A trip to Oki and Nishinoshima! (Part 1, Oki island)

Hello my friends! (」・ω・)

I’m here again with a new post and I know it should be the 3rd part of the “Kerama islands” report, but before that, I had to write about my very very special trip to “Oki” and “Nishinoshima”. Before I forget the precious details!


If you have been reading the English reports from the very beginning, I’m sure you already know about the two first episodes in Oki islands. Oki is of course an amazing place, but for me, Nishinoshima was just something more than that! As you may already know, Tamaki san’s father was born and raised in this island. He used to go to his father’s hometown and stay with his relatives during the summer vacations when he was a young boy. And even now, he still visits the place almost every year. A very special place for him ^^

Last weekend, I had the chance to visit the two lovely islands, with two lovely friends.

It’s a little bit far away from Tokyo but it’s really not that difficult to go there even if you are a foreigner living in or outside Japan. First we had a short stop at the Yonago Airport (Tottori Prefecture). Then took the bus to Sakaiminato, and from there we got on the Rainbow Jet and went all the way to Oki.
Screenshot 2015-09-02 10.11.27
As soon as you get off the ship at the harbor, you can find some familiar landscapes you have seen in the first episode of Hikyo.

IMG_0317DVD_VIDEO_RECORDER.Title1[13-51-36]This is where he met with the young ladies all wearing border design T-shirts and a mother asked him to hold her son XD Well that was hilarious!!!



The next place Tamaki san visited in the show was actually pretty far away from the port. But of course the order of the places he visited on that day have changed after the final edit I suppose. I will be introducing all the places by their order of appearance in he show.
He visited another small port used by local fishers. This place was on the most eastern spot of the island, a place called Oku.


DVD_VIDEO_RECORDER.Title1[14-09-07]       IMG_0296

He stopped by near one of the boats and had a chat with a fisherman.

DVD_VIDEO_RECORDER.Title1[14-10-10] IMG_0297

Then he turned over and found the young boys playing at the other side. It was a hot day when we visited this area and almost no one was out in the streets! We walked for a few minutes and went to the same place!


IMG_0306And as much as I wanted to walk on those stones and see how it feels like, I couldn’t! I didn’t wanna fall XD And lots of weird bugs were running all over them… so I refused to go any further and just tried walking on the few first ones.


Then we walked to the JA shop he visited. Very close to where the boys were playing.

DVD_VIDEO_RECORDER.Title1[14-36-00] IMG_0305

But unfortunately, it was closed on that day!! (^_^;) …So we just walked all the way to the house of the lady who made him those Bakudan onigiris.

IMG_0315DVD_VIDEO_RECORDER.Title1[14-52-05] IMG_0314 DVD_VIDEO_RECORDER.Title1[14-52-16]

Of course we couldn’t go in XD So that was how far we could go… Maybe we could also have a chance to try the onigiri if it wasn’t a quiet Sunday morning >__<

The next place was the beautiful Waterfall he visited.

The waterfall is in the depth of an amazing jungle in the heart of the mountain. But thanks to the very nice road they have made there, you can go most of the way riding on your car and easily park your vehicle in the parking lot and start walking to the destination.

Dangyou no taki

DVD_VIDEO_RECORDER.Title1[10-00-49] IMG_0164

Almost 5 minutes to where you can watch the waterfall and a few more minutes to where it actually is.

IMG_0174 DVD_VIDEO_RECORDER.Title1[10-54-25]

The way to the waterfall is gorgeous! Full of greenery and the relaxing sound of the water running smoothly in the river… It’s really easy to walk here but you should be careful if you are going there after a rainfall. The ground can be slippery.

IMG_0204 DVD_VIDEO_RECORDER.Title1[11-33-23] The amount of the water was a little bit less than when they recorded hikyo… but still it was beautiful!


Highly recommended!!! An amazing place to visit!

For a break, we went to the cute Cafe where he had the delicious Chiffon cake set. Just a few meters away from the place where he met the border T-shirt ladies XD

Cafe Spuntino



Actually the day we went to this lovely Cafe, the shop was closed! We were shocked but there was no way we could leave without getting in!! So we called them and the lady working in the cafe told us that she will be back in 10 minutes!! XD Thank God!!



As you can see above, I had the same Chiffon cake set with Coffee. When we asked the lady what Tamaki san had on that day, she said “Many things!!” hahahahaha he sure can eat a lot when it comes to sweets!!!

DVD_VIDEO_RECORDER.Title1[12-07-32]Aside from the Chiffon cake and the Pafe he ate while they were shooting, seems like he has also ordered a very delicious Honey covered Sweet (I don’t remember the name!) and Strawberry Falovor Latte. The Pafe was not on the menu anymore since it was a seasonal limited item, and the Strawberry flavor latte was not something I would like to try , since I don’t like any flavor mixed with coffee! So I only had the Honey Sweet ↓ and the Chiffon cake at this warm, cosy cafe near the port.



Another place we could visit on the island, was the bull fighting ground. Actually it was smaller than what I have imagined. And it was right next to the road with a fairly good parking lot nearby. Another easy place to visit if you were interested.

“Yana Bullring”




The last place Tamaki san visited was a very beautiful Observatory. It’s called Shirashima tenboudai (Shirashima Observatory). It is located on the northern spot of the island where you can see an amazing panorama view of the ocean right in front of you!

On his way up to the Observatory, Tamaki san encountered a family of 3 with a very cute little boy! This is where they met.

Shirashima Observatory

DVD_VIDEO_RECORDER.Title1[13-48-36] IMG_0264

And this is where he told us about the next episode in Nishinoshima!

DVD_VIDEO_RECORDER.Title1[14-11-48] IMG_0260 IMG_0261 DVD_VIDEO_RECORDER.Title1[14-00-58]

Another amazing spot in Oki!! It was full of colors and lights… gorgeous!! (≧∇≦*)

I will post the Nishinoshima part really soon!! Please stay tuned ^^

5 thoughts on “A trip to Oki and Nishinoshima! (Part 1, Oki island)

  1. OMG!!! Just saw this!! Thank you for sharing all this with us here! It’s amazing, you made me want to watch those two eps again right now XD And your photos ^_^ great photographer, great camera, great memories. Truly perceivable~
    Of course I’ll stay tuned hehe


    • Thank you soooo much for reading! Really?!? Well I made myself wanna watch them too XD but I spent all my day writing the two reports (・・;) my photos are not great! Some were too bright. But I’m starting to get used to the camera again XD


      • Of course I would have read them both!! yeah, I bet it took a while write all this..that’s why I stopped updating the blog,lol
        hmm, some were too bright but I thought you overexposed them to give them the professional TV camera feel XD


      • Nooo! The change of the weather condition was so fast I codn’t catch up! One minute it was fine and the next it was cloudy!! Hahaha I will practice more!!


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