Amami~Kakeromajima (1)

Hello my friends!! Sorry for being late again (Feels like I’ve been saying that a lot lately (^ε^;;))

Today I will be writing for you about Tamaki san’s visit to Kakeromajima in Kagoshima Prefecture.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[09-39-16]

Actually, this trip was chosen by Tamaki san, as the most fun journey he had during the one year the show was on TV. So let’s start following him around the island.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[10-52-03]

It’s a 20 minutes ride on a boat from the south of Amami island to Kakeromajima. Tamaki san is heading to the island on the boat…

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[10-44-46]

He says that from what he can see in front of him, he can tell that the island is covered with greenery and only a few buildings can be seen from here which means that they have probably kept the island almost the same way it used to be in the past.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[10-45-59]

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[10-54-08]

Finally, he arrives at the harbor and gets off the boat.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[10-56-28]

This is the main gate of the island but somehow, it’s surprisingly quiet! A whole different world.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[10-56-45]

Tamaki san starts walking around…

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[11-35-13]

On his way, somehow he gets to meet an old lady coming the opposite way…

“Good morning!”

He says.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[11-35-28]

She greets him back…

then he gets closer and explains to her that they are shooting for a TV show and they have come all the way here from Tokyo. The old lady is surprised: “From Tokyo?” 

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[11-37-09]

Then Tamaki san asks her if he can have a chat with her but she becomes embarrassed and laughs in a cute way while covering her mouth with her hand XD

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[11-37-59]
Then Tamaki san asks her where she was planning to go right now and she says that she was just strolling around. seems like she comes out for a walk everyday…

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[12-08-45]
The lady is very shy and says that it would have been better if she had not come this way and meet them here XD

“No, no!… sorry for surprising you like this…”

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[12-09-17]

Tamaki san says kindly ^^ hahahaha but she keeps saying that she is embarrassed of being filmed like this… Tamaki san tells her that it’s fine and she would look beautiful in the video, but she says that it would have been better if they could film a more good looking person instead of her… She is so cute >__<

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[12-17-08]

She is about to leave and Tamaki san thanks her while bowing and waving his hand in the air for her…

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[12-17-46]

But before she leaves,

she recommends them to go to an area called “shodon” since they can find more interesting stuff there…

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[12-18-03]

and Tamaki san says that they were actually planning to do that after this.

OK! The next destination is Shodon then!!! Let’s go!!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[12-34-58]

Shodon is known as the biggest village on the island.

Tamaki san enjoys walking on the shining sand of the beautiful beach,

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[12-36-52]

and says that this place is really quiet peaceful since there are not many cars running around.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[12-37-50]

No one will disturb you here…

You may not be able to wake up again if you take a nap here… feeling so good!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[12-38-32]

Then he climbs up the stairs connecting the beach to the road and meets up with a group of 3!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[12-39-59]

Two ladies and a cute little girl.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[12-40-56]

well as we were all expecting XD The minute he says “Good morning!”,

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[12-41-33]

the little girl panics and tries to run away!!!

Her mother catches her and tries to make her say good morning but she just keeps struggling.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[12-47-02]

Tamaki san gets close, waves his hand for her, bend over on his knees to decrease the height difference XD

But I guess he is still too big for her XD

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[12-48-54]

She takes a look at the staff, then looks at him again and struggles even harder without saying a word!!

As soon as their eyes meet, Tamaki san says good morning one more time with a softer voice…

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[12-49-03]

but she actually runs and hides behind her mother this time!! XD Tamaki san laughs and says that she is scared!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[12-49-51]

Well I guess he has gotten used to this already (´ε`;)

Then he decides to change the subject and talks about how beautiful the beach is.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[13-14-18]

The ladies agree with him on that and then he asks then if they have many people visiting and getting into the water during the summer… and they say that the kids who actually live here will always come here and play at the beach.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[13-14-23]

It’s a huge beach but not very strong waves… and seems like the water has become warm already.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[13-16-43]

the little girl has calmed down a little bit…

Tamaki san is looking at the ocean while talking to them and avoids looking at the girl…

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[13-17-15]

But then he takes a quick look at her to check on her…

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[13-18-47]

that’s when a very sweet smile appears on his face… ^^

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[13-19-01]

He decides to go to a more lively place where the kids are playing by the beach.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[13-23-04]

Says hello and joins the crowd…

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[14-26-44]

Surprised to see the girls doing crazy things like the boys!!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[14-27-23]

(Find the little girl who was scared of him… guess she is fine now!! XD )

He keeps watching the kids playing…

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[14-28-46]

The boys are climbing up the high step and he is amazed to see how fast they can do it!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[14-29-09]

The boy wearing the orange T-shirt comes up in less than 3 seconds!! XD

He praises him… ^^

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[14-29-28]

Watching the boys, he says that these kids will become strong…

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[14-31-41]

They will of course get hurt a few times and experience the pain…

But that’s how they will learn about the danger gradually!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[14-33-41]

The way he watches the kids… it’s really heartwarming an nice…

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[14-38-46]

Then somehow the boy in the orange T-shirt starts running fast toward the edge of the step…

Tamaki san is surprised: “Gonna jump from there?” 

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[14-38-49]

hehehehe and keeps following him with his eyes… yes! He really jumped!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[14-40-38]

Then another younger boy shows up and Tamaki san says: “And now he is gonna imitate him…”

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[14-40-45]

The boy in orange climbs up and returns to the edge… the younger boy jumps down and then he jumps after him!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[14-42-45]

Tamaki san laughs at their simple way of enjoying themselves and says that this is a meaningless kind of a game but the kids living in areas like this, can find their own ways of enjoying these kind of games!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[14-43-24]

Then two older girls invites him to make a visit to their secret hideout, a huge tree!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[14-45-53]

He follows them to the spot they are taking him…

Then other kids start following them from behind XD

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[14-58-17]

Tamaki san notices that and turns his head back and looks at the kids…

among them is the naughty boy in orange XD

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[14-58-27]

hehehehe the way he looks at him…

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[14-58-38]

with no exaggeration, is a little bit scary!!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[14-58-44]

People who know him… will get what he is thinking about!!

And somehow the camera-man gets it right away and focuses on him!!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[15-01-17]

Riding on a tiny bicycle, keep saying “…wait for me wait for me!” XD

he tries to pass over him…

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[15-03-20]

but well… he gets caught!!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[15-03-25]


hahahaha!! Tamaki san grabs the back of his bicycle and almost stops him…

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[15-03-32]

but he screams and struggles, trying to run away from him XD

He can’t of course!!

Tamaki san says: “I’m tired of walking already…”

hahahahah!! Give him a ride!! XD

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[15-04-36]

Tamaki san and the staff laugh out loud,

and then he let the boy go and he rides fast and runs away XD

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[15-09-16]

And here is the huge tree they wanted to show him…

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[15-10-32]

As soon as they arrive, the two girls climb up the tree in no time!!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[15-12-23]

Tamaki san is of course surprised to see how easily they do it!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[15-12-52]

As they get up there, the older girl tells him that there are actually three of them playing here all the time,

but only two could make it for today!

Then Tamaki san asks her if they are in the same grade and she says no…

Then He asks her what grade she is in and she says 6th!

Asks the other one and she says 4th…

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[15-19-21]

Tamaki san is surprised and says:

“4th grade?! You are big!! (He means that her physic makes you think she is older!)”

hahahahaha!!! Tamaki san!! Don’t say that to a 10 year old girl!! >__<

And seems like the other girls who’s not here today is in 2nd grade.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[15-19-30]

As the kids start to climb down the tree while Tamaki san is watching them,

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[15-24-29]

the boy in orange (His name is “Haru”) who keeps talking and doesn’t keep silent even for a minute…

says something funny about farting boo boo after you climb down the tree XD

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[15-27-47]

Everyone laugh out loud!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[15-31-27]

I don’t get it very well and don’t think Tamaki san gets it either cause he is wondering why he said that!!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[15-33-15]

But then he starts showing him how by making poses and well I still don’t get what he is talking about XD

This kid is so funny, naughty and energetic!! The type who becomes Tamaki Hiroshi’s target in no time!!

Tamaki san is laughing at him while looking at the tree… He wants to climb it!

Haru kun is still busy making poses and fooling around.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[15-33-37]

Tamaki san takes a look around while holding his bag in his hand… then looks at Haru kun and says:

“Hey… hold this for me!”

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[15-36-44]

Haru kun stops right away…

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[15-38-36]

takes a look at the bag and then come closer and holds it

with his tiny arms… too big for him XD

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[15-38-48]

Tamaki san is going to climb up…

before he goes up, he looks at Haru kun again and says:
“Hold it properly… There are some important stuff inside it!”

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[15-38-58]

ahahahahaha!! Poor Haru kun is so cute!

He tries to go up…

but then decides to take off his shoes and his socks…

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[15-45-58]

the surface of the tree is slippery because of the rain…

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[15-46-18]

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[15-46-40]

He goes up in no time and stands on the strong branches of the tree.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[15-47-10]

Then taking a look inside the secret box of the girls, he finds a mirror!!

Not a normal one… a car’s side mirror!! XD

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[15-52-11]

The girl who also climbed up and is now sitting on the other side of the branch,

tells him that they found it…

He laughs at this of course and is wondering where they could find something like this!!

But it seems like they needed a mirror no matter what, since it’s a secret hide out for 3 girls!!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[15-52-18]

Tamaki san puts it back and says that it really is a girly way of thinking after all.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[15-53-28]

Then he joins the girl and sits beside her on the branch.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[15-53-18]

Then he notices Haru kun standing down there and says with a serious voice:

“Hold the bag properly!!” XD hehehehe

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[15-53-56]

He tries not to laugh but the girls laughs and he laughs too…

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[15-55-19]

Haru kun is really holding the bag like a good boy!! Is he really scared of him?! Don’t think so XD

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[15-58-39]

Seeing him holding the bag all the time,

suddenly Tamaki san decides to stop teasing him and says with a smiling face:
“Why don’t you climb up here?”

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[15-58-47]

Then the girl tells him that he is actually her younger brother XD

who has just entered first grade this year.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[15-59-37]

Tamaki san is surprised but then takes a better look at both of them and

says that now that he knows about it,

he thinks they look alike.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[15-59-57]

The girl’s name is “Kokoro”.

Kokoro chan keeps talking to him about the island. Saying that everyone really look after

each other and they don’t even lock the doors at night since there are no bad people around here.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[16-13-40]

Tamaki san listens to her all the time and they have a very friendly conversation.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[16-13-23]

In the end, Haru kun joins them on the tree… and sitting next to Tamaki san,

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[16-13-51]

he looks down and makes a scared sound as if it’s too high here where they are sitting!!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[16-16-52]

Tamaki san notices that, looks at him and says: “What?! Are you scared?”

He nods his head meaning yes XD hahahahahaha!!

Then another evil look in Tamaki san eyes and he slowly puts his hand on Haru kun’s shoulder

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[16-17-04]

and pretends that he wants to push him down while making a scary sound XD

The poor boy really freaks out!!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[16-19-07]

ahahahaha!! Of course he holds him tightly with his hand so that he doesn’t really fall!!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[16-19-27]

Kokoro chan is laughing and Tamaki san as well…

Haru kun decides to move back a little bit while saying: “Stop that!!” with a very cute but naught tone XD

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[16-20-28]

Then Tamaki san looks at Kokoro chan and while he is pointing at Haru kun with  his finger he says:
“Is he as noisy as this at home?”

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[16-20-35]

And kokoro chan says: “Yes!! There’s not a single day we don’t have a fight!!”

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[16-22-18]

hehehehe of course!! XD

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[16-22-27]

OK! It’s time to go down…

“We’re climbing down!” Tamaki san says and stands up.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[16-22-46]

Everyone comes down and as Tamaki san almost reaches the ground,

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[16-23-04]

the kids all start laughing out loud…

because he asks: “What did you do with my bag?” And he gets no response from Haru…

but as soon as he comes down… he finds it there!!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[16-23-23]

helplessly thrown away on the ground XD

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[16-35-15]


Tamaki san points at the bag with his finger and says:

“It’s fallen on the ground… you left it behind?!”

Haru kun is already standing with a distance from him… just in case XD hehehehehe

of course he was joking with him!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[16-40-53]

Then they all go back the whole way waking together.

I think the kids gave him a lot of power in a way…

he keeps smiling and laughing with them.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[16-41-09]

On their way, Kokoro chan shows him the shape of a dragon’s face they have found on the tree…

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[16-42-57]

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[16-43-02]

Haru kun is so energetic!!! He clings into a tree’s branch and yells out loud like Tarzan!!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[16-43-48]

Tamaki san and Kokoro chan who is now taking care of her brother’s bicycle since he is fooling around,

laugh at him!!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[16-43-28]

Then he starts running…

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[16-43-58]

Jumps over the stone block and starts running on top of it O__O

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[16-46-15]

This boy feels no danger!!

hehehehe XD

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[16-46-25]

“He’s such a naughty boy!”

Tamaki san says while laughing!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[16-49-11]

They keep walking and Tamaki san suddenly says: “What a good smell!”

Seems like the adults are having a small garden party outside XD

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[16-50-57]

BBQ! Tamaki san’s favorite XD

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[16-51-16]

As he arrives, he says hello and everyone greets him back.

Then asks him if he wants to join and well… of couse he does!!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[16-51-04]

“Is it really OK?”

he asks and when they say it’s alright, he joins the party ^^

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[16-54-09]

But let’s keep the rest for the second part…

Much more to enjoy on the island!!!

Don’t miss the next one XD

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[15-47-11]

see you soon… I hope (^_^;)

( ´・ω・`)ノ~バイバイ

End of part 1


Actually, on a special episode of Hikyo which was aired on September 24th (The last one)

they shared a few postcards they have received form the people Tamaki san had met while he was travelling around Japan… and somehow…

kokoro chan’s card was among them as well!!

第28回 特別編 鹿児島県・加計呂麻島~瀬戸内の島々へ[18-14-08]

Writing about how much fun it was, sitting next to Tamaki san talking to him,

and how kind and cool he was ^^

Really sweet!!

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