Tamaki Hiroshi’s talk show @Ochanomizu University 2015.11.7

Hello again and this time I’m here with a totally different subject!!

As you may already know, Tamaki san gets invited to many school festivals every year to have a talk show (one hour) for the students of the university. So this time, just as the two last years since I came to Japan, I had the chance to attend the show. Of course I’m not a student of this university but well… Tamaki Hiroshi’s fans will never leave his side! We are always there for him no matter where he goes 🙂

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This was his second time having a talk show in Ochanomizu (All girls) university. But he actually said that he doesn’t remember a thing about the first time (2010).

So the show started with some usual questions about his career and his background. Of course all of you know about it so I will skip most of it… just a few interesting points:

– What kind of a job would you like to do beside acting?

☆ Can’t really think of any. Maybe something related to designing cloths (Fashion) but not really… it will be too hard to start a new career so I guess no other jobs for me.

– Which area’s dialect do you like?

☆ Like the dialect we use in the Asa drama (Senba kotoba) and Kyuushuu area too I guess. Hakata dialect perhaps.

– What are the three major conditions for becoming your girlfriend?

☆ I don’t have any. Not even one. I want her to be free as she is. Don’t expect her to work hard to be something else as long as we can match with each other.

After that, we got to see the teaser of the movie “Seirou no umi” for the first time. In order to make it easier for the audience to see the screen behind them, Tamaki san and the two MC girls (Both students of the same university, one in her first year and one in her second year) moved their chairs to the corner. The two girls were about to sit down but Tamaki san said that the people sitting in the corner can’t see!! He was right… so they all moved to the end corner of the stage and Tamaki san looked at the audience carefully and asked the viewers in the corner: “Can you see? Can you really see from there?” hehehehe so HIM!! He’s always like that.

After the movie trailer, we also got to watch the trailer of “Asa ga kita” on the screen.

After that they moved the chair back to where they were and one funny thing is Tamaki san grabbed his own chair and moved it but someone from the backstage (Another student) ran in to him and took it from him XD hehhehe so he let go of it and let the girl be the one carrying it.

Then they talked a little bit about the movie and the drama which I will skip again… sorry!!

One of the interesting corners is the Q&A corner! All the viewers in the hall, can write down their questions on a piece of paper and put it in the question box. Tamaki san will put his hand inside the box and pick up a question by chance. He always asks the MC to read the question, saying that it ill be weird if he asks the question and answers it by himself!! So he reads the name (or nickname) of the person, she/ he will raise hand (if they are not too shy to do so!) and he will pass the paper to the MC to read the question for him. He answers the question looking at the face of the person who asked it… so it really is a challenging thing to do XD

I will write down as many as I remember and get help from the report of my dear Japanese friends to remember more.

– I sweat a lot recently. Are you OK with girls who sweat a lot?! (Hahaha what a nice start!)
☆ I don’t mind seeing the natural and hard working face of her, but it depends on the level of the smell! (Laughs)
– What’s the secret of staying young?
☆ Let your body age appropriately. I think It’s better to let things go as they naturally should. I used to pretend to be older when I was young but now that I’mm 35, I never try to look younger or older. But I get rid of the stress by focusing on my hobby.

– What type of a student were you, when you were in Junior high school? (A question from a person who is studying in Junior high school)

☆I decided to become an actor when I was in Junior high and took the audition for another office back then. We came to Tokyo for our field trip and that was when I decided to come live in Tokyo one day. (Tamaki san was born and raised in Nagoya)

– Tell us about your fashion today.

☆ I always choose and wear my own cloths for school festivals. And it costs me a lot of money you know! (Everyone laughed) My pants are from RICK OWENS, And the knit is from DRIES VAN NOTEN → (http://www.buyma.com/item/18347507/)

-You were holding a cat in your arms in a scene from the asa drama. What happened to your cat allergy?

☆ It’s work. I had to do it. But I HATE cats!! If I touch them, I should avoid touching my eyes no matter what. And I have to wash my hands right away. There are times I keep sneezing of course.

– How do you memorize your lines?

☆ I do it at home. In a totally silent situation. There are some people who go to a cafe for study or work… but I can never do that. I don’t listen to music and of course I never turn on the TV. Otherwise I cannot keep them in my mind.

– What would you want to do if the world was about to end tomorrow?!

☆ There’s really nothing I would like to change about my life. I’ll probably stay away from the people I dislike and try to spend the last hours with someone I care for. Or anyone I think it’s nice to be with (Laughs) I love yakiniku (Korean BBQ) so I’d rather eat that… But don’t want to eat alone. With others of course. Or nabe (Hot pot) with everyone if it’s cold!

– What’s the most important thing in (your) life?

☆Not committing any kind of crime!! (Laughs) Live decently. Even during the tough times, if you think “This is the toughest period”, you can manage to get over it by working hard.

– A memory with the strongest impression on you?
☆ The other day we had to shoot a scene for “asa ga kita”. It was almost the first time I actually talked to Miyake san (Playing the role of Kisuke in the drama) and there was this scene where we were both running and suddenly I stop and Miyake san bumps into me and falls down on the ground. When we were shooting, he bumped into me and the minute he fell down, I heard his farting sound!! (ahahahahaha!!! We all busted out laughing!!) but that made us laugh and all the nervous feelings we had because of our first meeting, were all gone in a moment.  XD
– Tamaki san has a very masculine body if he takes of his cloths… (・・;) Had any of your outfits been ripped off because of your masculine body?!  (What kind of a question was that?! hehe)
☆(a little bit confused) Of course none of them has been ripped off because of that. But once when we were shooting Nodame, the white shirt I was wearing under my Jacket was too tight I couldn’t move my arms up freely. So the staff cut the back of the shirt,  in a way that it won’t be noticeable after wearing the jacket on it. (BTW, he mentioned that he weights 71kgs right now ^^)

– During the food eating scenes in the drama, is there actually real food inside the bowls?
☆It’s all real and very delicious. The staff who worked on the shooting set of the drama “gochisousan” actually prepare all the food for these scenes. In order to make the situation real, we eat some of it before we start shooting. They always prepare a lot in case we have NG takes. So there are even times when we get to eat some during the breaks we have.

(The person who asked this question was sitting next to me!!! So he was looking at us all the time while answering the question… O__O Hard to breath!!!)

– When the shooting of the asa drama ends, is there a reward you want to give to yourself?

☆It won’t end anytime soon, guess I will come back to Tokyo in Spring. hmmm well I will let my body rest a little bit. But of course I have to start preparing for the next job as well (Here one of the MC girls asked him if he is tired…) No! I never say I’m tired. Even if I am, I never say it. It will just make you feel even more tired, right? (I love this way of thinking!)

After the Q&A corner ended, he picked up 3 seat numbers out of a box and three lucky ladies won his sign with their own names written beside it. Going up to the stage, saying their names, have him write it down for them, get the sign, shake his hand and then coming down. A few magical seconds you will never forget XD
Sorry if it wasn’t as detailed as it should be. Hope you enjoyed reading.
I’m gong to another talk show next week and I hope I can find the time to write about that one as well.

Take care and see you soon!

( ´・ω・`)ノ~バイバイ

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