2 days in Osaka with Shinjirou san… BK Wonderland and the premium talk show!! (Day 1)

Hello my friends and thank you all for supporting this tiny blog all the time ^^
Today I’m not going to write about Hikyo and Tamaki san’s Journey in Kakeromajima!!!

But instead, I will be writing about a very nice and special event in Osaka NHK broadcasting station.

Photo H27-11-03 9 41 53

I’m sure you already know about the NHK asa drama (Morning drama) being broadcasted every morning here in Japan. It’s attracting a lot of attention and has been very successful since the day the broadcasting has started all around the country. It really is a masterpiece and knowing that Tamaki Hiroshi san (Playing the role of Shirooka Shinjirou, Asa chan’s husband) is a part of it, makes me incredibly happy. A perfect step up to the professional acting world at the age of 35! He’s doing a great job and many many good comments and articles related to his wonderful acting skills have been published everywhere on the the web and many TV magazines.

あさが来た (asa ga kita) official home page: http://www.nhk.or.jp/asagakita/index.html

OK… sorry for the long introduction! Let’s get to the point… BK Wonderland!! (2015.10.31~11.3)

Photo H27-11-03 9 19 08

This is an event to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Osaka NHK (BK) and a great chance to promote the Asa drama which is one of the biggest productions of the station right now. Yes… this time the whole process of making the drama takes place in Osaka. As a result, Tamaki san has been living in Osaka since the shooting has started in May 2015.

During the BK Wonderland event, the visitors were able to see many things they usually don’t get to see!!

One of the coolest things was being able to visit the shooting set!!

Photo H27-11-03 9 16 57 (2)

If you have already watched the drama, you know about Kanoya (The money exchange shop which belongs to Shinjirou’s family)

Photo H27-10-31 10 07 29 Screenshot 2015-11-03 09.52.20

This is where Shinjirou san sits down and yawns all the time ^^

Photo H27-10-31 10 07 47

And this is the place where all the clercks and Shinjirou’s father work.

Photo H27-10-31 10 08 04 Screenshot 2015-11-03 09.52.51

And the lovely maneki neko ↑ made by Yono san, Shinjirou’s mother XD

Photo H27-10-31 10 10 06

Oh!! There he is XD

A real size photo stand of Shinjirou san…. hmm but to be honest, this stand is a little bit bigger than the real size XD Standing beside him makes it obvious for you if you had met the real Tamaki Hiroshi in person XD

Photo H27-11-01 12 20 43

On the second day, the staff actually moved the stand and took it out to the front space where visitors can stand beside him and take photos with him XD ↑ I had already done that in Tokyo so I didn’t approach him this time… He was really popular!!

Photo H27-10-31 10 11 47

Taking a closer look at the set, you can see how much effort they have put on making every single detail!!

Photo H27-10-31 10 08 47

Everything looks perfect. All the objects and every single paper and notebook they have on the tables… wow!! IS the only thing I can say!

Photo H27-11-01 12 18 43

and also the coal mine which has not appeared in the drama yet, but we will get to see it soon ^^

Photo H27-10-31 9 17 51

Another fun corner is where the “asae” are!! “asae” is reffered to the fan-made drawings sent by the viewers. Some of them are really great! The sense of humor and the ability to make every dialogue more interesting than it already is… some fans are really good at creating “asae”.

Photo H27-10-31 9 17 36

On a normal routine, the staff will show the drawings to the cast and then hang them on the walls all over their resting room. But during the event, some of the drawings were brought to the main hall and participated in the “asae” exhibition. As a huge surprise, my drawing of Shinjirou san with the shamisen in his hand was chosen as well… O_O Thank you so much!!! That really made me happy!!!

It doesn’t look like him I know! Forgive me for my poor drawing skills >__<

It was so much fun moving around the hall and finding stuff related to the drama… meeting with dear friends and talking about Shinjirou san all the time XD BUT… the main event was the premium talk show!!

Photo H27-10-31 9 33 02
On the first day, Tamaki san and Haru san (Playing the role of Asa in the drama) were the special guests of the event. You could get the tickets to the talk show for free… BUT you had to be interested enough to stay in a long line for hours!!

Thanks to our lovely friends in Kansai area, we managed to get inside the hall and actually sit in the front block, right in front of the stage!! Sitting there for a few minutes and talking to friends made me even more excited…

Then the talk show began as the MC (Sugiura announcer, the person in charge of doing all the narration in the drama) walked into the stage. After a short introduction, sugiura san invited the two guests to step on the stage… but where are they going to enter the hall from?!?! XD One of the most interesting part of events like this….

Then the doors in the back of the hall opened and here they come!!! facing the stage, Haru san started walking the steps down from the right and Tamaki san entered from the stairs on the left side!!! I was sitting on the right side of the hall and as cruel as it may be, I whispered “aaaa only if it was the opposite!!” hehehehehe but they came all the way down the stairs, stood there in the middle of the hall for a few seconds and waved their hands for the audience… and guess what?! They changed places and this time Tamaki san walked toward the right side and Haru san went to the left!!! >__< YES! he passed right next to us while saying hello to everyone and thanking them. XD THANK you!

Tamaki san is of course used to this kind of excitement but Haru san was a little bit shocked hearing all the screaming and shouting in the hall!! XD

As the talk started, they both talked about the responses they have received from people around them, since the day the broadcast of the drama has started. But they both said that they are always here in the broadcasting station’s studio all day long shooting the drama… so they don’t really find the time to discover what people think. Tamaki san said that he receives some good vibes every time he eats outside and the owner of the shop talks to him… and Haru san said that she has been in touch with her family and somehow she added that they are big fans of Godai san!! (Godai is one of the characters in the drama, played by Dean Fujioka)… here Tamaki san looked at her with a serious face and said: “Oi! Give me a break!” hahahaha of course we all laughed including Tamaki san himself. Godai is in a way, Shinjirou’s rival in the drama XD

Then Sugiura san asked Tamaki san about how he sees Haru san as a person. Tamaki san said: “She has a sincere attitude, she is very patient, and she treats everyone without discrimination…” then Haru san stopped him saying: “It’s OK. You don’t have to try so hard!” But Tamaki san continued: “No! You have got your feet on the ground I think!”

Then it was Haru san’s turn to talk about Tamaki san: “He is very reliable and becomes very serious when we are working…” Then looked at him and said: “But he is funny too…” Tamaki san became serious again: “What is funny about me?” hehehe Haru san looked at him with a doubtful face, as if she wanted to ask “Is it OK to say it here?!” She does that very often when they show up on TV or in talk shows like this… as if he knows what you want to say!!! XD Just say it anyway XD and then she continued: “Did you know Tamaki san had never tried eating melon bread because he used to think there is melon inside?!” hahahaha everyone laughed including Tamaki san! But he became serious right away and said: “Why did they even name it like that if there is no melon inside?! I tried eating it after I found out there’s no melon in it and it was actually very delicious!! They should just change the name!!!” hehehehehe well funny thing is, I used to think the same way since last month when I found out that it’s just the shape!!! But well I’m not Japanese XD hehehehe

Then each one of them talked about their roles but I will just translate Tamaki san’s talk. He said that Shinjirou is a very hard character to play. Bringing out the tenderness and keeping the balance was tough for him in the beginning. Based on the story, soon the reason why Shinjirou hates working and being involved in his family business will be relieved. Tamaki san said that it became easier for him to play Shinjirou after he found out about the reason!

Then Sugiura san talked about Haru san’s audition for the drama and how she had to play Sumo (Japanese style wrestling) with another actress during the audition. Seems like the producer liked her a lot and said that he already knew she’s got good qualities but didn’t know she’s got this much will power. Someone from the audience said “Best in Japan!” and somehow Tamaki san followed him shouting: “Best in Japan!”

Then Haru san said that she knew she has to do Sumo, so she went there wearing jeans, easy to move kind of outfit…but somehow Tamaki san said: “Jeans? It’s not easy to move in jeans, is it? I thought you would wear something like training pants… but jeans?!…” But Haru san said that jeans are easy to move with and there’s no way she can go to NHK wearing training pants!!! Also said that there were some girls wearing skirts…Tamaki san laughed and said: “sore wa akan na!” which means that’s not good in kansai dialect!! hehehe he is already using kansai words naturally!

Then they talked about Shinjirou’s shamisen. Tamaki san said that he has been practicing since 2 months before the shooting of the drama starts and it’s really hard because he cannot look at the shamisen when he plays. So he has to figure it out by listening to the sounds he makes. Seems like he was told by his shamisen teacher that he is learning what a normal person would learn in 3 and a half years when they start playing this instrument!!! >__< Just in case you don’t know, the sound you hear in the drama, is all recorded on the set!! So… not a single mistake is allowed!! Very stressful and tough. But Tamaki san said that there will be more shamisen scenes from now on XD I LOVE the way he plays the shamisen… but hearing how tough it is, don’t know if I should be praying for more shamisen playing shinjirou san scenes or not (^_^;)

After that, a VTR was shown on the screen behind them. A selection of the scenes in which Asa says “Bikkuripon” which is known as the phrase she uses a lot and shows her “surprised” feelings. When the VTR Ended, a voice was heard from the audience “CUTE!” But Haru san said: “It’s your imagination!” hehehe everyone laughed but Tamaki san scolded her: “What was that? Accept it and be thankful!” hahahahahahaha he really becomes an older brother sometimes!! She laughed and thanked everyone.

Then right after that, they showed another VTR… a selection of all the scenes in which Shinjirou san is spinning his pouch in the air. If you have not watched the drama yet, it may be hard to imagine XD So I’ll paste a photo:
Screenshot 2015-11-03 14.25.47He does that all the time!! while the VTR was being screened… hm?!?! Somehow… there were many white pouches being spinned in the air… right around the center of the block I was sitting in!! XD hehehehe Tamaki san’s fans had planned all this and made the pouches by themselves to surprise him. Spinning them in the air just like he does XD Tamaki san of course noticed that from the beginning but tried so hard not to laugh or say anything until it’s the best time… when the VTR ended… Tamaki san said: “YES! Spin them more!! it’s getting cool! Bikkuripon ya!!” ahahahahaha!!! Nice mixture of both pouch spinning and bikkuri pon VTRs! XD finally he laughed out loud and the audience of course laughed with him!! But he said that he is not doing that on his own. Every scene Shinjirou spins his pouch, it is written in the script “While spinning his pouch”. Then he said that he is becoming better at spinning it XD And he even taught us the technique and the fans tried it with their handmade pouches right there ^^

After that, they were asked to talk about Miyazaki Aoi chan who plays the role of Asa’s sister, “Hatsu” in the drama.

Haru san said: “She is very quiet and gentle… just like the role she plays…” And Tamaki san said: “She doesn’t talk too much, only when it’s necessary.”  Haru san turned her face toward him and said: “You mean not like me!”  Tamaki san said: “She is mature!” hehehe this didn’t help and Haru san said with a sad-jealous voice: “Again!” Tamaki san tried to fix it so he apologized: “Sorry sorry… It’s because you are the mood maker!” And if you ask me… this didn’t help either XD hehehehehe I love Tamaki san’s stratght forward words! He doesn’t lie…

Then if I’m not mistaken, they talked about the Kanoya set and Sugiura san mentioned that everyone can enter the set and visit the kanoya shop during the event (Just the first 2 days). Seems like they didn’t know that… Tamaki san was surprised so he asked the audience: “You can actually go inside?” Everyone said yes and then he kinda talked to everyone about the details for a few seconds as if he was talking to his old friends… well!! One thing is for sure, it really feels like that if you actually know him and become a member of his fan club. Heartland is the perfect name for Tamaki Hiroshi’s fan club ^^

After that they talked about an important scene… Where the Shinsengumi comes to the shop and wants to borrow money by force, but Asa stands in front of him strongly and speaks her mind even though her legs were shaking out of fear!!

Screenshot 2015-11-03 15.12.31

About that shaking legs XD Haru san actually said that she didn’t know how to do it so he went to Tamaki san before they take that scene and asked for his advice. And when Sugiura san asked Tamaki san what his advice was, he said: “I just played it for her!” I don’t remember if it was Sugiura san or the audience who asked him to show us how… but he stood up and actually played it for us!! O__O It was perfect and he did it without even thinking about it XD

A kiss scene comes right after the shinsengumi scene and Sugiura san wanted to talk about this so bad from the very beginning! She even once actually said: “Don’t change the subject!” to Tamaki san when he almost trid to do so XD hehehehe

Screenshot 2015-11-03 15.12.51

Tamaki san said that the angel was really important and they didn’t want to actually show the kissing scene directly. So he had to be careful about the position of his shoulder and his movements all the time. Haru san also said that shooting a kiss scene is actually really not romantic most of the times!!! XD

I this scene, after kissing Asa, Shinjirou opens the sliding doors, holds Asa in his arms like a princess, takes her into their futon (bed) and then turns back toward the camera, sits down and perfectly closes the sliding door and his shadow fades away… (o´艸`) a breathtaking scene I can say!!!!

Screenshot 2015-11-03 15.21.03

seems like he suggested showing Shinjirou’s shadow taking off his cloths!!! ahahahahaha but it was too much for a morning drama so they didn’t do that!! (^_^;) it’s already too sexy!!
The way he closes the sliding door is pretty amazing. Sugiura san asks him how he can do that perfectly. He said that it wasn’t that hard actually.. he just had to sit on the center of the sliding door’s frame so that he can close it perfectly. hmmm but I’m sure he has practiced it to make it look as perfect as it is!

They also had a very short question corner, answering one question they have received from the audience. Tamaki san’s question was about his Osaka dialect and how he became so good at it. He stood up, greeted the viewer who wrote this question and answered her as he was standing. His manners and the way he is always careful about talking to his audience with respect is a very unique and lovely part of his character. He explained in detail about how he receives the guidance from his teacher and how he listens to audio files and repeats the dialogues to practice his lines.

In the end, they both thanked everyone and talked a little bit about how the story will move on in teh next week. Mostly about the romantic relationship between Asa and Shinjirou…

To be continued!!!! O__O

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