Kurayoshi (Part 2 )

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Let’s continue our Journey in Tottori prefecture,

with Tamaki Hiroshi ♡


Somewhere nearby the Misasa onsen (Misasa Hot springs),

Tamaki san notices a statue of a man and a wolf!


While getting closer,

he says that he can tell by the cloths that it’s related to

a story in Heian period (794 to 1185 C.E.)


Then he reads the text and his face becomes serious!


This is a statue of Minamoto Yoshitomo’s Servant,

“Okubo Samanosuke”

If you are a Fan of him,

you probably know about his Role in

NHK’s 2012 historical drama “Taira no kiyomori

He played the Role of Minamoto no Yoshitomo

I borrowed the text from the official page of Misasa Onsen:

One day, Samanosuke Okubo, a samurai warrior, encountered an old white wolf. Although he took up his bow to shoot the wolf, he decided against it and let it get away. That night, Myoken Bodhisattva appeared in Samanosuke’s dream and told him where a hot spring was in appreciation of the fact that he had spared the life of the white wolf. After that, it is said that this “life-saving” hot spring healed villagers’ diseases.


Tamaki san explains about the fact that he played the role of Yoshitomo in the NHK Historical Drama, and says that he tried to go to the places which had a connection with Yoshitomo’s life… but he had no idea he could find something like this in this town. He also says that finding this statue here, makes you think about how  the historical events are all related to each other…


Wonder what he’s really thinking about…

Yoshitomo was really special to him I think ^^


Let’s move on XD

Seems like he found something interesting XD


And is surprised that you can peek in it for free!

Lately all of them need a coin to work!


As he takes a peek…


He finds something even more interesting!!


A very mysterious building in the heart of a rock!


Mitokusan Sanbutsuji (National Treasure)

Tamaki san is going to climb up there,

and take us to the place knownas the most difficult

place to worship in Japan!!^^

But before that…


 let’s EAT!


He enters the restaurant and asks

the old man if he’s been running the shop for a long time,

And he says that he’s the 3rd generation!!

So the answer is definitely YES!

Then Tamaki san asks if the area has a local special dish,

and the old man answers:

“mitoku dofu”


Tamaki san is going to try it! XD


Sansai udon with mitoku doufu.


First he takes a bite from the tofu…


 And enjoys eating it so much it’s easy to tell

by looking into his eyes XD


Then turns back his head toward the owner

and says:

“Tofu is my favorite!”


They also talk about the wasabi

and the owner tells him that the taste changes

during the year and it becomes more spicy

when it gets cold in autumn and winter.


Here comes the desert… XD

Tamaki san says with a very happy look on his face:

“Gonna have the full course! Udon, Tofu… “

he opens the lead and..



Then turns back and looks at the owner again:

“I… actually LOVE zenzai too!!”




He also says that he eats zenzai almost everyday

when it gets cold!

Then he asks the owner:

“Compared to the normal mochi,

tochi mochi is softer, isn’t it?”


And the owner confirms and also says that

zenzai becomes tastier when it gets cold

and Tamaki san also says that

it’s like the body asks for it!!


XD With a very satisfied face:

“gochisousama deshita!”



After getting the energy from

the delicious meal…


let’s get ready to do some climbing!


But before going up…

he has to sign up!


And hear some advice about the tricky points

of the dangerous way to the top.


Also receives a wagesa (Buddhist stole)

and puts it on ^^


And the person in charge,

tells him that he has to aim for

a building called “monjudo”

Ready to go!


The rain is very tricky on this day…


It starts and then stops and starts falling again (;^ω^)

From the very first step…


Tamaki san admits that he can already feel that

they have a “hard to climb” way ahead of them!


Well… It’s not famous as

“The most difficult place to

worship in Japan”, for no reason!

GOOD LUCK!Climbing up the rocks…


holding to the roots of the trees coming out of the ground


choosing where to put your steps


and being careful not to fall on the slippery rocks!


It’s the real thing!

God knows what happens if you fall O_O


And the umbrella is really on the way >__<

He can only use one hand!

But there’s no helping it…


The showers become strong at times

and he needs to get shelter from the rain!

He really needed a rain coat here (^_^;)

As he gets closer to the target,

the way gets even more dangerous!

It’s getting steeper…

and the rain is causing trouble!


Finally he decides to fold the umbrella…

“It’s really SLIPPERY here!” he says!!

It’s no joke… it’s a real climbing! XD


Leaving the umbrella behind

as he can’t keep going with one hand…


he gets closer and closer…

with his hair and his shirt getting wet in the rain!


Finally… monjudo appears in front of him!

But it’s not over yet…


He is beside the building,

but needs to climb up again!


The rain water falls down on him from the roof…

There’s a very rough slope…

with slippery rocks!!



He holds the chain and climbs up…

His shirt is all wet and his hair is a mess ♡


Just a little bit more >__<

And he reaches the top!!


Takes off his shoes…

and steps on the wood flooring

outside the building!


He sights…

No breath left!

He really put so much energy on this…

Came a long, tough way!! (;^ω^)

As he walks closer to the edge…

like some energy is being injected to him…


He becomes excited again… ^^

“ooooh… uuuuh… waaaah…. “

Is exactly the sounds he makes,

After seeing the great scenery in front of his eyes  XD


“This is GOOD!”


“Of course I know it will be a beautiful view on a sunny day,

but I think  I should say I’m glad it’s foggy today!

It looks much more whimsical looking like this!”


Seems like he was a little bit

worried about the result of this climbing…

whether they will get to find a real unexplored spot

with beauties to show to the audience or not…


“Since you can’t see anything modern or artificial up here… I look at this scenery while imagining this landscape has not changed so much from when this place was built many years ago!”


“Had a tough time climbing all the way up here… but getting to see this landscape… Somehow you feel relieved and relax… The moment I saw this scenery, I forgot about many things going on in my mind!”



“This scale,

it will just make human beings

look really tiny in your eyes!…


There’s no way we can ever win against

the great nature…

because it has a much longer

history compared to us,

the human beings for sure!”


It was a tough tough climbing…


it was worth it…. ^^


This look on his face… worth it all! (o´艸`)♡


It was a wonderful trip…

A great chance to see another side of Tamaki Hiroshi!

And getting to know more about

the beauties of his country!

Next is a visit to


Okuizumo, Shimane Prefecture


Will be with you again next week! 

End of part 2

 ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Thank you so much for always reading the reports  ^^

Just a quick note.

I know some words and some names can show up in the report which may not be familiar unless you know a little bit about the Japanese culture… maybe more than a little bit XD But I try not to make the story long… that’s why I just link the word to a website like the official page or an English Wikipedia page to make it easier to follow the story. Just roll over the word and click to open the page ^^

The official website of this program and the official Facebook page:

Official Homepage: http://www.bs-asahi.co.jp/tamaki-hiroshi/
FB Official: https://www.facebook.com/tamaki.hikyo?ref=profile

6 thoughts on “Kurayoshi (Part 2 )

  1. Once again, awesome report! ^_^ I laughed when Tamaki was enjoying the tofu, that’s so him. So glad to know he loves tofu too, it’s really awesome. And he did really well as Yoshitomo, but pity the taiga wasn’t really very exciting. I’m also super impressed he made it all the way up the monjudo so that the audience can see that breathtaking scenery, it’s really gorgeous and as he says, makes human beings really insignificant in the face of nature. Kudos to Tamaki and his camera crew for making it all the way up there, you guys rock!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for always reading ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ He really loves both Tofu and Zenzai! He’s so easy to read when it comes to food!! If he enjoys something, he will show it right away! And if he doesn’t, he won’t try to hide XD YES! That climbing took a lot of time and energy from them! All I was thinking was “How did they get down?!?” Hehehe XD he will do many crazy and wild stuff! Will write all about them in the Reports!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi from Italy! From Rome to be more specific. I found out your blog thanks to a mutual friend. Actually, although we haven’t known each other for long, I can tell she really is a good, caring and very kindhearted friend. I bet you know whom I’m talking about 😀 If she finds out that I’m speaking about her like this here I’m sure she’s gonna kill me! 😀 Btw it’s all thanks to her that lately I’ve been getting more and more curious about finding out what’s the real story of the real Tamaki Hiroshi behind such a gorgeous face and such a good looking guy. Your reports help me do that! Thank you very much for sharing! I’ll stay tuned 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello my friend! And thank you so much for the comment. Unfortunately I don’t know you… but I’m glad to see someone’s reading my Blog in Rome. And I’m happy to hear that you are interested in the real story of the real Tamaki Hiroshi ^^
      About your friend, only one person comes to my mind… but I’m probably wrong… Do I know her?!
      Anyway, Nice to meet you here and I hope I can help you find out more about Tamaki Hiroshi 🙂


      • To be honest I don’t know if you two have ever met each other, but yes you know her! Btw, you just uploaded the second part of “Okuizumo”! Thank you so much 🙂 I’m gonna read it right away 😀


      • I see! Well I inly know one person in Rome who knows the real Tamaki Hiroshi. Thank you for letting me know 🙂 hope you can enjoy reading okuizumo report ^^


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