Kerama Islands, Okinawa (3)

Hello again with the 3rd part of the English report for Kerama islands in Okinawa prefecture.

第18回 慶良間諸島[06-28-19]

After playing soccer with the kids in the school yard, Tamaki san left them for his next destination…

To “Tokashikijima”

第18回 慶良間諸島[10-51-06]

And this time he’s planning to do something he’s been looking forward to do, ever since he started this trip!

第18回 慶良間諸島[10-51-14]

Walking in the streets of the town…

第18回 慶良間諸島[10-51-39]

he enters a small shop…

and asks the lady about the recommended diving spots in the island XD

第18回 慶良間諸島[10-51-58]

Yes He’s going Scuba Diving!!!

As you may already know, he took his Scuba diving license almost 2 years ago when he was in Bali for the shooting of the movie “Kamisama wa Bali ni iru”.

第18回 慶良間諸島[10-52-17]

The lady asks him what kind of a place is he interested in, and he says that based on what he has heard, there must be a tunnel like place around here (Under the water of course)…

第18回 慶良間諸島[10-54-44]

The lady gets what he means right away and brings out her map with the many different names for diving spots around the island.

Then he shows him the place where that cave he is looking for is…

第18回 慶良間諸島[10-54-57]

and as fast as it was, it’s already decided!

Here they go!!

第18回 慶良間諸島[10-56-31]

Getting on the boat and heading to the diving spot…

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-02-38]

On there way, the guide lady keeps explaining to him about the usual stuff and the condition of the spot they are going to visit.

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-02-43]

This is Tamaki san’s first experience of diving after two years, and the first time diving inside Japan.

I think he looks nervous just a little bit… a very very tiny bit!! XD

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-03-07]

Riding on the boat for less than 10 minutes, they arrive at the point they were heading to.

The guide lady helps him get ready while giving him instructions…

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-08-15]

Guide san goes first… XD

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-08-42]

And then Tamaki san…

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-09-17]

Getting inside the water and checking for the last time…

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-09-36]

Tamaki san waves his hand for the camera…

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-09-41]

and goes down inside the deep blue ocean…

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-11-41]

Going and deeper and deeper…

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-12-24]

all the sounds of the waves and the ships fading away…

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-12-40]

Here, it’s another world…

Under the water, the guide can’t talk to him of course.

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-14-20]

That’s why she has a small white-board and writes down the words for him.

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-15-32]

These blue fellows ↑ are called “hanagoi” (Pseudanthias pascalus)

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-16-30]

“Amamisuzumedai” ↑ (Chromis chrysura)

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-16-39]

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-19-37]

Feyakkodai ↑ (Yellow longnose butterflyfish)

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-20-46]

Akahimeji ↑ (Yellowfin goatfish) and Gurukun ↓ (Pterocaesio digramma)!

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-24-38]

They keep going and going…

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-24-44]

observing all kinds of fish running around.

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-25-04]

But seems like our guide has found something interesting…

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-26-02]

A very tiny creature sitting quietly on a coral called “Muchikaramatsu”,

which looks like a branch of a tree XD

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-26-18]

Hard to see it at first…

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-29-28]

But Tamaki san prepares his camera and starts taking photos as soon as he finds him!

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-29-47]

It’s called “Garasuhaze” (Bryaninops yongei)

Can you see him?! Click and enlarge the photo!!  XD Cute guy!!

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-32-51]

Tamaki san and the lady guide start moving there hands in the corals…

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-33-53]

searching for some interesting creatures hiding in there…

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-34-02]

As expected, the guide san finds a kind of tiny crab, hiding his body in the coral.

It’s called “Tosakagazami” ↑

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-35-46]

Another discovery!! XD

The baby “Hoya” ↑ (Ascidians) on the coral…

Somehow, they are called Ultraman Hoya by the Divers around the area.

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-36-40]

Well they do look like Ultraman I should admit (^_^;)

As hard as it is to keep the camera still under the water…

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-36-27]

Tamaki san keeps taking photos!

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-40-00]

as they are moving forward…

suddenly the lady guide slows down,

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-40-19]

looks back and shows Tamaki san the words she has written on the white-board.

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-40-33]

“Here’s the entrance of the cave!”

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-43-01]

Finally… they have arrived!!

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-43-27]

Entering the cave… Tamaki san keeps taking photos whenever he can!

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-43-33]

Even here he doesn’t leave the camera aside XD

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-43-42]

The cave is a little bit dark of course…

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-43-50]

and very narrow in some parts…

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-44-28]

But amazingly,

Tamaki san has no problem swimming in there…

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-46-13]

Swimming like a fish, he crosses the very narrow tunnels on his way,

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-46-40]

and in a very soft and smooth way it makes you wonder how he can do it XD

Even the narrator of the show is amazed!

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-48-39]

 He has to move forward slowly and swim smoothly…

but he doesn’t stop taking photos even surrounded by all these rocks and deep under the water!

He rotates his body beautifully,

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-51-58]

takes his photo,

and then rotates it back again to the position it was!!

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-52-10]

O__O A mermaid?!

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-52-16]

Swimming and swimming in the long, dark cave under the water…

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-52-32]

To be honest, I cannot imagine being there even for 1 minutes XD

第18回 慶良間諸島[11-52-41]

But our traveler is obviously enjoying it! Taking photos and videos all the time!!

第18回 慶良間諸島[12-00-29]

And wow…

第18回 慶良間諸島[12-01-35]

they reach the place where the light from the sunshine is reflecting on the surface of the water…

第18回 慶良間諸島[12-02-06]

making the water look even more beautiful!

第18回 慶良間諸島[12-01-32]

An amazing shade of blue!

第18回 慶良間諸島[12-02-19]

So it’s decided…

第18回 慶良間諸島[12-04-02]

kokoro no hikyo #16

The shower of blue lights shining down on the cave

第18回 慶良間諸島[12-06-29]

It’s really gorgeous!

第18回 慶良間諸島[12-06-41]

Enjoying the beauties of the amazing Kerama islands,

Tamaki san seems to have totally forgotten about the passage of time!

But it’s the end of his trip… a very touching and wonderful journey!


第18回 慶良間諸島[12-12-10]

And of course his special souvenir is his best shot!

第18回 慶良間諸島[12-12-17]

Really wanted this post card but couldn’t get it XD

But the hikyo journeys are not over yet!!


第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[13-11-42]

Tamaki san goes to Amamiooshima in Kagoshima prefecture!

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[13-09-20]

Another fun trip with many encounters.

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[13-11-05]

and even more diving?! XD

Let’s follow him around next time as well ♡

Thank you for reading the report and hope to see you soon!!

( ´・ω・`)ノ~バイバイ

End of part 3

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