Hello everyone!

I’ve been getting too many messages and comments asking about the new documentary series being aired from BS Asahi In Japan right now. Sorry I can’t share any videos in respect of the Copyright rules and everything… but this is the best I can do! I will write an English report for each episode! With as many screenshots as I can!
Hope it can make it easier for everyone to imagine how the new program is like.


Will be glad if you take the time and read my report and let me know if there’s anything more you would like me to add or change my style of writing or anything like that.

Hope this can make Tamaki Hiroshi fans living outside Japan happy

… at least a little bit ^^

玉木宏の秘境ふれあい紀行~Postal Code Journey

is being aired on BS Asahi, every Thursday at 23:00!

Please visit the official pages here:

Official Homepage: http://www.bs-asahi.co.jp/tamaki-hiroshi/
FB Official: https://www.facebook.com/tamaki.hikyo?ref=profile

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