Amami~Kakeromajima (2)

Hello my friends!

Let’s get to the point without wasting any time XD

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[08-52-29]

Tamaki san was visiting Kakeromajima in Kagoshima prefecture… an amazingly beautiful island!

After spending some time with the kids and enjoying their company,

he was invited into a small BBQ party with the residents.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[09-01-33]

Today they are making Inoshishi meat!

They make a seat for him and he sits down at the table with everyone else.

And without wasting a minute, he goes for the meat XD

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[08-59-18]


第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[08-59-24]

Seems like it’s very tasty!!!

He tells the man that the meat is very delicious and when he asks him if it wasn’t too rough for him…

he says no, and adds that the more you chew the meat,

the tastier it gets in your mouth.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[09-09-11]

You can enjoy the texture. says that it was his first time taking it simple like this and it’s very tasty.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[09-00-56]

What I cannot ignore in this shot is how Haru kun is still sticking around him all the time XD Guess he likes him XD

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[09-09-59]

Then he tries the baked meat in soup and before eating,

asks the man what part of the body it is and he says that this is the neck.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[09-10-08]

He likes this one as well!! ^^

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[09-11-50]

Pleasent time at a friendly party!!

But now it’s time to go…

Once again, Tamaki san starts walking,

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[09-12-25]

and goes to the main street of the village.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[09-38-53]

Walking around without a destination,

he finds a small shop… a tiny supermarket.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[09-39-08]

He opens the door and says hello…

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[09-39-56]

the lady over the counter is surprised of course.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[09-41-12]

After they get inside, he stands in front of the counter and another lady joins them.

Seems like they don’t know who he is… then he points at the showcase with his finger and says:

“I do commercials for this nagatanien!”

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[09-44-45]

hehehehe he always chooses the most simple and understandable ways!

(BTW, the product he pointed at is Nagatanien’s asage) ↓

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[09-44-51]2

The lady remembers him and says that she thought she had seen his face somewhere before (^_^;)

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[09-45-29]

 The lady at the counter says that it must be rare for people from the city to enter a shop like this,

but Tamaki san says that laces like this give you a warm feeling.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[09-45-20]

The lady standing beside him, says that customers always come here for shopping and then stay and spend some time talking to each other.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[09-50-48]

Tamaki san says that going to a shop and getting to do that is quite a rare thing if you live in Tokyo.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[09-51-52]

Then Tamaki san asks them if many tourists come here to visit the island and they say yes, many come to visit.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[09-54-51]

Then he asks: “What do they come here to do? Fishing perhaps?”

And while the lady standing beside him says yes and is still talking about that subject,

the other lady at the counter suddenly says:

“There is a person living nearby who is a very good Shamisen player… ” !!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[09-56-52]

Even though it was sudden, Tamaki san replies without being that surprised:

“Oh really!”

Then as if the lady realizes how unexpected she mentioned that…

she asks him: “Are you interested?” hehehehe

“Yes… yes!” Tamaki san replies.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[10-01-31]

Then the lady tells him how to go there and he says that he will make a visit.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[10-02-19]

Thanking the ladies and leaving the shop, he notices a flyer on the door!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[10-02-42]

“Teaching Shamisen”… this must be the same person they mentioned!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[10-05-08]

Following the directions, he goes straight and then turns left ^^ just 5 minutes by foot.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[10-05-34]

Then as he gets closer, he notices a lady standing at the front door of the house and greets her…

then asks for permission and enters the garden.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[10-05-52]

As he gets in, he asks the lady (Shigata san) if she is the person who plays the shamisen…

and she says yes.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[10-07-41]

So he asks her if they can have a small chat and she agrees.

The other lady standing in front of her (Mishima san)

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[10-09-42]

is good at singing and her husband is a shamisen player as well.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[10-08-42]

Now that the filming crew are here to visit, they will play and sing a song for them.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[10-10-24]

“Shodon nagahama bushi”

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[10-13-29]

Tamaki san asks who made the song and they say that they don’t really know,

its and old folk song being sang from the old days.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[10-20-16]

And here they go… Playing and singing a folk song.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[10-20-56]

Tamaki san looks at the shamisen carefully…

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[10-26-39]

by that time, I think he already knew that he has to play the shamisen in the new drama…

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[10-27-28]

Wonder what he was thining about while listening to them…

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[10-27-22]

hehehe he has almost mastered it now!! ^^

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[10-27-34]

After the ladies finish playing, they receive a warm applause from Tamaki san.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[10-28-03]

Then Shigata san says that the lyrics of the song is all in the are’s acsent and Tamaki san admits

that he actually didn’t understand the lyrics XD

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[10-28-25]

The she also says that she hopes the number of shamisen players would increase somehow.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[10-28-31]

Tamaki san agrees with her and also says that he personally loves the traditional customs to stay alive forever.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[10-33-22]

If you want to take a look around the island, the best choice would be getting on a boat.

So Tamaki san goes back to the harbor

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[10-34-46]

and meets up with his guide (Houshin san)…

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[10-35-14]

and gets on the boat for a short trip.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[10-35-27]

Heading to another part of the island,

on the boat Tamaki san is having a chat with Houshin san

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[10-47-20]

and asks him if most of the people living here have the boat driving license and he says yes.

Even if they don’t have a car driving license, they can always ride on their boat and

move around the island. Riding the boat is the main commuting way around here.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[10-52-52]

“How nice that kind of lifestyle would be…”

Tamaki san says while looking at the distance…

with a special look in his eyes and a nice smile on his face!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[10-58-38]

Then Houshin san explains to him that people who can go the sea for fishing,

will sell the fresh fish they catch to the older people or farmers who cannot go fishing…

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[11-00-48]

and in return, they can buy vegetables from them.

While Houshin san is still talking to Tamaki san,

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[11-58-16]

suddenly someone (probably one of the boat staff members)

pats on Houshin san’s shoulder and then let them know that dolphins are around!!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[12-00-33]

Then they both stand up and as they want to go to see the dolphins,

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[12-00-39]

Tamaki san goes back once to get something from his bag…

wonder if his camera was inside!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[12-00-53]

Then holding his camera, he goes to the other side to watch the dolphins…

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[12-01-05]

Houshin san explains to him,

that dolphins usually take their babies here to teach them about the ocean

and then will take them to deep waters as they grow bigger.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[12-03-07]

The water is so clean and clear that they can actually watch the corals from the boat!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[12-21-20]

No need to dive into the water here XD

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[12-20-23]

Riding on the boat, they get close to another gate in the island…


第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[12-27-11]


Who is riding the boat??


第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[12-27-51]

I thought it was someone I knew XD

When he is asked how he is doing,

he says great…

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[12-28-23]

even though it’s raining!


Of course Tamaki san has a license,

but this is the first time he is actually gonna take the boat to the harbor…

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[12-30-39]

doesn’t look nervous at all… but I think he is hiding it XD hehehehe! A always!!

Going straight forward while following the captain’s instructions…

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[12-31-14]

Seems like this is not the type he is used to and he is kinda excited to

try the new way!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[12-32-15]

But everything goes well and he gets the captain’s approval!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[12-36-08]

And then informs everyone out loud,

that they had a safe berth at the port!! XD

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[12-36-17]

Thank you!! They say in return.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[12-37-40]

So he gets off the boat and starts walking on the port…

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[12-42-32]

First he meets a group of people giggling and laughing after seeing the shooting team,

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[12-46-14]

gets close and asks them what they are doing…

Seems like they had a market sale today but it’s already over!

Then as Tamaki san keeps walking around,

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[12-46-23]

he finds a wagon car which is somehow turned into a cafe!!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[12-48-02]

namaste Tea house! XD

hehehehe interesting!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[12-48-39]

They also have chai (Indian tea) but the main drink is coffee…

Tamaki san reads the menu and says it looks delicious…

but while the lady is explaining to him about it…

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[12-49-14]

another lady comes to him and says: “We also have mochi here…”

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[12-50-30]

“Mochi?!?!” Tamaki san replies with a happy tone in his voice,

almost forgetting about the other lady and her explanation!!

hehehehe then he apologizes and tells her that he needs to check out the mochi first…

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[12-53-20]

He loves mochi!! (Moichi is the Japanese rice cakes which can be used in sweets or in meals)

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[12-53-35]

Then as he gets close to the other truck he asks the lady what kind of mochi does she have…

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[12-53-44]

yomogi mochi she says XD

and Tamaki san repeats the famous line:
“I LOVE mochi!” hehehe yeah we know!!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[13-10-29]

The lady explains to him how she makes them.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[13-10-37]

Tamaki san asks her to give him one box and as soon as he buys it,

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[13-44-41]

he opens the package and takes one out…

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[13-44-49]

Goes for a bite and well… the photo says it all!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[13-45-33]

“It’s delicious!” he says…

He also says that it smells great, thanks the lady and repeats again that it’s very delicious!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[13-45-51]

Now she is embarrassed a little bit and thanks him back.

He says that the texture is perfect and it’s obvious it’s home made.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[13-46-17]

“This is a great snack!” he says.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[13-59-05]

She bows and thanks him again and they both laugh.

The way he eats the mochi, makes me wanna try one right away!! (>_<)

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[13-57-34]

After finishing the mochi… (Doubt if he really had just one!)
with a plastic bag in his hand which means he bought more…

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[13-59-18]

Tamaki san turns back one more time and asks the lady where her favorite landscape in Kakeromajimais…

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[14-02-10]

And she recommends a place called “kedomi”

“Kedomi… can we walk there?” Tamaki san asks.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[14-02-33]

but the lady says that they have to go by car but it’s not that faraway.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[14-03-58]

He bows, thanks her and says goodbye!!

Heading to Kedomi now!!

(BTW, he also took the coffee he ordered!!)

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[14-05-53]

Climbing the mountains by car for 15 minutes…

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[14-06-51]

here he is with a panorama view of Kakeromajima under his feet!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[14-07-08]

Tamaki san says that the number of trees on the island is amazing.

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[14-16-29]

Too many of them… there is no empty space you can find between them XD

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[14-16-43]

Then walking a few steps toward his right side… he finds a swing!!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[14-17-39]

“It would have been better if it was facing the ocean…”

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[14-17-43]

O_O That would be scary Tamaki san!!

Then he tries sitting on the swing…

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[14-18-15]

Gets ready to swing but before that,

he says that it might break (The branch he menas I guess)

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[14-21-15]

But well.. he goes for it anyway!!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[14-21-23]


第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[14-21-30]

hahahaha one of his cute laughter sounds when he gets excited!!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[14-21-40]

Then he says : “Wonder who made this here…”

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[14-27-59]

then gets off and takes a better look at it…

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[14-28-07]


there is a story behind this tiny swing…

one of the residents made this for his/ her 3 year old daughter…

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[14-30-34]

so that she will never forget this landscape of her hometown.

The story of the swing and the landscape Tamaki san found by accident today,

made him chose this spot as the

kokoro no hikyo #18

What a great decision XD

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[14-31-00]

Still swinging with his head facing teh ocean,

he says that you only get to see the ocean for a second when you swing XD

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[14-30-44]

And also says that it gets scary when you swing on this!!! hehehe and he laughs out loud!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[14-30-47]

After swinging on top of the mountain…

Tamaki san goes back to the ocean again!!

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[14-35-00]

An amazing adventure is waiting for him over there XD

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[14-37-19]

But let’s keep that for the net part of the report…

第20回 鹿児島・奄美~加計呂麻島[14-37-52]

See you soon!!

( ´・ω・`)ノ~バイバイ

End of part 2

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