Okuiya, Tokushima (1)

Hello my friends!
Forgive me for my long absence again… hmmm I tried to stay away from the blog so that I can focus more on work and school but somehow… I came here because I needed to stay away from all that for a few hours XD So I will write as much as I can…

This time I will be writing about Tamaki san’s journey in Tokushima prefecture.

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[09-50-06].JPG

He starts his trip from a small town call ikeda machi.

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[09-52-15].JPG

Let’s follow him around!! ^^

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[09-55-58].JPG

While walking in the streets of the town, he finds a place called “Udatsu no bi”!

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[09-56-05].JPG

Let’s get inside…

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[09-56-15].JPG

He enters the place and after greeting the man inside, asks him if this is a shop…

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[09-57-47].JPG

The man tells him that the town was flourished by tobacco making industry since the old days.

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[10-01-40].JPG

So as makers remaining in the town, they have decided to run a place and exhibit the documents and information related to this industry.

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[09-58-34].JPG

Then the panel in front of the man gets Tamaki san’s attention “Smoking area… it says!” he says while laughing…

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[09-58-50].JPG

Then the man says that he can try smoking pipe tobacco here if he wants to… The kind of tobacco that people used to smoke in the old days and hardly do it nowadays…

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[10-04-59].JPG

Tamaki san accepts the offer and sits down by the counter…

The Japanese style pipe is called kiseru which is taken from the English word “kicell”

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[10-08-32].JPG

Then while preparing the pipe for Tamaki san, the man asks him if he had ever smoked this kind of tobacco and he says yes, in historical drama series/ movies.

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[10-16-40].JPG

But he also says that for these historical plays, they just take out the tobacco leaves inside the normal cigarettes and put them inside the pipe.

The man prepares the pipe for him and then hands it over to Tamaki san…

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[10-20-34].JPG

Well… the way he holds the pipe in his hand… makes it obvious this is not his first time XD

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[10-21-06].JPG

The man lights the leaves for him…

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[10-22-52].JPG

And he starts smoking…

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[10-23-23].JPG

There’s just a very few amount of leaves in the pipe… so the smoking time is very limited!

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[10-27-48].JPG

Tamaki san says that it’s like an adult luxurious experience…

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[10-28-41].JPG

Then he says that the word “ippuku”, probably has its origin in the era when they used to smoke like this. (in Japan, when they say ippuku, it means taking a break and having a smoke)

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[10-28-24].JPG

Then he continues saying that this is the real meaning of ippuku, not smoking one cigarette like they do nowadays.

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[10-34-47].JPG

The man agrees with him on that, saying that the real meaning of ippuku is this… just letting the smoke inside your mouth 2-3 times and then it’s over!

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[10-35-41].JPG

When they get out of the place and start walking in the streets again,

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[10-39-35].JPG

Tamaki san explains for us that in historical plays, there are actors who are originally smokers but of course there are actors who don’t smoke.

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[10-39-56].JPG

For those who cannot smoke, they use a kind of tobacco called “yakuyou tabako” (薬用タバコ) which means medicinal cigarettes!

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[10-42-46].JPG

Tamaki san says that the actors who do not smoke, can use this kind of special cigarettes… but even so, seems like it’s hard for them to smoke it in after all.

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[10-43-55].JPG

And also the way they keep it in their hand… the old fashioned pipe right now is a different story but when it comes to normal cigarettes, he says that the way they hold it in their hand makes it obvious they are not everyday smokers… XD

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[10-44-30].JPG

Smoking may not be good for your health, but I guess it becomes handy for an actor!!

walking in a shopping district with shops lining on both sides…

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[10-48-07].JPG

Tamaki san finds an interesting place…

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[10-49-19].JPG

It’s a shop selling handmade toys!!!

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[10-49-33].JPG

What a nostalgic place…

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[10-49-48].JPG

Tamaki san is very interested and gets inside the shop…

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[10-49-51].JPG

After greeting the owner (ooyama san) and getting permission to take his time, he asks him about the shop.

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[10-56-05].JPG

Seems like the shop is separated into two sections, the workshop and the exhibition area.

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[10-56-47].JPG

Then taking a look at the toys made by blocks of wood, Tamaki san says that making toys, actually needs a lot of calculations to do, so that one part matches another and all work perfectly!

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[11-00-37].JPG

Ooyama san confirms this and then take him to one of his complicated toys and tells him that even 1 millimeter can be important!!

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[11-03-53].JPG

He puts the tiny marble on top…

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[11-10-55].JPG

and the wooden birds guide it all the way down to the square shaped box placed on the lowest part… XD

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[11-11-19].JPG

Tamaki san tries it as well…

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[11-06-05].JPG

And follows the marble with his eyes all the way down…

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[11-08-05].JPG

Then laughs lightly like a little boy (o´艸`)

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[11-10-40].JPG

Ooyama san explains for him that kids won’t accept a toy as a real one, unless it’s big enough to get their attention!

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[11-11-52].JPG

Then he shows us the small kitchen with the cute stove…

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[11-12-19].JPG

and Tamaki san says that it looks like it can be really used as a real one!!

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[11-12-24].JPG

Then while standing beside Ooyama san and looking at the toys, Tamaki san says that wood is wonderful after all…

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[11-12-37].JPG

it makes you calm somehow!

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[11-15-27].JPG

Walking in the streets again…

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[11-16-06].JPG

Tamaki san hears the sound of taiko (Japanese drum)

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[11-34-15].JPG

It’s coming from here… the park in front of the station…

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[11-34-32].JPG

Tamaki san heads to the origin of the sound with no hesitation…

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[11-36-28].JPG

After entering the park, he finds a group of men and women dancing all together…

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[11-36-45].JPG

They are practicing the movements for the famous avaodori (Ava dance) in Tokushima!!! It is said that they practice it even at school during the PE lessons!! Interesting…

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[11-39-57].JPG

Tamaki san keeps watching them until they stop…

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[11-40-09].JPG

Then he says: “This is tough!” ← Especially for someone we know who’s never been good at dancing XD

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[11-41-56].JPG

Tamaki san gets closer to the stage and greets the group leader, Kinoshita san! (In the background, you can clearly see the ladies panic and hear them scream as quietly as they can XD )

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[11-44-58].JPG

Kinoshita san explains that the main dance is going to be held on August 14th, 15th and 16th.

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[11-48-41].JPG

Tamaki san says that the dance looks very delicate but it has some extreme movements as well… there are many expressions in it he says!

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[11-48-51].JPG

The leader agrees with him and also says that it depends on the dance they are doing as well.

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[11-50-47].JPG

Then when Tamaki san asks him about the number of people dancing in the group, Kinoshita san says that many couldn’t come today based on their working days and also the kids who usually participate in their practices, are not around since it’s a weekday and they have school!

But including all the kids… there are around 100 members!!!

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[11-53-21].JPG

Tamaki san is amazed by the fact that all the 100 members of the group can match with one another and dance like this.

Then he says: “For human beings, keeping your hands lower than your height is a normal thing, but keeping it higher in the air all the time… it must be really tiring!!”

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[11-55-28].JPG

Well said!! Kinoshita san totally agrees with him and says that they start the practice from an early age, so they can get used to it as they grow up.

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[11-58-08].JPG

In the end, Kinoshita san asks Tamaki san to go see the main dance in August…

And Tamaki san of course says: “Sure!” with a bright smile…

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[11-59-48].JPG

but well… he knew he couldn’t do that based on his tough schedule in Osaka ヽ(´Д`;)ノ

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[12-00-07].JPG

He thanks the leader and then thanks the dancers on the stage while taking a bow… the ladies are still excited XD

Heading to the station…

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[12-03-43].JPG

Tamaki san is about to go to his next destination by train…

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[12-04-52].JPG第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[12-04-45].JPG

He gets inside the station he’s never been to,

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[12-04-59].JPG

looks for his train and then gets on it!

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[12-05-22].JPG

from awaikeda to ooboke station!!

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[12-07-21].JPG

He finds his seat…

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[12-07-53].JPG

and looks outside the window, enjoying the beautiful scenery…

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[12-08-01].JPG

the music in the background is a soft theme and he looks very handsome looking outside the window with a serious face…

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[12-08-21].JPG

but just when everything is like a classical, romantic scene in a movie… during their stop in one of the stations, he says:

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[12-08-26].JPG

 “If you want a make a shelter, why don’t you make it a little big larger?”  XD

and when you are tossed out of that romantic scene and still wondering what he is talking about…

the camera moves and shows us the tiny shelter on the other side of the platform!

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[12-10-16].JPG

Then he continues his harsh comment: “A useless shelter it is!”

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[12-14-07].JPG

hahahahahahaha!! (;´Д`A

Finally, Tamaki san arrives at his destination…

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[12-15-56].JPG

thanks the train staff and gets off.

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[12-16-08].JPG

Ooboke Station!

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[12-17-18].JPG

There’s still a lot of exciting meetings waiting for Tamaki san…

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[12-20-46]

But let’s stop here and leave the rest for the next part…

第22回 徳島県・奥祖谷[12-21-54]

Thank you all and see you soon!!!

( ´・ω・`)ノ~バイバイ


End of part 1

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