Tamaki Hiroshi’s talk show @Tokyo Kasei gakuin University 2015.11.15

Hello my friends! As I had told you before as well, last weekend on November 15th, I had a chance to attend Tamaki san’s talk show at Tokyo Kasei Gakuin University.

This time, the hall was much huger than the last one and had a capacity of 1400 people!! And the great thing is, the tickets were SOLD OUT! XD

Of course… that’s no surprise if the guest is Tamaki Hiroshi!!

Photo H27-11-22 13 37 45

I was sitting close to the exit door on the center of the hall. Was expecting Tamaki san to enter the hall from the back, but surprisingly, he used the center exit to enter the hall… too bad he entered from the right side and I was sitting on the left (・・;) But he was pretty close so I was totally satisfied ^^

After the loud screams and excitement of the young audience (The university students) he went up to the stage and stood beside the two girls who were in charge of the MC job on that day. Both very young and one of them (The one standing in the middle, next to Tamaki san) could hardly read anything on her notes because she was too nervous XD That was cute and got even better when Tamaki san teased her in a big brother like way.

So, just like the other show in Ochanomizu University, the two MC girls started the talk by asking Tamaki san a few common questions in the beginning. The nervous girl was not used to using the microphone and she was keeping it too far away from her mouth we couldn’t hear what she says, Tamaki san kept looking at her for a few seconds and then said: “I think you better hold the microphone a little bit closer to your mouth.” hehehe XD and had to repeat that a few more times after that.
Anyway going to the questions (I’ll just write about a few):

Q. What do you expect from your marriage partner?
★ Someone I can talk to in an equal basis, a person who has common interests with me…

The MC girls reaction was a proof that they probably didn’t even understand what he is talking about which shows how young an inexperienced they are… (^_^;) but then Tamaki san asked them “What do  YOU want in your partner?” and one of them said: “Kindness! Someone who doesn’t get mad very often… someone who can forgive me right away even when I mess things up!”  And Tamaki san said that that’s an ipmortant thing as well.


Q. Among the countries you have visited until now, is there any country with a strong impression on you?

★ The first time I went to a foreign country, it was a trip to Hawai with my family when I was 20. And after that when I was 24, I went to Africa (Ethiopia) to shoot a TV program called “sekai ururun taizaiki (世界ウルルン滞在記)” and right after a few minutes passes by in that show, I get naked!! (In the show, all the male members of the family used to sleep in one room and completely naked!!) It was a trip full of cultural shocks and unknown life habits. But I think the person I am now, I can bear with many things I faced back then, much better than how I did in the past. So it’s a place I would like to visit one more time if I can.

Then he did the same thing again and asked the two girls a question: “Where do you want to go?” Seems like the girl has never been outside the country. “Europe!” she replied… then Tamaki san said: “I see… Well France seems to be facing a hard time right now…” The two girls were frozen for a few seconds… probably forgotten about the terror accident in Paris… then one immediately replied: “Oh! Because of the current events!” in Japanese she said  jiji neta and Tamaki san used the chance to tease her and said chichi neta? (^_^;)  Everyone laughed and the girls were embarrassed… he was trying to break the ice and I guess he just made the girls more nervous XD


Q. Is there any other job you want to do beside voice acting…

Here Tamaki san stopped her and said “Voice acting?!” (In Japanese it’s Seiyuu: Voice actor and Haiyuu: Actor, seems like the girl messed up the kanji and read haiyuu as seiyuu (^_^; ) Then Tamaki san said: “I’m an actor you know! I do voice acting as well but my main career is acting…” hahahahaha well everyone laughed XD Then he continued: “There are other things like taking photos or making cloths I have interests in, but as a lifetime job career, I cannot think of any other job but acting.”


Then just like the other talk show in Ochanomizu, two videos were displayed on the big screen behind them. Again they moved to the corner with their chairs but Tamaki san recommendded not to sit on the chairs because the audience couldn’t watch if they did. Just like the week before, he was careful about that. The PR videos for the movie “Seiro no umi” and the NHK asa drama “asa ga kita” were displayed with a short pause.

After that, they talked about asa ga kita a little bit… but before he starts, Tamaki san asked the audience to raise their hand if they are currently watching the drama… and wow… more than 80% raised their hands and I could see it in his face at that moment, that he was very happy to see this scenery.

Next was the Question box corner. The audience write down their own questions and put them inside the box. Tamaki san picked up the first one by random:

Q. What was the most surprising thing (bikkuri pon, as it is said in the drama by asa) for you this year?

★ Right now I’m living in Osaka. I had never expected myself to live in Osaka for such a long time at the age I am now (Tamaki san moved to Osaka in May, right before the shooting of the NHK asa drama starts. And he will be living there until next year’s February T__T) Life in Osaka has so many good things with it of course… but there are some unfortunate things as well. I cannot live my life in my own pace as I used to do, and all my friends are in Tokyo as well. I wasn’t expecting it to be this long so it might be the most surprising thing for me this year! (He looked kinda sad when he said that but I’m sure he is enjoying Osaka in his own way ^^ Tamaki sa ganbare ♡ !!)


Q. Picking up the question and reading the name, he also happened to see the question and after passing the paper to the MC girl, his hand went into the box again while saying: That’s not a question…”Are you OK?” it says… YES! I’m OK! **hahahahahaha!!! Looked cute when he said that!!**


Q.  I happened to drink more than I should the other night and fell down, and hit my head hard when I was walking in the street. I had to go to the hospital and take a CT!! Have you ever had a bad accident because of drinking alcohol?

★ (With eyes wide open!) Are you OK?! Did you bleed?! Nothing went wrong after that? (Kept asking questions like that with a surprised but very kind tone in his voice!) Well that’s good to hear. As for me, I haven’t had anything like an accident for the last 10 years. The last time something like that happened was on my 24th birthday. In a very short time, 100 of my friends gathered for my birthday party and that made me so happy I lost my mind and kept drinking tequila like an idiot. Guess I drank 4 bottles all by myself… But after there was no more tequila, I switched to Vodka… I’m not really good with Vodka. I don’t remember what happened after that… (Well if you are his fan, you probably know what happened after that!! XD )


Q.  If you were born once again, will you become an actor again?

★ I’m fine with the person I am now. I never though about becoming someone else… So if it happens, I think I want it to be the way it is now. Even though I regret not studying good enough when I was young.


Q. What was the last movie you watched in a movie theater?

★ It was a looong time ago… what was the titel? I can’t remember the title (Trying so hard to remember…) “Ryuzo and the Seven Henchmen”. Kondou masaomi san who is playing the role of my father in the drama now, appears in the movie… so I went to watch it. It was 6 months ago so I haven’t watched anything in the movies for almost half a year. Well I have the movies at home now (a Movie room perhaps?) but it’s in my house in Tokyo.


Q.  Is there a habit you would like to change in yourself?

★ The way I laugh at something, even if it’s a really interesting thing, I always make a sound and laugh from my nose **Hehehehe yeah you do!!** Haru chan (Haru is the actress playing the role of Asa, his wife, in the drama) always says that I should stop that because some people may find that offensive! But even if you want to, you cannot change your way of laughing right? She also has her own way of laughing. When she is laughing really hard, from the bottom of her heart, she opens her mouth and laughs without making a single sound… like this (Here he imitated Haru chan’s laughter and made us all laugh) I asked her if she can change this and she said that she can’t.  See? You cannot do that XD

The one girl who was nervous in the beginning, made many mistakes and was nervous until the end. Tamaki san said: “Are you OK?” many times when she was almost silent for seconds. He actually lowered his head and looked at her face XD He was kinder than ever even when he was teasing her. He could feel that she is very nervous. Well it helped her or made her even more nervous, I don’t know XD But he is always a sadist and he was not on that day…


After the Question BOX corner ended, Tamaki san picked up the numbers of 5 seats from another box randomly. The 5 lucky winners went up to the stage, said their names, shook his hand and got his sign with their own names right beside Tamaki san’s sign. One of the winners was a young boy!! I think he was 10 or something… Tamaki san actually sat down and made his body’s height equal to the young man and shook his hand. NICE!


Thank you for reading this report until the end. There are always many things said in an event like this but there is no record left and all I can rely on is my own memory and the Japanese reports written by my dear friends. Wish I could write more but this is all I can remember. Hope you enjoyed!!

Thanks again and see you soon!!

( ´・ω・`)ノ~バイバイ

4 thoughts on “Tamaki Hiroshi’s talk show @Tokyo Kasei gakuin University 2015.11.15

    • Thank you for the comment 🙂

      Well back then on his 24th Birthday party, he got really drunk after having the vodka, and left the party without telling anyone because it was too hot inside! Then his friends noticed that he is not around and panicked. They searched for him and well, they found him sitting in between two vending machines, sleeping there! It was a cold January night and he was wearing a T-shirt!!! So he probably tucked himself between the two vending machines producing sone heat, and fell asleep. He doesn’t remember any of this. It’s all based on what his friends told him later 🙂


      • Ohhhh なるほど。 説明は ありがとう。 I’m a relatively new fan of Tamaki and trying to look for all subbed videos and translations on him. Which is quite hard to find (ざんねんね) and that’s why I appreciate your contributions so much!



      • Thank you for choosing this blog ^^ I don’t know much about videos and dubbed versions, so I cannot help in that field (・_・; But I always try to share the new things I learn about him here on my blog or on my FB fanpage ^^ これからもよろしくお願いします!


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