Setonaikai islands, Kagawa prefecture (2)

Hello and I’m back!! Feels like it’s been ages since the last time I wrote on this blog ヽ(´Д`;)ノ sorry!!!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[21-57-02]

OK, a long pause between the first and second part of the English report but I hope you remember the details about Tamaki san’s journey in the Setonaikai islands… first he visited Megijima, and now he is heading to Ogijima!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[21-57-26]

Let’s follow him around!

Tamaki san arrives at the island…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[22-01-51]

gets off the boat and starts wondering around the port…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[22-05-39]

as usual, nice smell of roasted meat attracts him and leads him to a small marketplace where a man is making grilled octopus on a tiny BBQ set!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[22-05-51]

As soon as he gets there and looks at the BBQ set he becomes surprised… Well the reason is, they roast the octopus alive!!! yeah I know (・・;)

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[22-08-15]

He looks at the octopus and says:

“You roast them as it is?… That’s octopus, right?”

Yes! the lady answers (^_^;)

“Uh-oh!” Tamaki san says and laughs!

Then the man arrives with an octopus in his hand >__<

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[22-20-22]

★★OK… a confession to make!! I hate this part and up until now, I have always just listened and hardly watched the parts when they roast the poor animal on fire like that… but today I will take snapshots and share it with you… sorry and just skip if you dislike it!★★

Tamaki san asks him what kind of a tako (Octopus) it is and the man says “Madako”. “Common octopus” in English.

Then he asks the man if it’s tastier to eat it roasted and not raw, and the man says that it’s also very tasty when it’s raw.

He takes out the internals and then drops the octopus on the hot plate!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[22-23-57]

they add spices and let the octopus get roasted on the fire.

They call this jigoku yaki (Hell Grilled)!! Really can’t understand the concept of doing such thing but well… no coments!!! hehehehe

Tamaki san says “uwaa…”, “wow!” and things like that a few times while watching…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[22-20-38]

Then as the meat is roasted, the man asks him if he would like to try some and he says yes.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[22-26-01]

He goes for a bite… well it’s too hot (^_^;)

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[22-28-49]

but he totally likes the taste and says that the salt is just the amount it should be and the meat is very soft and tender. “It’s VERY tasty!” he confirms!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[22-29-08]

He keeps eating and then he looks at the staff and says with a cute smile: “This tako is super delicious!” hehehehe!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[22-35-06]

And the man keeps putting more in his plate and he keeps eating and then says: “It’s wanko dako!” XD

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[22-35-26]

Wanko soba is a style of soba which is served in many small bowls. As you finish the soba in your bowl, they fill it again for you with a bowl of soba!! Well this tako roasting old man is also doing the same for Tamaki san ^^ That’s why he calls it wanko dako (Octopus)

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[22-52-00]

He laughs, eats more, and once again looks this way and says:

“It’s so delicious!!”

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[22-52-32]

The old man (Katsuyoshi san) is 69 years old but seems like he caught the octopus by himself!! He actually says that he is a Diver and then points at the illustration on his small wagon and says: “This is me!”

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[22-59-26]
Tamaki san says right away: “Isn’t that a woman?” hahahahaha as expected from him… saying whatever comes to his mind right away XD

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[23-04-24]

Everyone laughs XD

Then Tamaki san becomes interested in the small wagons everyone has here…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[23-04-48]

He asks Katsuyoshi san whether they all make these wagons by themselves but he tells him that there’s a company making them all!

Then he goes to an old lady selling food and checks out her wagon.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[23-09-58]

She explains to him that she has it made in Baby carriage style so she can put stuff inside the wagon and moves it around easily. And she can also use it as a table for when she is selling her products at the marketplace!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[23-11-59]

Tamaki san looks carefully while listening to the explanation and I think he likes the idea…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[23-15-31]

Onba, is a kind of wheelbarrow, but designed in a very cute and handy way. You can actually find lots of them around the island…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[23-15-44]

Now who is making it and where does the idea come from?
Tamaki san is about to figure it out…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[00-08-50]

So he is now heading to the factory where they make the Onba!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[00-02-35]

On the way, a cute little girl who was running on the narrow road in front of him, suddenly changes her way after seeing the filming staff and runs to another way XD

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[00-04-54]

hehehehe she looks at him and says something and he says: “Byebye!” hehehehe!!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[00-05-13]

Unnecessary info but cute!! (^_^;)

Sorry… back to the onba subject!!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[21-58-46]

He keeps walking and then he finally arrives at the place!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[21-59-22]

hmmm it says “Onba Cafe”

Tamaki san is surprised since he was expecting to see a factory.

Seems like they also have a small cafe here.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[21-59-33].JPG

Tamaki san gets inside and greets everyone.

A group of visitors sitting in the courtyard…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[22-00-24].JPG

And here’s the workshop… where they make the Onba!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[22-00-37].JPG

Tamaki san greets the 2 men working inside the workshop,

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[22-03-28].JPG

and says that he has been walking around the island and has found many of these interesting Onba all around the town…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[22-04-22].JPG

Tamaki san asks them how they came up with the idea of making the Onba, and the man (Ooshima san, the presenter of the factory) explains for him, that they once attended the Art festival which was being held in the island in 2010…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[22-14-32].JPG

They borrowed an Onba from an old lady, and presented that as an artistic project during the festival. And they have been doing the same kind of business since that day!

Then Ooshima san takes Tamaki san to another room where they have the photos of their products on the wall…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[22-16-16].JPG

The interesting thing is that they have the photos of the owners as well…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[22-20-49].JPG

and also the reason why they ordered the Onba and details about how they wanted to use them!!!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[22-21-02].JPG

Ooshima san says that the old ladies love their Onba and they normally brag about them for their friends XD

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[22-21-12].JPG

Tamaki san laughs…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[22-24-01].JPG

The way Ooshima san talks about his customers and his Onba designs, makes it clear for you how much he is enjoying his job!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[22-23-33].JPG

Then he shows Tamaki san one of the great designs… A mobile library!! Seems like it becomes like a shelf and they can put books on it and move around the town.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[22-24-14].JPG

Tamaki san says that it reminds him of “kami shibai” (picture‐story show) which still existed when he was a child. Kami shibai is something like this:

kami shibai

Of course Tamaki san is not that old but this is the old version XD

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[22-37-21].JPG

After that, they enter another room where they keep their products and wow…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[22-37-37].JPG

a very interesting type of Onba XD

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[22-38-40].JPG

Tamaki san is interested…

The movement is based on the movements of a worm and its name is Caterpillar Onba!!

Designed for kids XD

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[22-38-52].JPG

Tamaki san is totally into it and finds out how it works right away…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[22-39-13].JPG

Then tries moving it with an excited face!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[22-41-28].JPG

Then another design!!! This time a Ladybug!!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[22-41-35].JPG

It’s so cute and Tamaki san laughs out loud as soon as he sees it!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[22-41-44].JPG

The kids can use it to hide their candies and move them around with them. I would have wanted one if I was 5!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[22-14-50].JPG

Then as they go back to the yard, Tamaki san asks Ooshima san where he is originally from and he says that he is from Takamatsu.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[22-15-31].JPG

He came here for the art festival and started to like the place more and more…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[22-17-01].JPG

Tamaki san looks around them and says that the island really is a very beautiful place and being able to look at the sea like this is another great thing about it…

Hearing that, while looking at Tamaki san’s face, Ooshima san says:

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[22-18-43].JPG

“There’s a place nearby where you can have a better view of the sea…

Do you wanna go there?”

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[23-19-22].JPG

And Tamaki san says: “Of course! Could you please show us the way?”

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[23-19-34].JPG

And without a single word, Ooshima san starts walking and Tamaki san looks at the staff and then follows Ooshima san!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[23-24-14].JPG

They go to the back door and leave the yard…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[23-24-50].JPG

As always, Tamaki san looks around as much as he can and finds a very old carriage being hung on the wall…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[23-26-06].JPG

He points at it with his hand while laughing XD

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[23-24-56].JPG

They keep walking in the narrow roads of the village…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[23-26-11].JPG

they pass a great stone wall…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[23-30-42].JPG

and they reach a house which is under construction,

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[23-30-50].JPG

the stairs are steep and kinda scary to climb up…

But Ooshima san says that the old ladies living here,

use these stairs to climb up and down everyday!!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[23-31-03].JPG

Amazing (^_^;)

Tamaki san says that they are very steep and Ooshima san agrees, saying that climbing up maybe alright but coming down should be scary!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[23-32-26].JPG

They keep walking again and finally reach the steps which lead them to Toyotama hime shrine.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[23-35-56].JPG

Steep stairs again XD

The two men climb up the stairs and as they climb half of the way…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[23-36-03].JPG

Ooshima san asks Tamaki san to stop and turn around…

he does as Ooshima san tells him and… wow!!!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[23-36-17].JPG

You can see the ocean without anything being on your way…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[23-36-59].JPG

and according to Ooshima san,

the sunset can be clearly seen from this certain spot!!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[23-36-40].JPG

Seems like the average age of the residents of this island has been up to 79.8 years old until recently!  But as some younger people has decided to move back into the island lately, according to last year’s records, now the average age is 75… well better than before >__< But still very old!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[23-43-02].JPG

Thanks to this… the schools were opened again and the kids living on the island can easily go to school here…

It’s a good sign and as Tamaki san says,

it shows that something is about to change on this island very soon!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[23-43-16].JPG

Hope good things keep happening for them ^^


After saying goodbye to Ooshima san,

Tamaki san starts walking around the island by himself again…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[09-48-35].JPG

On his way… he encounters a cat walking toward him from the other side,

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[09-48-42].JPG

he claps his hands…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[09-51-10].JPG

3 times…

I wonder if he wants to get his attention or make him run away… but neither happens XD He even stretches his hand toward him, but the cat completely ignores him!!!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[09-51-22].JPG

“This cat is sooo used to having people around!!”

hehehe well imagining the shooting team which has almost 10 people walking behind him, yeah the cat must be really used to having them around!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[09-51-29].JPG

Then another cat…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[09-55-25].JPG

Tamaki san looks at him and passes him with a distance…

Yeah if you have read my report from the school festival last month, you probably know that he is not that great with cats… hehehe well… he hates them he said XD because of his allergy…

Sorry Tamaki san but Ogijima is also called “nekojima” which means “The cats island” XD

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[09-55-39].JPG

He keeps walking…

and again…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[09-57-57].JPG

He looks down and another cat…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[09-59-41].JPG

But this time he almost runs away…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[09-59-33].JPG

Changes his way and then laughs in a hysterical way XD

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[09-59-45].JPG

Too many of them in one spot!! Too much for him XD

He laughs again and starts walking the same path… but keeps his distance with the cats!!!

“There’s even a cat tail toy!”

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-05-59].JPG

he says while laughing!! hehehehe 😀

Tamaki san is now walking to the beach…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-06-52].JPG

From where he is, he can see that there are many people gathering in one place…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-10-09].JPG

he gets closer to find out what’s going on.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-10-18].JPG

He greets the old man standing on the beach and asks him if they are going to pull the fishing net, and he says yes!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-12-58].JPG

They will catch the fish and then cook them on their BBQ set over there…

Then he asks Tamaki san to join if he wants to and of course he accepts the invitation!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-16-19].JPG

Lots of people gathering and Tamaki san joins the crowd!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-16-26].JPG

They line and pull the fishing net together!!

As the special guest, they put Tamaki san on the very first row but he sends a young girl to the front…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-17-34].JPG

The people standing behind him are giggling and laughing shyly…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-18-24].JPG

well I understand XD

Then two more kids join him…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-19-59].JPG

and he tries to teach them how to stand in the line with a certain distance from each other and pull the rope…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-20-34].JPG

It’s so cute!!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-22-05].JPG

He tells the older boy “Grab it from here!” and he follows his guide…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-24-24].JPG

but the younger boy probably thinks that he should grab the same place and he gets closer to the other kid again XD

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-24-34].JPG


第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-24-40].JPG

But no time for that anymore… they are already pulling…

So Tamaki san just gives up and they all pull the rope!!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-25-48].JPG

But he gave his place to the kids so he is out of line…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-25-55].JPG

As a result… he stands beside them and starts cheering for them!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-26-01].JPG

But as they get away from the water, he joins them and they keep pulling and pulling!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-26-21].JPG

He is doing it with all his might and somehow…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-27-03].JPG

his serious face looks incredibly handsome (o´艸`)

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-27-22].JPG

Don’t you think?!?! hehehehehe (/ω\*)


第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-28-59].JPG

Finally the net comes out of the water…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-29-32].JPG

And wow… A great catch!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-30-08].JPG

A very huge Tai (Sparidae) and many more!

The kids are excited and all gather around the fish…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-30-12].JPG

Tamaki san as well XD

Then he says: “Let’s send the tiny ones back to the water!”

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-32-47].JPG

And starts picking the tiny fish with his hands…

He teaches the kids to do the same thing…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-34-29].JPG

And they help him and throw the small ones back to the water so that they can survive…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-34-43].JPG

The little girl is more gentle and do it very carefuly… it’s as if she knows by nature how to take care of a living creature…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-35-40].JPG

well I think girls are really like that.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-35-11].JPG

This was one of my favorite moments of Hikyo ^^

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-35-21]

Then the BBQ party starts!!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-36-21].JPG

Tamaki san’s specialty!!

He takes the BBQ clamp and starts grilling the fish for everyone…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-39-45].JPG

Busy with the job XD one of the young boys gets him a pair of chopsticks and hands it to him while saying: “Here, chopsticks !”

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-41-57].JPG

He looks at him in a very kind way and says “Thank you!!” while taking them…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-42-05].JPG

Then points at one of the fish with his clamp and says: “This one looks delicious!” XD

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-42-40].JPG

Then the young boy says: “Is it ready?” and he says “It is!”

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-45-20].JPG

Everyone starts eating and Tamaki san is looking around him and somehow notices a young boy who’s not eating anything and says: “Have you eaten?”

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-54-22].JPG

The boy says no with his head and Tamaki san says: “Have some! Look, the tako is ready to eat…”

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-54-56].JPG

hehehe not sure if he notices that himself, but his fatherly and parental feelings are becoming stronger everyday I think XD

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-03-13]

The old man (Kiba san) who is standing beside him says that these kind of events help them gather more visitors on the island and Tamaki san says that being able to see the whole thing from the beginning, and the way of catching the fish, can be a good experience as well ^^

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-02-27].JPG

Well Tamaki san has another island to visit…

so let’s say goodbye and let them enjoy the BBQ!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-21-13].JPG

Tamaki san says goodbye and tells everyone to eat a lot!! XD

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-21-45].JPG

As he goes back to the road, he says that the residents of the island,

of course have the desire to have more kids living here…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-24-51].JPG

and the fact that the schools are opened again… must be a very pleasant news for them.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-21-54].JPG

OK! It’s time to move to the next destination…

Going back to the harbor,

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-26-07].JPG

Tamaki san greets the owner of the boat they have reserved!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-26-18].JPG

He greets him back kindly and also says:
“Along the way, would you like to take the wheel and ride the boat by yourself?” hehehehe seems like the captain was informed that Tamaki san has the boat driving license XD

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-26-39].JPG

Tamaki san says without hesitation: “Of course, Of course!” and they both laugh.

Leaving the harbor, Captain Tamaki take control of the boat right away XD

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-31-23].JPG

Surprisingly, the real captain is not even in the control room!!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-31-32].JPG

He is trustworthy XD that’s why!!

Then the captain (Tada san) enters the room,

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-35-36].JPG

points at a spot in the ocean and says: “Tamaki san… That’s the Ogijima Lighthouse!! It’s the 5th oldest one in Japan!!”

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-36-41].JPG

Also explains for him that because of the waves coming from left to right, the boat may be shaking a little bit and asks him to have that in mind while riding.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-43-04].JPG

Tamaki san says that it feels like the boat is being lead to the left all the time…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-51-40].JPG

and Tada san explains for him how the flow in the setonai sea is and how hard it becomes to control the boat sometimes.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-51-51].JPG

Too be honest, I don’t really understand what he is talking about but it seems like captain Tamaki gets it right away… well that’s a relief XD

Then Tamaki san says that it seems like the tidal flow of the Setonai sea is very complicated and unique in Japan…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-53-24].JPG

Tada san agrees and says that it’s really hard to ride in some parts of it!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-54-10].JPG

Why Tamaki san knows this much about this sea and why he is making this face… XD You will find out more after watching the movie

Seiro no umi tantei Mitarai no jikenbo

which will be in the movie theaters all over Japan from

June 4th, 2016!


OK… can’t say more than that here so let’s just go back XD

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[12-06-33].JPG

Tamaki san says: “It looks very calm, but the truth is something else!!”

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[12-07-46].JPG

Tada san says that they catch Tai and Ika (Squid) around here.

They even call this area Ginza of the sea!!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[12-10-43].JPG

hehehehe… They both laugh!

Teshima is another tiny island in Setonai sea…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[12-11-32].JPG

And Tamaki san’s final destination in this journey…

but let’s keep that for the 3rd and the last part of this report!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[14-39-03].JPG

Still more to discover…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[14-40-12].JPG

so please stay tuned for the next part as well…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[14-42-56].JPG

see you soon! (I hope!!!)

End of part 2

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