Setonaikai islands, Kagawa prefecture (3)

Here I come again…

With the last part of the English report of Tamaki san’s journey in the Seto Inland Sea (Setonaikai).

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[12-11-32].JPG

Tamaki san’s final destination is Teshima! He rides there on a boat and gets off at the harbor… and the journey begins!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[09-40-25].JPG

Walking around the area next to the port, Tamaki san finds a shop…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[09-48-01].JPG

“Interesting place… using the container just the way it is!” he says.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[09-48-08].JPG

He gets closer and says hello… a lady comes out and greets him back.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[09-48-13].JPG

Then he asks her if this is a shop and she says yes, they sell fish and they also serve meals.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[09-51-58].JPG

Tamaki san asks her what they have now, based on the seasonal catch. And the lady shows him what they have in the refrigerator.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[09-52-06].JPG

Kuro mebaru, Tai, ika!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[09-52-25].JPG

The lady says that the people living in their town catch the fish and bring them for her.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[09-55-43].JPG

Then she says that there is one person who goes on fishing as a hobby… a man called Yamamoto Shuuji san.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[09-56-18].JPG

He is so good and even when the professional fishermen (who actually sell their fish for money) cannot catch any fish, Yamamoto san catches some and brings them for her.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-01-37].JPG

Tamaki san laughs and asks the lady if there’s a chance to meet this Yamamoto san and the lady tells him that he must be here at the harbor right now… while pointing at his boat with her hand.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-01-54].JPG

So Tamaki san goes back to the harbor and finds Yamamoto san in his boat!!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-04-05].JPG

Tamaki san gets closer to the boat and says hello…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-04-36].JPG

then asks: “Are you Yamamoto san?” And when the man on the boat says yes, Tamaki san continues: “I heard you are very good at fishing!”  

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-07-03].JPG

hehehehe poor Yamamoto san is confused…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-07-14].JPG

Seeing the confused face, Tamaki san asks: “Is it OK if I take your time over there?

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-07-20].JPG

And when he gets the permission, he gets inside the boat so that he can have a chat with Yamamoto san.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-08-49].JPG

As he gets inside, Tamaki san asks him what his main job is and he says that he has a farm, producing mikan (Tangerine).

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-09-27].JPG

Tamaki san says that his outfit is not the kind of outfit you go fishing with but Yamamoto san says that he’s almost wearing the same type of cloths every time he goes fishing…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-14-54].JPG

and he even shows us the black mark remaining on his shirt because of the ink the ika produces…

Then Tamaki san asks him what type of fish they can catch at this time of the year…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-18-41].JPG

And Yamamoto san says “ika “…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-18-52].JPG

And then looks at Tamaki san and says: “We can go right now… ” XD

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-20-12].JPG

Tamaki san asks: “Really?!” And when Yamamoto san says yes, of course he says: “Let’s go then!!!” hehehehehe!!!

Let’s go fishing…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-21-30].JPG

Tamaki san and the staff get on Yamamoto san’s boat and leave the port.

Yamamoto san’s boat is order-made and Tamaki san looks carefully at the way he is controlling it with his left foot!! Noooo you cannot ride this boat… it needs a different license XD hehehehe!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-30-13].JPG

As they reach the spot, and stop the boat… Yamamoto san prepares the fishing rod and hands it to Tamaki san.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-32-42].JPG

Then as if he was asked by the staff (We don’t get to hear their question), Tamaki san explains that he goes ika-fishing almost every year in Oki. (As you might already know, he means Oki no shima in Shimane prefecture)

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-33-01].JPG

As the two men are enjoying fishing side by side… XD

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-47-47].JPG

Suddenly Yamamoto san’s rod starts shaking…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-48-06].JPG

He caught something!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-52-50].JPG

It’s an ika!!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-53-26].JPG

“As expected!” says Tamaki san XD I bet he wanted to catch something too!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-58-13].JPG

Yamamoto san starts peeling the ika’s skin right after he takes it out of the water. He’s planning to make sashimi and serve it for his guest.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-58-43].JPG

He cuts the meat into small pieces and prepares it for Tamaki san.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[10-59-04].JPG

But as he’s done, Tamaki san looks at him and says: “Why don’t you have some with me?” But Yamamoto san laughs and says: “I’m always eating this… Enjoy it!” hehehehe XD

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-00-59].JPG

Yamamoto san adds some wasabi for him, and Tamaki san pours some Soy sauce on top of the ika.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-02-05].JPG

He goes for a bite…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-03-37].JPG

And of course he likes it!! Says that the texture in his mouth is perfect.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-04-12].JPG

After eating a few bites, Tamaki san looks at Yamamot san and says: “It’s delicious!”

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-04-54].JPG

And Yamamoto san says: “I should have brought some beer with myself!!”

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-05-00].JPG

hahahaha and they both laugh out loud.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-13-57].JPG

Then Tamaki san looks at Yamamoto san and says: “You have a mikan farm you’re usually working on…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-14-03].JPG

But you come here for fishing very often, don’t you? For you, is setonaikai a place which can be called “hikyo”?”

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-14-21].JPG

Yamamoto san says that it is… Even when he is working on his farm as a routine, he always looks at the view of the sea…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-15-27].JPG

and seeing this stunning landscape and how good the weather is, he just leaves work as it is, gets on his boat and heads into the sea XD

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-15-36].JPG

hehehehehe Tamaki san laughs! It’s understandable!! This place is gorgeous!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-15-57].JPG

Then Yamamoto san says that the view is very nice from where his mikan farm is… and recommends them to go there after this!

As the kind Yamamoto san becomes the guide,

Tamaki san and the shooting team get to go to another beautiful place.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-39-03].JPG

On the right side is where Yamomoto san’s farm is….

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-39-22].JPG

And what gets Tamaki san’s attention is the school bus over there… so he asks Yamamoto san about it…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-39-27].JPG

Seems like the bus was used as the school bus of Teshima elementary school but now it’s out of service. Since it would have been too sad to destroy or get rid of it, they decided to park it here where visitors can use it as a place to rest a little bit…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-47-33].JPG

Tamaki san and Yamamoto san reach the place where they can look at the beautiful view of the sea…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-47-41].JPG

The way Yamamoto san talks about the sea, makes it clear how much he loves his hometown.

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-48-07].JPG

Tamaki san of course starts taking photos…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-53-11].JPG
The view of a sea that can touch your heart…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-50-55].JPG

a spot where no one but the local people can take you to…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-53-16].JPG

Chosen by Tamaki san as the

kokoro no hikyo #19

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[11-53-43].JPG

This stunning view of the setonaikai ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

After taking some photos… Tamaki san gets on the bus…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[12-02-33].JPG

The kids who used to ride on this bus everyday… most of them have probably left this island and started their life in some other place…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[12-02-48].JPG

but no matter where they are and what they do, they will definitely never forget this amazing landscape!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[12-03-00].JPG

Tamaki san finds a seat for himself next to the window…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[12-06-56].JPG

And enjoys the view of the sea from where he is…

“Even  spending just a very short time here,

the 3 islands of Megijima, Ogijima and Teshima,

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[12-07-36].JPG

showed me many appealing attractions that made me wonder,

if this is really Kagawa prefecture!

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[12-07-53].JPG

Looking at the things made by the hands of the human beings,

will make you tired of them sooner or later…

but somehow, landscapes made by the hand of nature…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[12-08-10].JPG

No matter how many times you look at the same thing, you won’t get tired of it…

Every time you look at them, they show you another different impression…

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[12-08-30].JPG

That’s because it’s all natural I believe.”

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[12-08-19].JPG

And by these nice words… Tamaki san’s journey in setonaikai comes to an end…

But as always,

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[12-19-48].JPG

the best shot by Tamaki Hiroshi:

第21回 香川県・瀬戸内の島々(男木島・女木島・豊島)[12-19-52].JPG


Tamaki san visits Tokushima prefecture!!

New adventures…

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[12-55-52].JPG


第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[12-57-09].JPG

and stunning landscapes again!

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[12-58-02].JPG

Please stay tuned ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

See you soon!!

( ´・ω・`)ノ~バイバイ

End of part 3


The broadcast has stopped.

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