-14-40]

That’s why as soon as he gets the ball, he yells: “Who’s with me? Who’s with me?”

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-14-48]

hehehehe!! A pass to the Tokyo boy and a great shoot XD

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-14-54]

But he can’t make it to the goal!

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-15-53]

They keep running again… Tamaki san has become serious with no doubt XD

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-16-48]

And when he’s away from the ball. standing there, watching the kids and laughing out loud ^^

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-17-22]

The shy looking boy who invited him to the soccer match is pretty good!

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-18-28]

He goes forward perfectly,

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-18-30]

a good pass to the Tokyo boy,

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-20-15]

and God knows what happens in front of the goal keeper…

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-20-35]

but somehow the ball gets inside and they make a score!!

The kids are happy and their adult teammate is clapping for them while raising his hands up in the air XD

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-24-04]

Tamaki san says that despite being in different grades, it’s obvious that the kids have a close relationship with each other.

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-26-41]

And of course they will grow up like that and they will be connected to each other!

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-26-51]

After the match is over, he shakes hands with all the kids

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-28-19]

and it’s cute how he pats on the shoulder of the Tokyo boy and wishes him Good Luck ^^

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-29-12]

The boy will be a tough man one day XD

Tamaki san gets on the boat again…

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-31-19]

His next destination is

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-31-35]

But if you don’t mind… I’m gonna keep that for the 3rd part of the report!

Will be a great adventure under the water,

with Tamaki Hiroshi XD

第18回 慶良間諸島[08-08-42]

So please stay tuned!

( ´・ω・`)ノ~バイバイ

 ☆ ☆ ☆

End of part 2

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  1. うわー!! 遅くなってごめんね XD Here I am now.
    Wow, I couldn’t think of such an eventful episode to happen. I mean, this show is always very nice and interactive, but..I don’t know.. maybe you liked it a lot and could foster all its energy in writing!? or maybe i just liked the school by the see too much! Dunno, but I enjoyed reading it A LOT. I want to taste Takeko san’s Shima doufu too after seeing how he was eating it! and that kid who run after him? and the soccer game? 爽やかな感じだね D

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    • Hehe barechatta? XD I really love this one! My second favorite among all episodes I guess 😀 that’s why I tried to write everything in details… And as a result, it turned out to be 3 parts!!! I’m glad you enjoyed it! The diving part is amazing as well…


      • Hehe bareta kana~
        I can just hear his laughs and deep voice while calling that kid to make him listen to his questions 😀 thank you for your effort, it’s really fun reading ^_^


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