Setonaikai islands, Kagawa prefecture (1)

Hello and welcome back!! Forgive for always being slow but well as you already know, I will always come back with something no matter what XD

Today I will be writing about Tamaki Hiroshi san’s journey to three islands in the setonaikai (Seto inland sea) → Megijima, Ogijima and Teshima (Kagawa Prefecture).

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[08-56-02]

There are actually 3000 islands in the Seto inland sea, including the tiny inhabitant islands.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[09-36-16].JPG

In order to get to the islands, Tamaki san needs to get on a ferry at the port of Takamatsu in Kagawa prefecture.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[09-36-42].JPG

As he enters the port, Tamaki san says that it’s a well-made and lively port. It’s probably because there are many islands in setonaikai and many visitors use this port to access them.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[09-43-02].JPG

He greets the people working at the port and then gets on the ferry.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[09-44-56].JPG

(Looking at the ferry from outside, he says that it looks cute XD )

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[09-46-21].JPG

OK! Heading to Megijima, Tamaki san starts his journey in Setonaikai.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[09-46-54].JPG

During his 20 minutes stay on the ferry…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[09-47-50].JPG

Tamaki san has a chat with the other travelers and asks a man about Megijima.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[09-48-11].JPG

The man says that it’s an island with a legend, the Oni (Demon) island. 100 years ago, they “made” a legend about the demon living in this island.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[09-48-27].JPG

Tamaki san laughs while saying that a legend is something that must be transferred to the next generation by word of mouth.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[09-55-33].JPG

But actually “Making” it 100 years ago is another interesting thing XD

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[09-55-53].JPG

There’s even a statue of a cute demon saying welcome to the travelers who enter the island riding on the ferry.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[09-59-33].JPG

But somehow… his face is heading toward the island and not the ferry!!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[09-59-18].JPG

Tamaki san of course notices that as he always sticks to the tiniest details and asks questions about them XD So he says: “Why is it facing Megijima… it should be facing the opposite direction, right?”

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[09-59-40].JPG

But then he starts thinking and wonders if there’s a reason XD

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[09-59-51].JPG

Then when they pass it and he looks at it from a distance, he says: “But it looks pretty good from here… Somehow looks like the Statue of Liberty in New York!!” XD

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-00-01].JPG

hahahahahaha always says the best things!!

Getting off the ferry and starting his journey in Megijima, Tamaki san finds an amazing stone wall which he says it reminds him of Okinawa.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-06-53].JPG

He enters the narrow road to take a look around.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-07-06].JPG

Seems like he is interested in the stone wall XD

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-12-58].JPG

Then as they are shooting, an old man appears from the other side and Tamaki san greets him with a hello and explains to him that they are shooting a TV show.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-13-20].JPG

The old man is surprised and still has no idea what’s going on.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-14-56].JPG

Tamaki san gets closer to him and as he stands beside him,

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-15-06].JPG

the old man looks at his face and says: “You’re one good looking man!!” 

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-15-17].JPG

ahahahaha!!! Tamaki san shakes his head as he always do and denies it… but the old man doesn’t give up and continues: “You have a beautiful face!”

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-15-27].JPG

hehehehe this time Tamaki san becomes a little bit embarrassed and laughs in a very cute way !! (You can hear the staff laughing behind the camera!)

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-17-35].JPG

He wants to change the subject as soon as he can so he asks the old man if he was born and raised in Megijima, but he says that he has lived here for 27 years and he is actually from Takamatsu. Then Tamaki san asks him about the stone walls and the reason why they have built such strong walls here.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-40-19].JPG

The old man explains that the walls are made to avoid the strong winds and the waves.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-40-26].JPG

Seems like they have very strong winds blowing here in the island during the winter time.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-42-44].JPG

Then he keeps talking and taking about the winds and the walls and what would have happened if the walls were not built…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-44-03].JPG

Tamaki san of course keeps listening to him but then the old man stops, looks at him and says: “Maybe I shouldn’t be talking too much, right?”

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-44-13].JPG

hehehehehe he is adorbale!!! Tamaki san immediately says: “No it’s alright. You just talked to us about some very useful info!”  and then laughs kindly.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-03-31].JPG

Leaving the old man, Tamaki san starts walking again and finds a field of corn with an old lady working on it.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-03-46].JPG

He greets the lady and asks her if she works here all by herself, and she says yes!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-04-27].JPG

“Must be tough!!” Tamaki san says!! and the lady says that there are more than 4500 of them she has to take care of!!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-08-21].JPG

Then the lady shows him the baby corns she is holding in her hand and tells him that they can be eaten raw.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-08-52].JPG

He is surprised and then asks him: “Where are these baby corns?” (On the plants he means) and the lady gets inside the field to show him where the baby corns grow on the plants.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-21-49].JPG

Then Tamaki san joins her in the field after getting the lady’s permission.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-22-04].JPG

The lady explains to him while showing him the plants.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-23-55].JPG

It’s hard to pull the baby corns out without damaging them. It’s a tough job after all.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-26-45].JPG

Then she pulls one tiny corn out and hands it to Tamaki san.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-30-00].JPG

He holds it in his hand for the camera, so that  we can see it clearly.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-30-17].JPG

The baby corn is inside…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-29-47].JPG

Then the lady peels off the skin for him…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-30-37].JPG

and it becomes a real baby corn you usually get to see!!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-30-53].JPG

Tamaki san goes for a bite…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-31-02].JPG

It’s sweet he says and it has a very nice texture in your mouth which makes it even tastier.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-31-20].JPG

The lady tells him about the tough process of getting the corns ready for sale and Tamaki san once again says that it must be really tough!!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-44-17].JPG

Then she also says that she used to do the same kind of job in Takamatsu until she was 69 but then she moved here more than 10 years ago… and now she is 81…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-44-11].JPG

Tamaki san is surprised and asks: “81?” and they both laugh!! He is amazed to see how she can do such a tough job like this despite being 81!!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-45-11].JPG

As he thanks her and is about to leave, the lady asks him where he is planning to go after this, and he just tells her that they are planning to have a walk around and decide where to go as they move around. 

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-45-40].JPG

Then he asks her if she has any recommendations for them and she tells him that they better go to the Kaigan street and go all the way to beach.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-46-52].JPG

Tamaki san thanks her once more, bows, says goodbye and starts walking again holding the baby corns he received from her in his hands.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-49-27].JPG

Next he goes to the beach.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-49-35].JPG

Walking on the beach, he finds two kids playing on the sands with their mother.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-52-49].JPG

He gets close to them and says hi and asks if he can have a short chat with them and of course the lady says it’ alright.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-53-59].JPG

The two kids seem to be a little bit uncomfortable at first…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-54-22].JPG

Then he asks them what they are doing and when he looks at the sands and see what they have drawn on the ground, he says: “Playing hopscotch?” And while the kids are still silent, their mother says yes XD

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-59-39].JPG

Then Tamaki san asks her (Matsuuchi san) if she is from Megijima and she says yes. And then they talk about how quiet and nice this place is.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[12-04-55].JPG

Then Tamaki san says that it must be safe for the kids to play around here since you get to see them wherever they go and also says that it’s nice to have so many places you can use as your playground.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[12-07-11].JPG

Their mother agrees and says that it’s like they have so many relatives around and they always look after the kids. Tamaki san says: “I bet they are all very kind people.” 

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[12-07-18].JPG

Then Tamaki san asks Matsuuchi san how many kids there are on this island and surprisingly she replies: “Just my two kids!” O_O They even have a great school on the island but since there are no students, it’s closed, and her children should go all the way to Takamatsu to go to school!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[12-47-36].JPG

The little girl (Akari chan) is now 7 and in her sceond year of elementary school and the young man (Hinata kun)is 5.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[14-47-50].JPG

Tamaki san points at Takamatsu at the other side of the waters and says that it’s clearly visible from here…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[12-55-58].JPG

But even being this close, going there by the ferry everyday must be tough for the kid.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[12-58-02].JPG

Then Matsuuchi san says that  it’s a great day and the air is really clean and the weather is perfect. Tamaki san agrees saying that it feels wonderful and it’s a perfect day for walking around…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[13-01-28].JPG

Then she points at the top of a  mountain in the distance and says that there is an even better place up there… an observation deck on top of the mountain…

Tamaki san is interested and says: “Maybe I’ll go take a look around!”

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[13-01-40].JPG

Then he looks at the two kids and says:

“Let’s all go together? Will you come with me?!”

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[13-01-54].JPG


The two kids look at him with confused impressions on their faces…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[13-02-07].JPG

but Hinata kun says: “OK!” And Akari chan moves her head down which means OK!

And Tamaki san says: “Take me there then!!” XD hahahahaha young guides for free!!!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[13-11-10].JPG

Hinata kun says: “OK… It’s too far!” and starts running with her sister accompanying him!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[13-11-15].JPG

Then Tamaki san looks at their mother and asks: “Do you have time?” hehehe you should have asked that before hiring the young guides!!! But Matsuuchi san laughs and says it’s fine.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[13-11-20].JPG

So they get on the bus!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[13-12-08].JPG

No one else is riding…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[13-12-50].JPG

so it’s more like a private vehicle for them!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[13-12-33].JPG

As they reach to the hillside and get off the bus…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[13-16-34].JPG

The two kids start climbing the stairs in a blink of an eye!

Both Tamaki san and their mother say that they are too fast!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[13-17-46].JPG

and both laugh out loud XD

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[13-18-33].JPG

As they are walking, Akari chan points at a cave and says:
“Look there’s a cave here!” of course she is showing it to Tamaki san since it’s his first time here.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[13-18-41].JPG

There are lots of statues of demon inside the cave, made by the children living on the island.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[13-21-04].JPG

The shapes are very interesting.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[13-21-17].JPG

Well they don’t get inside because the goal is the observation deck!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[13-24-16].JPG

The deck is placed right on top of the cave.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[13-24-35].JPG

And here they are!

Finally there…

“We’re here… the goal!”

says Tamaki san while climbing the last step to the observation deck.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[13-24-49].JPG

What a great view!!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[13-27-14].JPG

The four of them stand there enjoying the landscape.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[13-27-23].JPG

Tamaki san says: “Look! Many birds flying over there!”

And Akari chan says: “That’s true… We are standing even higher than the birds!”

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[13-27-30].JPG

Then as they are enjoying the peaceful view, somehow…

Akari chan says:
“Have you ever fallen down from here?”

O__O Why is she wondering about such thing?!?!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[13-30-11].JPG

Her mother is surprised and kinda scared maybe, then she says: “No! I have not…” But Tamaki san keeps looking at her with a smile and says with a very calm tone: “That’s not good… thinking about something like that, it’s probably impossible…”

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[13-35-56].JPG

And Akari chan who is probably seriously thinking about giving it a try XD says: “eeee!” then her mother says: “It’s impossible… you will get hurt if you do that!” 

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[13-36-38].JPG

And then Tamaki san says: “Right! I was actually thinking about jumping down too… right before we reach the top… but well I gave up…”  hehehehe!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[13-37-18].JPG

I think he will become a cool father one day, being able to keep calm even if his children say crazy stuff and letting them do as they want to try new things… but jumping from a mountain is scary even for a cool dad!! XD

Back to the port…

it’s time to say goodbye to the kids and their mother.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[13-56-47].JPG

Tamaki san high fives both Hinata kun and Akari chan,

thanks their mother again… and walks away while waving his hand for them in the air…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[13-57-06].JPG

Even after getting on the ferry,

they keep waving for each other…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[13-57-43].JPG

And Tamaki san looks at them with a warm smile and says goodbye to Megijima…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[13-57-56].JPG

heading to the next destination:


第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[13-58-08].JPG

Looking at the houses on the island… Tamaki san says that all the houses are facing the ocean… so they probably have a great view of the sea from their windows!!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[14-00-11].JPG

Tamaki san gets off the ferry in Ogijima and continues his journey…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[14-01-30].JPG

But if you don’t mind, I would like to leave that for the next part of the report… Sorry m(_ _)m

Stay tuned cause more and more good stories are about to follow!!

予告 第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[13-20-10].JPG

See you soon… ( ´・ω・`)ノ~バイバイ


End of part 1


2 thoughts on “Setonaikai islands, Kagawa prefecture (1)

  1. Thank you for the wonderful reports. I just went to these two islands last month (because Tamaki san was there of course). I really enjoyed the trip to the lovely islands.


    • Wow! That’s super cool!! I’m also dreaming of going there on a trip but I have no idea when I can actually make it happen 😀 thank you so much for your comment snd also for sharing your experience! It must be a wonderful place!!


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