Yasato (2)

Hello again!!

Tamaki Hiroshi fans couldn’t be happier with the great news about the new NHK morning Drama! (>艸<。) Hard to wait until September but it’s totally worth it XD So let’s just wish him luck with the tough filming schedule he will have from next month!!


OK! Back to Yasato with Tamaki san and the filming crew…

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[11-53-02]

and the kids enjoying the fresh fruits!

Tamaki san approaches a group of kids sitting on a bench!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[11-53-36]

The kids become excited of course…

but the teacher’s reaction is the best XD

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[11-53-25]

Tamaki san asks them:

“Did you eat lots of mikan?”

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[11-53-48]

“We did!” They reply.

“Were they tasty?” He asks.

“They were!” The kids answer.

“How many did you eat?” Tamaki san asks XD

The girls all say: “4”!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[11-55-47]

But one of the boys says 5 and the other one says 6!!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[11-57-05]

“6?! You’re eating a lot!! Well it’s because you are a boy!”

Tamaki san says!!

Then suddenly Tamaki san becomes interested in their akashirobo,

the red/white hats they are wearing.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[11-59-14]

These hats are used in Japanese elementary and middle schools

during the sports even or sometimes for other occasions.

Tamaki san says that the style has changed

(probably from when he was small)

and is mumbling to himself why it’s like this while

touching the hat of one of the little girls…

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-03-00]

and the little girl gathers all her courage and says

that they can separate into red team and white team like this XD

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-03-06]

I think Tamaki san already knew about that XD

But he doesn’t show anything and goes with the flow:

“White team and red team!!… 

so are you competing for which team gets more mikan?”

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-11-32]

“No we are not!!” they reply! XD

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-21-27]


Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-23-04]

Tamaki san walks to the garden with Uchida san.

Depending on which season you visit the garden,

you can enjoy picking other fruits like

strawberries, cucumbers, grapes etc.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-28-57]

They get close to one of the trees and

Uchida san points to a one of the branches and says that

the mikans here are ready to be picked!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-29-08]

Tamaki san takes off his right hand’s glove

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-30-51]

and reaches for the branch.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-31-08]

Picks a mikan and starts peeling it!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-31-23]

saying that the orange color is very nice.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-36-25]

Uchida san explains that this type of mikan

is called miyakawawase (宮川早生温州みかん).

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-38-35]

Somehow Tamaki san doesn’t get it right and

asks :“Minakawa?”

But Uchida san corrects him,

writing the word with his finger on the air. XD

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-38-48]

He eats a bite and the juice splashes out (〃ノωノ)

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-44-54]

Tamaki san says that normally,

the juice doesn’t come out like this when you eat a mikan!

He really likes the taste ^^

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-46-15]

Then as he starts wondering around again…

and finds a group of kids in the garden.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-46-38]

getting closer to them,

he asks with a cute tone: “Mikan… Are you eating?”

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-48-17]

The kids all says hello and then Tamaki san

notices that they look older than the other kids he just talked to,

and then asks them how old they are and they say 6, 5…

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-50-31]

“So this year you will be in elementary school?”

Tamaki san says.

Yes they answer and one of the boys says that

he has even been to the Medical examination!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-56-45]

Tamaki san is listening to him with a curious face,

but somehow can’t hold it back and laughs (・ω・`;)

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[12-59-51]

Don’t laugh at the kids!!! They will dislike you!!щ(゚ロ゚щ)

Well I think he just couldn’t resist because they are very cute!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-00-23]

Then he says: “You’ve already been to the Medical examination!”

And tries to be cool again…

Then the pinkish red color of one of the girls hat gets his attention,

“Is it OK not to wear the red one and have this pink hat?”

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-00-37]

says while touching the girl’s hat.

The kids insist that it’s a Red/White hat but

he says that this one is Pink/White! XD

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-01-40]

The kids all laugh at his idea and say that

nothing like that even exists XD

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-08-30]

Guess he is trying to warm up the atmosphere again

after what he did a few seconds ago! (;^ω^)

Then he points to the back of the hat and asks them why

the shape is like this, is it because it’s cold?

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-11-11]

But one of boys says that it’s to prevent the heat…

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-11-22]

No idea which one of them is right…

probably both wrong?! XD

Then Tamaki san tells him that when he was small,

they used these hats to imitate ultraman!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-11-33]

Asks them if they know how to do it and they say no!

So he hands the branch of mikan

(which probably Uchida san cut for him)

to the little girl and asks her to hold it for him.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-11-47]

Then borrows one of their hats and makes this shape!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-15-13]

Put it on the boy’s head

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-15-27]

and wow…

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-19-22]

he is ultraman!! XD XD


But they are the new era’s

PS and Smartphone generation kids!!

The other boy says “aaa… Interesting!” 

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-20-06]

But it’s obvious they are not that interested XD

Tamaki san says “aaa… interesting?!

You don’t look interested at all!”

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-21-02]

while pointing his finger toward him in a very cute way XD

Somehow he has become one of them XD

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-20-46]

The kids all laugh with him.

“Are you already full? It’s gonna be lunch time soon…

You won’t be able to eat lunch anymore!”

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-23-40]

Tamaki san says while laughing.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-26-43]

Then they decide to go back and join the others!

As they go back, Uchida san takes him to a special spot,

where he can see a panoramic view of the town from there.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-27-09]

A sea of clouds covering the area.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-28-21]

Tamaki san says that a view like this is really fantastic.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-27-37]

Uchida san says that

seeing a view like this is not possible in Tokyo.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-30-28]

Tamaki san agrees and says that

the buildings will always get on the way no matter what!

Everyone coming up here,

 can really enjoy the view!

And Tamaki san adds taking a memorable photo

and eating a lot of tasty fruits to the plan ^^

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-46-14]

The sea of clouds which

Tamaki san was able to see here totally by chance,

is chosen as the

kokoro no hikyo #10

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-47-48]

by Tamaki Hiroshi!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-47-29]


Tamaki san goes back on the road!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-50-31]

Then he makes a stop at a workshop…

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-50-41]

There are two men working inside…

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[13-51-03]

one in the yard and one in the tatami room.

He greets them and gets inside.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[14-50-02]

Then asks the young man in the yard what they do.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[14-51-08]

He explains that they make bamboo shafts (Takeya) here,

which are used for kyuudou (Modern Japanese martial art of archery).

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[14-56-33]

Then Tamaki san asks him about what he is doing now and

which stage of the process of making the shaft

is he busy with right now…

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[14-58-52]

The young man (Koike san)

says that he is using sand and a hard stone to

make the bamboo as slippery as he can.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[15-01-17]

They let the bamboo dry outside for 3 or 4 months,

and then use them to make the shafts.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[15-01-06]

It’s a long and sensitive process.

Then Tamaki san heads toward the room,

where the old man who is Koiike san’s father is.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[15-02-38]

He says hello and then stands outside and waits for him to let him in,

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[15-02-53]

Koiike san notices that and tells him: “Please come in!”

Tamaki san takes off his shoes and steps inside.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[15-05-31]

Sits down somewhere not too far from him.

Then asks him about what he is doing,

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[15-06-18]

Koike san explains that this is the first stage of the process.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[15-10-40]

He uses the heat to make the bamboos soft,

then uses a wooden tool which is called tamegi to straighten them!!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[15-12-16]

Tamaki san says: “The bamboo sticks are already straight…

but despite that,

you use this technique to fix even the slightest curves on them?”

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[15-12-39]

But Koike san smiles in a very wise way

and says that they are all curved!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[15-16-09]

And all these years he has worked in this field,

he has never been able to find a single bamboo stick

which can be called straight!

Sorry sensei (;^ω^)no offense!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[15-17-49]

Then, to make it more clear for Tamaki san,

Koike san hands him a curved stick which he has not worked on yet!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[15-17-54]

Tamaki san keeps it in his hand and looks at it!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[15-19-06]

It’s curved…

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[15-19-18]

Then he hands him a straight one he has worked on!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[15-19-47]

Completely different!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[15-19-57]


You can see the difference better here in this scene:

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[15-22-05]

Then Tamaki san asks him how long he has been doing this job.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[15-22-19]

Koike san says that he is the fifth generation…

Tamaki san turns his head toward the young man

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[15-22-52]

and asks if they are father and son…

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[15-23-48]

And Koike san says yes.

Then Tamaki san asks the young Koike san when he started this job ^^

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[15-27-03]

He gets close and sits beside Tamaki san and joins the conversation.

Saying that he was 22 when he started for the first time.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[15-27-45]

Then Tamaki san asks him how old he is now and he says 32!

The young Koike san is going to take the business after his father

and become the 6th generation!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[15-31-10]

Tamaki san asks the father:

“Your relationship is not just a father and son relationship,

you also have a master and disciple relationship…

So I think you should also be strict with him sometimes!”

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[15-34-55]

But Koike san says that he is not that strict and he let him

experience it on his own.

Also says: “My own father used to work even after he became 80.

Even at that time, I felt his presence standing behind me!

and it was like at any moment,

he might say something from my back and correct me.”

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[15-44-44]

Then Tamaki san asks the son if he also feels like that.

He says that he hasn’t been told anything like that while working,

but of course he feels the existence of his father as his teacher

standing behind him all the time. ^^

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[15-35-12]

Somehow Tamaki san is really enjoying this talk…

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[15-36-45]

which makes the atmosphere become very friendly and nice.

Tamaki san goes back to the road…

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[15-48-35]

it’s time to eat something delicious!! XD

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[15-52-08]

The name of the restaurant is Hourokuya!

And they have shishi (Wild boar) nabe!!

Tamaki san tried another inoshishi nabe in

Kumamoto as well, remember? XD

Let’s see how this one tastes like.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[15-52-28]

Tamaki san gets inside and greets the owner.

Then asks him about the famous shishi nabe they have here.

And he strongly recommends him to give it a try.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[15-53-49]

Then the owner guides us to a very nice corner

with wooden furniture and an old style fire place in the center!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[15-54-13]

Tamaki san likes the place and says that the meal will become

even tastier if it’s eaten in an environment like this!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[15-58-22]

Here comes the nabe!!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[15-59-02]

It’s full of meat and fresh vegetables harvested in this area.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[15-59-13]

As expected from Tamaki Hiroshi,

he starts with the meat!! (^_^;

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[15-59-57]

He says that it’s very rich!

The owner says that the more you chew the meat,

the more the taste of it will spread inside your mouth.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[16-00-50]

Tamaki san also says that there is no unnecessary fat in it.

Then asks the owner if people around this area

have been eating inoshishi meat since the old days.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[16-05-43]

The owner says that there were lots of them in the mountain before.

They were called “Yamakujira”

which means the “Whale of the mountain”.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[16-05-57]

He also says that being able to live in this place,

being surrounded by the nature

and having this fresh meals every day,

has made him feel like he’s really happy living here.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[16-07-17]

Tamaki san agrees with him and says that the food that we eat

everyday actually plays an important role in our life and when

the wealthy and fresh type of food is available to eat,

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[16-09-31]

people’s hearts will also become rich and

they will turn out to be gentle and calm.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[16-10-00]

Tamaki san is already in Tsukuba,

very close to where Mount Tsukuba is.

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[16-15-59]

in order to go to the peak of Mount Tsukuba (800meters),

we need to get on the cable car!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[16-16-26]

It will only take 8 minutes to go all the way up!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[16-17-13]

Tamaki san gets inside and here we go…

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[16-23-43]

Watching the view from the windows of the cable car,

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[16-25-26]

Tamaki san is heading to the top!

He gets off the cable car…

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[16-25-40]

it’s raining outside and as he says,

it’s gotten really cold!

It might be true that the rain makes the situation hard

for our filming crew…

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[16-28-44]

but who would have exchanged the comfort with such a wonderful view!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[16-30-22]

Tamaki san says that the clouds are all gathering down there,

and there is not a slightest movement you can see in them!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[16-37-26]

“The nature of the locality of this valley,

I feel like the passage of time is really slow and relaxing here…

.Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[16-34-52]

And they all want to keep what they have right now

for the future generation as well,

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[16-30-28]

The craftsman who makes the bamboo shafts or the old man

who talked about this area with so much pride…

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[16-39-04]

it’s obvious they all love this place.

I never thought that this could be a town

holding so many good things of Japan inside of it!”

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[16-43-18]

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[16-37-22]

and another journey ends here…

But as always…

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[16-44-05]

the best shot by Tamaki Hiroshi!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[16-44-28]


Next time…

Tamaki san visits Katsuura in Chiba prefecture

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[16-45-33]

Riding a boat by himslef?!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[16-46-25]


Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[16-46-40]

and many many good moments to come!!

Hikyo 10 Ibaraki[16-47-03]

Please stay tuned!


Thank you so much for being with me until the end.

And please let me know if you had any thing you wanted to share with me,

or everyone else reading the blog and following the show (´・ω・)ノ★

See you soon!



is being aired on BS Asahi,

Every Thursday at 23:00

Please visit the official pages here:

Official Homepage: http://www.bs-asahi.co.jp/tamaki-hiroshi/
FB Official: https://www.facebook.com/tamaki.hikyo?ref=profile

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