Amami Ōshima (2)

Hello my friends!

I guess everyone reading this blog has already heard the news about the show coming to an end. Yes, the last episode of Hikyo series was aired on September 24th with a special comment from Tamaki san in the end of it ^^ Of course it’s sad news but we were expecting it to happen one day! Tamaki san is moving forward as always, going to the next stage again. Let’s support him all the way!!


As for my reports, of course I will keep writing them!

Until the very last one!!

And I hope you can enjoy travelling with him as much as I always do XD

OK! Let’s go back to Amami oshima and see what’s waiting

for Tamaki san and the filming crew!!

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-06-25]

Tamaki san is going to take a look at the unique mangrove here in the southern part of the island.

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-06-46]

As you can see, now he has rain boots on!! Because it’s raining like crazy today!!! >__<

He arrives at a tea house near the mangrove where his guide, Isami san is waiting for him!!

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-12-44]
While Tamaki san is greeting his guide, the wind is almost breaking his umbrella!!

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-31-39]

What a weather he says and then Isami san says: “What are you here for?” hehehehe he laughs and says that he wanted to see the mangrove here…

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-36-30]

Isami san says that on a sunny day, you can get on a Canoe and ride over the water… but on a day like this… it’s too dangerous!

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-33-27]

But he says that he was about to go and check out the traps he made to catch some Unagi and crab!

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-36-36]

Tamaki san asks Isami san if it would be possible to follow him around and of course Isami san says it’s fine.

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-36-45]

The two men start walking to the spots where Isami san has set his traps.

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-55-11]

Here it is!! See if we could catch anything…

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-56-25]

Suddenly Isami san’s happy voice lets us know that he was successful!!

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-57-12]

Then he asks Tamaki san: “Wanna try pulling it up?” hehehehe Tamaki san becomes excited and says yes! But Isami san tells him to be very careful since it can be dangerous… he needs his both hands, so Isami san holds the umbrella and after putting on a pair of gloves, Tamaki san starts pulling the rope!!

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-59-28]

Wow… “Huge… Huge!! What is this?!” he says with a super exited tone in his voice XD

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[15-02-24]

This is not a normal unagi!! Finally they pull the up all the way. This is a huge type of Unagi and looks like he is very strong.

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[15-05-04]

Tamaki san is excited like a little boy “Huge!!” he repeats again… the unagi is still moving strongly, not willing to lose easily!!

Now heading to the next trap…

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[15-07-18]

this one is made to catch the crabs.

This time it’s a cage-like trap.

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[15-07-30]

Isami san starts pulling the rope and Tamaki san looks at the trap with a curious look in his eyes…

Oh no… it’s stuck!!

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[15-07-38]

Isami san asks Tamaki san to hold the rope while he goes inside the water and get the cage!!

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[15-10-55]

Tamaki san is surprised and laughs XD

But I guess for Isami san, getting inside the water even on a stormy day like this can be normal.

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[15-13-08]

OK! The cage is free… now Tamaki san has to pull it up!! ganbare!! XD

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[15-13-36]

Isami san’s smile says it all! Nice catch it was…

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[15-13-43]

Tamaki san pulls it up and holds the cage in his hands…

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[15-13-46]

Isami san explains to him that this is a kind of crab which lives here in this mangrove

and it’s called “Gazami”.

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[15-16-57]

But somehow Tamaki san cannot catch that very well and asks:

“Hm? Zagani?”


Isami san repeats: “Gazami!”

Surprisingly Tamaki san asks: “Zagami?”


hahahahaha!!! Maybe the sound of the rainfall is too loud XD

“Gazami!!!” Isami san repeats this time louder!!

“Gazami!” says Tamaki san!

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[15-18-57]

YES! Finally the right word and then he laughs at his own mistake XD

They are very big and have huge claws… very powerful!

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[15-20-22]

Then as if he is asking his son, Isami san asks Tamaki san: “Wanna eat some?!”

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[15-20-39]

And in a way which is not that different form a child’s way of answering to that question he says:

“Wanna eat!”

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[15-29-54]

hehehehe XD OK! Let’s go back to the tea house and eat some unagi and crab then (^_^;)

Isami san’s wife has prepared the special meal they have around this are…

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[15-30-34]

“Unagi no miso ni”

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[15-30-50]

Unagi cooked with Miso paste.

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[15-36-40]

Tamaki san is surprised by the size of the bowl!!

Probably thinking that he should finish it all by himself…

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[15-36-50]

This makes the staff and Isami family laugh!
… but as he put some stew on top of his rice and wants to start eating,

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[16-26-17]

Isami san’s wife brings another bowl of rice for ISami san and somehow Isami san says:

“Hiroshi san!!…”

ahahahaha and shows him his bowl of rice!!

Everyone laughs!!

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[16-26-49]

“I see!! This is not all for one person of course…

I was wondering how much I’m supposed to eat!”

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[16-26-59]

hehehe a really cute reaction XD

After putting some stew over the cooked rice in Isami san’s bowl,

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[16-27-08]

they both start eating!

Tamaki san is amazed by the thickness of the unagi meat.

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[16-27-50]

The truth is… he is not a big fan of unagi!! XD He doesn’t say anything here of course…

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[16-32-49]

after eating some, he says that it’s good the miso is obsorbed in the meat!

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[16-32-39]

Next is Crab!

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[16-34-00]

Isami san and his wife are breaking the crab’s hard shell and taking out the meat.

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[16-34-33]

And wow!! The meat inside is huge!!

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[16-36-07]

Tamaki san is looking at them with a surprised face…

Then Isami san passes him a piece of crab meat and he takes a bite.

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[16-37-06]

 “The taste is rich!” Tamaki san says.

He keeps eating and Isami san keeps giving him more XD

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[17-02-40]

after they finsih the food,

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[17-03-08]

Tamaki san explains to them that they are always looking for unexplored landscapes and precious places in their show, and asks them if they can recommend a place they like around the island…

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[17-06-26]

Isami san’s wife recommends him to visit the Oshima strait..
Seems like it’s a very beautiful place
and a unique breed of fugu (blowfish) has been found over there lately!

So here he goes!!

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[13-53-09]

Putting on a diving suit, getting on a boat with his guide, Ito san…

Tamaki san is heading to the beautiful Oshima strait.

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[13-57-33]

They both get into the water,

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[13-59-52]

and start their journey under the water… looking for the special breed of Fugu!

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-00-19]

As expected… Tamaki san’s dear friend is with him again XD


第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-01-11]

Wow another world appears in front of their eyes…

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-02-23]

The cute swimming fish…

yellowtail clownfish↓

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-01-49]

domino damsel with their cute white spots

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-05-23]

nijihata (Serranidae) doesn’t look very friendly XD↓

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-06-28]

Tamaki san is busy taking photos and Ito san helps him stay close to the ground, pushing him down with his hand.

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-08-53]

This is a Pillow Cushion Starfish… getting all his attention right now!! XD

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-11-53]

The next interesting fish which is also called the gang of the sea, is a scary guy called:

hanabirautsubo (Moray eel)↓
第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-18-45]

It’s not the kind of cute fish you can get too close to it… but somehow…

Tamaki san gets closer and closer with his camera in his hand!!

Daring to do that… even the narrator of the show is surprised!

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-18-58]

hmmm he really is scary XD but kinda cool!

According to Ito san… the Fugu should be somewhere around here…

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-23-53]

they are searching for a Mystery circle!!

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-19-05]

Under the water?!? That’s rare!!

And suddenly Ito san stops… and writes down on his whiteboard:
“Mystery Circle!” while pointing to it with his finger…

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-25-20]

It’s true!! A beautiful round shape…

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-27-04]

a mysterious circle appears in front of their eyes!!

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-27-41]

Tamaki san swims higher and starts shooting a video with his camera…

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-27-29]

this is a snapshot from the image he took! ↑

WHY?! And how on earth is this circle made?!

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-30-16]

You cannot even imagine how tiny the person who made this amazing circle is!! XD

Ah… here he comes!!

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-31-19]

This tiny guy… with a 10cms long body!

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-33-37]

Yes that’s him!! The fugu they were looking for is this tiny guy.

Using his fins while swimming on the sand, and moving his body up and down,

he manages to build this circle all by himself.

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-35-34]

Amami hoshizora fugu (hoshizora-starry sky)

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-35-00]

Ito san is the one who found this fish, and his amazing circle 8 years ago.

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-36-56]

According to Ito san, it took him just one week to build the circle.

They have also done a very interesting experiment!!

leaving a branch of a tree inside the circle, to see what the fugu does after finding it…

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-42-06]

And amazingly,

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-42-22]

he picks it up

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-42-25]

and swims and swims away until he reaches a place

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-42-29]

where he can make sure it’s far enough from the circle…

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-42-37]

and throws out the branch somewhere over there.

Then comes back and makes sure everything’s under control XD

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-42-54]

hehehehe soooo cute!!!

Seems like the male will make this circle to call for his mate.

It’s a Temple of Love XD

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-46-10]

Tamaki san keeps taking photos…

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-46-23]

this cute and lovely story

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-46-32]

of the tiny fugu and their beautiful circle…

the great wisdom of these creatures living in the ocean…

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-48-24]

Chosen by Tamaki san as the

kokoro no hikyo #17

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-50-02]

Getting out of the water and

coming back to the boat…

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-50-43]

Tamaki san is still amazed by how the tiny fish could create such a beautiful thing.

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-50-27]

According to Ito san, they chose a place where there are not so many fish swimming around…

because they don’t want to be disturbed by anyone.

That’s why other divers were not able to find it up until now.

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-53-34]

A very rare thing…

Thank you for showing it to us (=^0^=)ノ

And another journey comes to an end here…

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-54-40]

of course with Tamaki san’s best shot in Amami Oshima!

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-54-49]

Thank you so much for reading!

Hope you could enjoy this episode as well ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ


第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-55-27]

Tamaki san goes to Kakeroma island… again in Kagosgima prefecture!

第19回 鹿児島・奄美大島[14-55-51]

Very special encounters…

and becoming one with the ocean again!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[15-45-24]

The episode I truly love, because he said it was the most fun trip for him!!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[15-47-11]

You will know why after you read the next report…

so please stay tuned ♡

( ´・ω・`)ノ~バイバイ

End of part 2


The broadcast has stopped.

BS Asahi, 2014.10.02~2015.09.24

Every Thursday at 23:00

You can still check out the official pages here:

Official Homepage:
FB Official:

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