A trip to Oki and Nishinoshima! (Part 2, Nishinoshima)

Hello again!!

As I explained in the 1st part as well, last weekend, I had the chance to visit the two lovely islands of Oki and Nishinoshima, with two lovely friends.

If you have been reading the English reports from the very beginning, I’m sure you already know about the two first episodes in Oki islands. Oki is of course an amazing place, but for me, Nishinoshima was just something more than that! As you may already know, Tamaki san’s father was born and raised in this island. He used to go to his father’s hometown and stay with his relatives during the summer vacations when he was a young boy. And even now, he still visits the place almost every year. A very special place for him ^^

It’s a little bit far away from Tokyo but it’s really not that difficult to go there even if you are a foreigner living in or outside Japan. First we had a short stop at the Yonago Airport (Tottori Prefecture). Then took the bus to Sakaiminato, and from there we got on the Rainbow Jet and went all the way to Oki.
Screenshot 2015-09-02 10.11.27

Staying at Oki for one night, we left the island for Nishinoshima with the very fast and amazing Rainbow Jet the next day. You can also use the ferry which is cheaper but not as fast as the Rainbow jet.
It took us almost 10 minutes to get into our destination…


Looking at the island from the windows of the rainbow jet… I was already too excited I could hardly breath!!  XD Imagining how he feels like whenever he comes back here to the island…



The first thing appearing in front of us when we got off the ship, was the main building of the port. The one he entered and met the old man holding the cute baby in his arms!


Screenshot 2015-09-02 19.23.07

The island is tiny but amazingly beautiful! Following Tamaki san’s footsteps, we went to an even more special place… Sotohamakaisuiyokujō! Of course we used the shortcut he used in the show XD

DVD_VIDEO_RECORDER.Title2[11-17-54] IMG_0788

Walking down the steps …



And reaching the river side area where he talked to the lady about seeing the Yakouchu (Noctiluca scintillans)
DVD_VIDEO_RECORDER.Title2[11-26-28] IMG_0790

Then as he walked by the riverside and headed to the beach, we followed him to his special secret hide out at night!



Climbing up the few steps and then reaching the beach!



This is it!!




A place where he used to visit very often when he was a child, and still goes there whenever he comes to the island. Then of course we walked on the narrow stone wall to the spot where he used to lay down on the ground and stare at the starry sky during the night when he was a young boy!



We also got on a Night cruise and passed by the same spot at night… which was a really lucky thing! Being able to see the scenery at night ^^



Unfortunately it was cloudy and not so many stars in the sky T__T


We kept walking and reached the place where he showed us the tiny fish swimming in the super clear water…

DVD_VIDEO_RECORDER.Title2[12-29-08] DVD_VIDEO_RECORDER.Title2[12-29-15]  IMG_0762 IMG_0763

Because of the recent Typhoon, just a few number of tiny fish were swimming in the water!!

Then this narrow road which is probably used as a fishing spot… with the red Lighthouse in the background ♡



And of course I couldn’t miss this part… walking barefoot on the soft and shiny sand of the beach…

DVD_VIDEO_RECORDER.Title2[12-31-24] DVD_VIDEO_RECORDER.Title2[12-31-56] IMG_0778 IMG_0510

It’s softer than a Cushion!! Just as he said “Nothing hurts your feet!”

We also tried visiting the Softcream shop… well we knew it was closed but what made us suprised was that the shop was turned into a parking!! For a second we thought they have closed the shop permenently!! But we were wrong ^^ As we had a chat with the owner (the husband of the kind lady selling the soft cream), we realized that they only sell ice cream and Takoyaki here in August! One month Soft cream shop and 11 months parking lot!! hehehehe I took a photo but I cannot share it here since it’s a private property ^^DVD_VIDEO_RECORDER.Title2[12-40-45]

In the show, Tamaki san next visits another beautiful place in Nishinoshima…




There was a chain at the enterance but I guess it was to prevent the cows from going there… hmm we got in anyway! XD



Wow!! As beautiful as I have imagined…



Now I can finally understand why he said he spent hours standing there… doing absolutely nothing!!

Next destination…




We visited the place twice since the first time it was cloudy and we had some spare time on the second day.

And I’m really, really glad we did!!

Following his guidance again… we climbed the Uphill…



The first time it was too early in the morning, the animals didn’t show their faces to us that much XD But the second time they were every where!! Cows sitting in the sunshine… and horses taking naps as they were standing on their feet or eating as much as they could!!


One interesting thing about this place is that the grass on the ground is really neat! And it’s all thanks to the cows and the horses who eat them and keep them short all the time ^^



Getting closer to the amazing landscape Tamaki san was so proud to show us… Somehow I became more and more nervous with every footstep I took XD



And wow…



Is this heaven or what?!?! XD


 You will be so touched you cannot put it into words… I had tears in my eyes and I was filled with joy when I got here!


I’m glad I was able to stand there and experience what he has experienced so many times since his childhood… I’m really thankful to him for letting me know about such an amazing place in this world ^^

OK! hard to leave but we couldn’t stay there forever of course XD

Oh and look what we found!!



Do you remember? This is the boat Tamaki san pointed at and said that it used to belong to his family once… XD It was parked (?!) not too far away from Sotohama in Mita area.

For the second day’s lunch, we went to the Sazaedon shop, Konseyu!




Unfortunately Tamaki san’s seat was taken as we walked in, but we got to sit down on the table right next to the wall where his photo and his sign was hanging on the wall XD Great view!! Of course I cannot share any of the photos on my blog but if you visit the homepage of their guest house I linked above, you can also take a look at the same photos in the photo gallery section.



The poster is now properly framed! Maybe it happened after what he said on the show (^_^;)

Neither me, nor my friends had enough confidence to finish all the sazae in a huge sazae don bowl… so I ordered fried Kaki! My favorite ♡ And it was super delicious!!


Oh one important thing… the back of the menu is full of the photos of celebrities visiting the shop, including Tamaki san of course. When we turned the menu and realized that, the lady who was the same person who took him to the old school his father used to study at, brought us 3 copies of the menu!! and gave them to us ♡ Thank you!!! Very kind of you XD hmmm the shop was full of customers so we couldn’t talk to her as much as we wanted to… just let her know we are his fans and had a very short chat!

Oh by the way… the mini-bus was parked outside XD


Tamaki san’s next destination was the school building… but of course we could not get inside there… just a look from outside… seems like it was under construction!



Now time to visit the interesting Dried fish and Souvenir shop!!




Me and my friends had lunch at the backyard’s open resataurant with a very unique atmosphere.


We all ordered Awabi and rice lunch set which came with Sashimi and soup.


When Nishiwaki san brought us the food, we told him why we were there and then he said that many of his fans keep coming, even from China and Taiwan XD And then he talked to us a little bit about that day. Said that he had no idea they are coming, so he actually said “No shooting!” in the beginning XD hehehe he did… remember?! Tamaki san was confused!


But then he smiled and said it’s fine! Well they have came all the way here so he could not refuse XD And then his wife told him to fry some Fried fish for Tamaki san so that he can try out the delicious products of their shop.

And then again, while we were eating, the kind and lovely wife brought us a gift!! The same thing Tamaki san had on that day.



 Thank youuuuu!!! (≧∇≦*)

Then while we were shopping souvenirs, Nishiwaki san also said that Tamaki san is a very nice guy… too nice to be a celebrity XD and told us a little bit about his grandfather and his great grandfather who has passed away… seems like he lived longer than 100 years ^^ He kept talking and talking about stuff not related to Tamaki san anymore XD Of course I bough urumenoiwashi and Aji no mirinboshi… but couldn’t resist buying other stuff as well XD they all looked delicious. Seems like I really love dried fish XD


When leaving the shop, we asked Nishiwaki san about the huge dried Ika hanging outside. It was the same Tamaki san was curious about and Nishiwaki san let him hold it in his hand.



We took photos and then suddenly Nishiwak san told me: “Hold it!! pick it up and see how heavy it is!” I did as he said and then he said: “Now turn back!!” ahahaha I thought he wanted my friends to see it but when I turned back he told my friends to take my photo XD hihihihihi it was embarrassing but I cannot forget his kind smile XD Thank you Nishiwaki san! I told him where I come from and of course he was surprised… Guess I have the record for now XD


It was really heavy! And of course I couldn’t hold it with one hand like Tamaki san did (^_^;) somehow it looks even bigger when it’s in the hands of a chibi girl like me, compared to Tamaki san XD hehehehe!

Another amazing experience we had was riding on the Tourism Boat and having a wonderful ride around the kuniga cliff.


Just like he did!

Screenshot 2015-09-02 23.44.57

First we were all sitting in the cabin on our seats, but as soon as I checked and they said it’s OK to go to the backside where there is no ceiling, of course I did so! I wanted to take photos and I couldn’t wait to feel the strong wind on my skin ♡



Going all the way to Sotohama again, and entering the deep waters of the sea of Japan!



Beautiful… is not enough!! Now I can understand much better… that excited look on Tamaki san’s face and the real smile on his face while the boat was running fast in the water… (≧∇≦*)

Screenshot 2015-09-03 00.28.27

The deep blue color of the sea, the hardness of the rocks and the refreshing wind… A perfect combination! This place is just AMAZING!


We were even lucky enough to enter a cave which is known as a special place. Because of the changing situation of the sea, the waves and the stones, only one person in every 3 can actually have the chance to enter! LUCKY!



Finally we arrived at the Kunigakaigan!


The place chosen by Tamaki san as the kokoro no hikyo #2

Up there is where the horses and the cows were resting or enjoying the fresh grass ^^

Screenshot 2015-09-03 00.35.52

And then the great Tsutenkyo Arch…



I also took some photos on the next day from the other side…



As unbelievable as it is… this is all made by the hands of the nature!

Just thinking about that makes you remember how much power you can get from all of this…



Thank you for reading this long report… hope you were not bored ^^

If you live inside Japan, I highly recommend you visit the beautiful Oki islands…

And if you live outside Japan, I still recommend it XD For wherever you were able to visit the country!

You will not regret it with no doubt (≧∇≦*)

See you soon!! ( ´・ω・`)ノ~バイバイ

7 thoughts on “A trip to Oki and Nishinoshima! (Part 2, Nishinoshima)

      • well, when I went to Japan with my parents we wanted to go to Matsue. didn’t know about the islands back then.so maybe next summer I might show up there. Matsue I mean.bring them on some islands without revealing the real meaning of it wouldn’t be fair, but revealing it would make them laugh,I’m sure. so, I might look to the sea in their direction..


    • Thank you so much for the comment!! I already miss everything about Nishinoshima! Really hope I can take another visit some day. And thank you for the offer. I will make sure to check it out (o^^o)


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